Tridente 54

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Small Village Tridente

Chapter 54


Magician VS Empress




The next day, I checked the Nos. that will be appearing in the Arena.

Right now the confirmed number of people that had manifested a Nos. are 36, and from those there are 15 people gathered in this Arena. That’s why it’s amazing.


Nos. 1 Saya of【Aegis】

And then Saya’s opponent will be Nos. 24 Malwanis of 【Lightning Weapon】

From its name I think it’s a Nos. that controls lightning but… I don’t have any prior info so it’s unknown how accurate I am.


And then Nos. 7 Rin of 【Fast Aria】

And her opponent is Nos. 3 Queen of 【Lightning Speed】.

【Lightning Speed】its effect is to multiply your own agility by 5. The more you raise your agility the more effective 【Lightning Speed】 works.


And Lastly me. Mari who doesn’t have any Nos and was introduced just to match the numbers.

And the opponent is Nos. 2 King of 【Indestructible】.




「That’s a big sigh there, Mari-chan.」


「That’s obvious. It’s the King you know. The king! It’s the number 1 opponent that I didn’t want to fight.」


「My, I came to Tridente to scout you people to fight against the King you know」


「That’s Saya and the Pres right? Just as introduced, I’m just a nobody that was here to match the number…」


「Isn’t that fine? So that you are not unnecessarily pressured, I reported it that way, but the truth is that I invited you by evaluating your achievements from defeating Nos. 4, you know. 」


Nnnn… But oh well, fighting King is the same as a certain loss so there might be no need to fuss over it.

And Queen had pulled out Saya and the President from Tridente so the dangerous topic about the King raiding the village will likely be gone.


『Now then, I have made you wait. The Tournament Meet with strong people that Queen and the King chose themselves, Numbers Cup is finally starting~!』


Just like an average Announcer at an international Football or Baseball game, Mr Scylla shouted his live report fired up.

Being so passionate about it, the feeling that he loves the Arena from the bottom of his heart was conveyed.


「Now then, I’m going to be the first match so I’m going now. Mari-chan, don’t be careless in your preparations, okay?」


「Ah, I will. Please do you best.」


I said something like do your best but, Queen’s opponent is the Pres.

It’s not good to put them on scales but, from the long association and intimacy, my feelings wants to cheer on the Pres. (Bambi: 9 got lazy and started saying “Pres” in his translations a while back, and now I’m getting lazy and I’m gonna start leaving it that way.)


「Well then, I’ll also be on my way.」


「Pres! I’m with you!」


「I worried but, I shall fight her with my all! I shall show her my full power!」


She pushed out her right hand and she garnished her left hand making up a mysterious pose, and then the Pres followed after the Queen and walked to the the participant’s entrance. Yeah, It’s alright. Its the the usual Pres.


『The live reporter will be me, Scylla. I have invited Eve-san as our guest commentator.』


『Please take care of me okay. Scylla-san.』


Hearing the voices from the live report I looked up to where the live reporters seat was, and certainly Eve-san was right there.


「E-eve-san… So she is doing something like being a commentator.」


「That person, I wonder if it’s fine for her to be here.」


Saya who was beside me also looked up to the live reporter’s seat .

To think that an NW employee would purposely come as a guest commentator.


『Now then Eve-san. For now the first match it’s Queen VS Rin, but I heard that Eve-san is acquainted with the both of them.』


『Yes, not only these 2, I have came in contact to all those who manifested a Nos. to a certain degree.  The reason that I accepted the request to be the commentator might be mostly because I get to observe the Nos. this close.』


『I see. Then can we hear about the features of both participants?』


『Let’s see, first Rin-chan. With the consecutive magic attack from her Fast Aria, it’s instant firepower is a number 1 or 2 amongst all NW players.』


『Which means that even the Queen won’t be able to win unscathed?』


『…I wonder, you also know it right? Queen’s 【Lightning speed】?』


Looking at the video of her matches, The Queen’s style is overwhelming others with the speed of her movement, while the the Pres is the type where she ends the match with her instant firepower.


『Now then, participants enter!』


The Queen entered as she waved her hand to the audience covering the whole Arena. And at the opposite the Pres who is appearing here for the first time has no fans so there are only a few cheers.

Before the match both of their Status’ are shown on a huge screen.


