Tridente 70

Do you hear that sound?

That low rumble?
I hear it…

It’s a stampede!


Tridente chapter 70

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0070


Will Hanabi Die Here? ~Taste, Mouse and Extremely spicy food~



If the Pres were to become the one of the first migrators then with Hibiki and Hanabi-chan, in total there would be 3 people who would be permanently staying in Tridente.


「What is the matter Mari-san? Staring like that at me」


「N-nothing, I was just thinking that there isn’t much time left for the migration」


「aah, so its about that. It is alright, since elementary grade I have already decided on my resolution after all」


The Pres face was like the skies with no clouds, the point where she doesn’t show any hints of hesitation might be the biggest proof of her resolution.


「Then Pres, When we are not logged in, I’m entrusting Hanabi-chan and Voice to you ok! Me too, one day I will be migrating to NW, so up until that time」


「Sure, Of course」


「Sure, Of course」 


 And then, Was it able to hear our conversation, Voice went near the Pres’s foot and rubbed itself and let out a sweet voice. > 「Oh my, so you have finally opened your heart to me is it!」


Pres held Voice and, she patted it as if cuddling a baby, Voice too was comfortably accepting it.

Though its not like Voice opened its heart but, its just not reacting to the name Ultimate Cabbage Tarou….. 


「Now that I think about it, Pres what will you do about your Guardian beast? Voice is contracted with Hibiki so, I have been searching for one thinking that Voice too will be happy if a monster ally increased but, the monster won’t just seemingly appear」


A Guardian beast is a monster that was contracted with the skill 【Contract】, becoming your guardian beast, a partner that will forever be with you.


Even if you are fare away you can call them with 【Summon】so its a really reliable ally.


「I am also thinking various things about the guardian beast but….let me see, since this is a good opportunity, let us stop the party for a little bit and follow me outside of the village」




「It is just for about 5 minutes」




「Rin, just what are you talking about」


In the middle of the party, the Pres took everyone outside. The place already has the sun setting and becoming dark, the lighting froms Tridente is shining over the area. 

Was it around 1 minute of walking, the Pres stopped her steps and she shouted at the shadow right in front.


「It is right there! That is the prey I am looking for!」


At the direction the Pres is pointing her finger there was a small silhouette, its size is about the same size of a cat in the real world if you compare it, and then its appearance is that it is covered in a light brown fur, with a short feet its running with its all, it was “that one”.


「Ah, Mousecat is it?」


「That is right!」


Mousecat, if it was people who start around this area, its the mouse type monster that they will absolutely encounter at least once. 

I have a memory where I also encountered it right away when I just started the game, I was bathed in its poison breath and was in my crisis but, in hair’s breadth Saya was able to save me. 

And its also the same for the Pres, when she started the game she encountered the Mousecat unarmed right away, and then became the prey of the Novice Killer Mousecat.


「Are you going to make a mousecat your guardian beast?」


「Yes, I have decided so」


「Mousecat isn’t that the weakest monster around here? A guardian beast is something you can only contract for once and will never be able to change it you know. You sure about it, Rincchi」


「It is alright. No matter what monster it is, I will show that I will make it strong! And also looking back at the monster I have met in the past, The one that appears right away in my mind is the mousecat. 」


The case about that legendary tree branch too, Pres is the type to keep her memories important. That’s why the mousecat she encountered for the first time, it might be inevitable for her to get pulled to it.

The pres was holding her head in her arms as the names she gave were being rejected.


「It might be good to think simply like when you gave the name for your PC, Pres」


「Mu, you got a point….」


From the kanji suzu(鈴) from Suzukawa Saya which she named herself Rin. 

This time too, I proposed the same kind of idea in naming the mousecat. 

Like for example, scat-chan, or maa-chan, it might unexpectedly accept those names easily. (9: yes, it’s really scat-chan)


「Well then from Jagaimohorizumi(Potatodigat) to Jagami, how is it? 」


「Ah, so you’re using it on that one…..」


The Pres turned around to the mousecat, and proposed “how bout Jagami”. 

The Mousecat was a bit bewildered but before long it lot out a cute cry “kyukkui” conveying something to Hibiki.


「Its seems like it said it doesn’t really come to me but, it’s better compared to others so it compromised」


「Compromised….How horrible. oh well, that is fine. So then Jagami, from now on it is a pleasure to be with you!」




Different from how it bit her last time, this time Jagami properly rubbed itself on the Pres’ hands. 

Just as I thought, a good pair.



「Well then once again, Cheers~~!!」


Now that the Pres’ guardian beast the mouse cat was given the name Jagami , we restarted the party. 

However, once again the tragedy happened.

「This green cream…it looks delicious」

On a certain food, a green cream that was garnished in the corner, Hanabi-chan scooped a big one out of it and energetically put it in her mouth.


「ah!! Hanabi-chan, noooooo!!!」



When I was going to stop her it was already too late, Hanabi-chan with the green cream….no, it was not a cream, it was a large amount of Wasabi that she put in her mouth.


「nn-!? nnnnnnnnn!!」


Hanabi-chan had tears flow out of her eyes, and she held down her nose. 

Aah, I know. I really know how spicy she is feeling right now.


「Wuu…I am eating a lump of poison. Mari-okaasama, Saaya-okaasama, Will Hanabi…will Hanabi die right here…?」


「Get a hold of yourself, get a hold of yourself, Hanabi-chan!!」



Hanabi-chan who experiences various things From the implementation of Taste and smell.

After that, it was obvious that Hanabi-chan became bad with spicy food.  



Tridente chapter 70  


9: liking the new pet


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