Tridente 55

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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 055





October, 2XX7

Surprise Attack


「Mari, you’re finally up」




「Don’t look so worried. C’mon, Hanabi and I gave you the ring and necklace as presents. Our feelings will always be with you, even if we aren’t there to fight alongside you.」


「Yeah, thanks Saya」


The Queen’s bracket is in A block,  and King’s is in B block. Both blocks will have a match today, there are a total of 8 scheduled matches, with my match being  2nd.


「Maricchi relax and just do it 」


「If its Mari-chan, then I’m sure that it’ll be a good battle!」


Hibiki and Hazuki-san give me some moderate cheering.


「Mari-chan, do your best!! Give that King a beating~!!」


「Mari-san, if you do you best as usual,  then I’m sure you’ll have a good fight」


Futami-san, was the same as usual with her energetic cheers, and the Pres, tried not to show the shock of her loss while encouraging me.

They don’t think that I will win. That’s why they won’t say something as irresponsible as「I’m sure you’ll win」….


『Now then, the Number’s Cup’s second round, King Vs Mari Tridente is drawing near!  Commentator Eve-san, what do you think of these two?』


『Let’s see, just as everyone knows King’s 【Indestructible】 invincibility boasts an absolute reign.  The losers didn’t even manage to deal damage to him with the exception of Queen, and even that only happened once 』


『Even if an attack hits King the damage is 0 right? Is 【Indestructible】an invincibility skill? or is it passive…?』


『Fufu, I know the answer, but it’s a skill that the users haven’t clarified yet. If an NW employee like me told you about it then it wouldn’t be fair』


I-Is that so.

I have seen some videos of King’s previous matches, but even if the challengers hit King their damage is 0 every time.

The only one that managed to damage him was Queen, but why she was able to do so is still unknown.

Is there some reason why Queen’s attacked pierced through? No, when Queen attacked there weren’t any special actions. That means….


『Now then, Participants, prepare yourselves!』


Aah, now’s not the time to think. I need to get to the entrance.

When I hurried towards the entrance a voice called out to me from behind.


「Mari-okaasama,  there is always a chance of winning.  I believe in you!」


「Mari, you will absolutely win! After all, we are with you!」


「Absolutely win」no one else believed I would win, even I myself didn’t believe, and yet, these two said such a thing with confidence.

I understand, Saya, Hanabi-chan. I don’t know if I can win, but I will give it everything I’ve got! So watch properly okay!



「To think that my opponent is numberless and at the lowest rank」




King was at the entrance, and leaked his dissatisfaction as I entered.

Well,  I can understand what King is saying. Even though he gathered Nos. because he is so strong that others aren’t satisfying, to think that someone like me, the only contestant who doesn’t possess a Nos. would be his first opponent…

King… A PC that is strong enough to be called with that Title……hmm, now that I think about it,  King is not his character name but rather a nickname, which means it should be something like a title.

Then, I wonder what King’s name is? out of curiosity, I used 【Clairvoyance】to check it.


「I see, so you’re called Tanaka Tarou」






「………Stop it」




「Don’t call me by that name. I am King!」


「Ah, Ok. To be precise, it’s Tanaka Tarou King-san right? Since you have a Family name you have an NC?」


「I said stop it didn’t I !! I only found out that you shouldn’t use your real name in an online game after I created my character!」




It’s not like there’s a rule that you can’t use your real name, but it seems like King really minds it.


「The reason I made an NC is that I desired the Family Name. King is not a title, but my one true name, understand?」


「I-I see」


I didn’t think that someone would create an NC just because they wanted a name, it seems that everyone has different reasons for making an NC.

Even Hibiki wants to make an NC to stop people from courting her, well, her partner is Hazuki-san who she knows well, but she probably doesn’t have the same feelings as I have for Saya.


「You seem to have a name similar to your real name. Be glad for I shall grant you a new name….let’s see, The fool is good enough for you」


「The fool?」


I’m sure that is the name of one of the Tarot cards.

An aimless wanderer, drifting around without a plan …..Is it? I don’t know much about Tarot so I’m not sure about the meaning.

In the first place, I don’t think my name is troublesome, so there’s no need for a title.


「A rash, selfish, leftover. Someone like you who has no Nos. yet participates in the Number’s Cup, there is no other title that fits you so well. You fool.」


「I-I see」


「…..Why, why won’t you talk back?」


「eh? Eh?」


King crossed his arms, assuming a daunting pose, and then lowered his gaze as if looking down on me.

Why you ask? Of course if I talk back, he would get mad and it will be troublesome, I also don’t want to cause pointless problems right before the match.