Ranking 2nd place

【Queen】Lv 75

HP 5150

MP 541

Attack Power 318

Defense Power 225

Magic Power 119

Magic Defense 452

Agility 877


Ranking 99999th place

【Rin】Lv 75

HP 3500

MP 1081

Attack Power 90

Defense Power 175

Magic Power 560

Magic Defense 560

Agility 320


「It looks like Rin increased her max mp as much as she can.」


「It’s to increase the number of magic she can use during her Fast aria right?」


「Yeah… in this match, I think Rin is betting on her Fast Aria. If she can use her Fast Aria right away when the match starts, the match will be over in an instant… it might not take even 30 seconds before it ends.」


What Saya said is likely correct.

If they fight properly then she would be attacked by Queen and her casting will be interrupted, and she wouldn’t even be able to fight back. That means that the Pres needs to activate her Fast Aria right away when the match starts.

If her Fast Aria’s consecutive magic hits Queen then she would immediately be defeated, and it’s the Pres’ win. In reverse, if Queen survives the Fast Aria then the Pres’ MP will be exhausted, and the Pres who won’t have any cards to use will most likely lose.

There is move where you use a recovery item but, with it’s long usage time, during a 1 vs 1 match it would be a very large opening. The items you can bring is only 1 variety and its limited to a max number of 50, but in the present condition to wisely use an item is to stun your opponent and use that time to use an item, so you’d need a technique like that.


『Now then, let’s begin the countdown for the match! Participants ready, get set…』


Queen and the Pres took their stances and their gazes crossed each other.

I’ve thought about it when I saw something like it in the Olympics, but the silence during the time when you wait for the signal for to start makes you really nervous. Even being on the spectator’s side it really makes your heart start thumping. I wonder how it feels for the participant’s side.


『…Match Start!!』


「Accelerate 【Fast Aria】! 」


「Acceleration【Lightning Speed】!」


As the match started the Pres activated the Fast Aria, and at the same time, The Queen also activated her Lightning speed.

I thought that the Queen would attack at the same time with the Fast aria making it a battle of speed but, the Queen is not going in front. She didn’t go for the exchange and chose the way to avoid the consecutive magic attacks from the Fast Aria.


『Right now, Its a sudden clash between Nos. ! A match betting the title of the Speed Star!

There isn’t even any time to wink you know!』






『Fast! Fast! So fast!  Participant Rin’s casting Speed, and Queen who is lightly evading it are just to fast!』


The first shot was sidestepped, 2nd shot was back stepped, and the 3rd was shown with a backflip as she evaded.

The Queen just easily evades the Pres light speed killing magic… but, with the Pres’ 6th attack it caused a change.





『Uh-oh, looks like an attack finally hit Queen!』


【Snow Drop】is an attack that only focuses on one target. However  【River Mist Dance】is for multiple enemies so with its huge area of attack it can easily hit. Queen who saw the Snow Drop continually made an error in her eye measurement and wasn’t able to properly evade 【River Mist Dance】and got hit.


「Pres! you can do it!」


「Go, Rin!!」


Me and including Saya shouted our cheers to the Pres.

However, The Queen was not just calling herself that for show. She immediately saw through it and evaded from being hit.


RIN CASTED 【River Mist Dance】 → MISS

RIN CASTED 【River Mist Dance】 → MISS

RIN CASTED 【River Mist Dance】 → MISS


I wonder how much magic she had already casted.

The Pres who have kept on releasing consecutive magic like surging waves stopped as she had ran out of mp.


「Looks like it’s a match… right, Rin-chan?」


「It is my defeat indeed」


The Queen pointed her Katana to the Pres’ neck, and the Pres took a surrendering pose.

She lost… The Pres lost. Just like that, not even being able to do anything…


『Maaatch End!! So this is the ability of the Arena’s Rank 2.  New face Rin of 【Fast Aria】’s lightspeed killing magic was easily conquered by Queen, she advanced on the best 8!』


The Pres, without mistake, should be Tridente’s closest existence to King. Even though she should have shown peerless strength in an individual match…

Then, I wonder what will happen to me. Queen who is this overwhelmingly strong lost all her matches against my monster of an opponent… I…


Tridente Chapter 54 end

9: I thought that Pres’ match would take two chapters, but it ended with the second half of the chapter, as expected from speedstars.


trash to trash



  1. Pres shoulda pretended to be out of mana then wait for Queen to get closer. Make walls surrounding them and blast with magic.


  2. The story is nice, it seems with the daughter like a yuri Version of CTG. I wonder if Mari Mother and her sister will also join the game.


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