「Do you know about Pro wrestling? In Pro wrestling they put on a show for the audience, it serves as entertainment and fires up the audience too. It’s the same in boxing. During the weigh-in they glare at each other to showcase their competitive spirit, the audience will wait in anticipation, becoming excited for the match to come」


That means, I should also say something to fire up the audience, right?


「…..wait, are you saying that this conversation is being streamed!?」


「It’s not streaming」


「…..then it won’t fire them up right?」


「I desire to get fired up」




「I am infatuated with the Arena. While being a participant, I’m also part of the audience. If you don’t have a Nos., then at least bark loud enough to get me fired up」


「I can’t do that. w-what I will show you is a fight after all」




 King fiercely smiled


「What a foolish thing」


King’s opponent showing him a fight… the difficulty of such a feat, King himself knows all too well. That’s why those words ignited a fire within King.


「I’ll show you that you will be crushed without any resistance. You fool」


I did a final check of my equipment, items and strategy, then entered the arena accompanied by the voice of Mr. Scylla.

At that moment, a cheer arose. It’s not aimed at me, but rather, at King.

A flawless, unbroken winning streak. A lot of people came to the arena to see the indestructible, invincible ruler’s match. Although there is a gambling component, The odds for the winner to be King is x1.0.  That can’t even be called gambling.

Even if you put 10,000 yen on King and he wins, all you will get is 10,000 yen. His odds to win are 100%, out of 100 matches, he wins 100 times, it’s not even a bet.

My odds are x10001.  To compare it with other things……


– NW corporation lied during the interview x 300

-It’s a lie that humanity landed on the moon’s surface x500

-Nessie will be found x600

-Napoleon is still alive x1000

-Time machine is invented x2000


Me winning is harder than finding Nessie, it is also harder than inventing a time machine, which is impossible. As a bonus, it’s a strange occurrence to prove that Napoleon is still alive.

To bet on me, means that they are just throwing money away so, if they don’t put unrealistic numbers like this no one will bet. The numeric values for odds is Mr. Scylla’s own doing, it has nothing to do with the number of people that placed bets.

There is only one person that bet on me in all of NW. Only one. That’s right. The people that think that I will win in this Arena, excluding Saya and Hanabi-chan, there is only a single person.


『Well then, the 2nd match, King VS Mari Tridente is about to start』


Ranking 1st place

【Tanaka Tarou King】Lv 75

HP 3200

MP 600

Attack Power 1200

Defense Power 105

Magic Attack 1200

Magic Defense 100

Agility 740


Ranking 100,000th place

【Mari Tridente】Lv 75

HP 4500

MP 500

Attack Power 600

Defense Power 290

Magic Attack 60

Magic Defense 260

Agility 550


『Now, the Participants have entered! King is sporting his usual aura. As for the challenger Mari Tridente, the speculation is that if she lasts 30 seconds, thats already quite good.』


The Live Reporter, Mr. Scylla, is saying whatever he wants.

I know that he doesn’t intend to be mean. In fact, It’s far more relaxing than being cheered on, but…..It’s weird. Even though I didn’t really want to, I’m getting excited.

A full-house audience, cheers that resound in your ears,  and a formidable foe before me.

I thought that my heart would be beating hard, my legs shaking while I wait for the starting signal…..yet it’s different, I’m unbelievably calm.

Since I’m standing on a stage with such a wonderful atmosphere, I should at least…..


『Match, Start!』


Based on his previous matches, there is a 95% chance that King will charge towards his opponent immediately as the match starts.  With the invincible effect of his 【Indestructible】he wouldn’t be afraid of damage from being attacked. Looking at King’s status, since he has a skill that invalidates attacks he focused on raising his attack related stats as much as possible.

If it’s as theorized then I should take distance to to evade King’s attack. However, what about the 5% chance in which King won’t head for his opponent?


This is a gamble.

If I don’t bet on it then I won’t be able to seize the initiative.


「【Instant Movement】!」


I chose to go forward, closing the distance between myself and King.

However, the result was that I lost the bet. King moved forward as well.


「kku…..change! Scythe!」


If he didn’t move forward then I would hit him with my bow, but if he comes forward then a bow will be at a disadvantage. Since Fuujin Bow is a transforming weapon I immediately changed it to Scythe mode. At that moment, King stopped and tried to step back and gain some distance.


「【Air slash】!」






Air slash has a homing effect, King who took distance from me was hit by the attack, and, as the log showed, the damage certainly went through.



The cheering has stopped, and for a moment, silence covered the arena.

Some had their eyes open wide in disbelief, others mouths hung open, dumbfounded. The Audience, King, and even me.


『Un-Unbelievable, the first blood of this match has been taken by Mari Tridente! With the absolute Ruler King as her opponent she did it in a flash with a surprise attack !!』


Chapter 55 END


9: Hahahaha!!!

ED: I am back

S: was this already edited? Did they not finish?


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