Tridente 72

Tridente chapter 72 

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Tridente 0072 


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「So….you two, why are you in my house?」


The next day we talked with fake Holmes at the modern cafe. Me and Saya visited Pres’ house and it has been quite a long time since we visited it.


「It’s investigation, investigation」


「About what? Investigation….I did not do anything worth being guilty over」


「Of course we don’t think that you are a murderer. It’s because you are a Nos. near us, Just that we are told that for now we should examine whether you know something 」


「M-murderer you say…..That does not sound safe at al is it not」


Saya sat at Pres’ bed, and she explained the details of what had happened up until now.


「A detective’s Assistant?….you two, you are middle schooler’s right?」


「Well….certainly it might be crazy for a detective to ask help from a middle schooler but, the reason is Nos. after all」


「What about Nos.?」


Holmes-san…’s also what the person wants, she had us call her Holmes-san instead of Sakura-san but, from the story we head from Holmes-san, there is a high possibility that the person who manifested the Nos. is related to the serial murderer, that’s why for now investigate the nearby Nos. in RL.


If you are to talk about a Nos. nearby us  It’s going to be Pres, just for appearance we came her to investigate. 


「Well, I am also a Nos. but if you are going to ask me about the murders then I do not have any knowledge about it」


「Well, that’s obvious. It’s not like we came here expecting Rin to know something」


「Himemiya-san, have you not been calling me by my NW name a lot recently」


「Aah~, well isn’t it fine,  It’s confusing If I used Saya(沙綾). Ah, should I just think of a nickname? Saa-chan? Suu-cha?」(9: for those who forgot, Saya and Pres has the same first name in pronunciation but different kanjis)


「Then, I think that Isekai-chan is good」


「No, we don’t really want to call you that though…」




We put on hold the case about the nickname, for now we sorted out the things we heard from Holmes-san about the accident.

First, the cause of death is unknown, when they are playing the VRMMO they suddenly lose their consciousness, and then it seems that they will be unable to come back. 

And then the victims are always NW players.  It’s not confirmed whether other VRMMO have the same casualty. 

It seems that no external wounds can be found, even with dissection they couldn’t specify the cause of death and gave up.



「And then the criminal….so  It’s possible that the method to the the crime is using a Nos. that a person had manifest is it?」


「So it seems. After I manifest it seems that there are 5 people who manifested, the suspect candidates are 44 people….no, since I am number 38 and 39  It’s 43 right」


「And then even though they should have manifest the management can’t grasp the Nos. 37…….so the most suspicious, is as expect the Nos. 37 right?」




After the Nos. 4 account break event, The name and number of the Manifestors are being officially announced. 

However, No matter how the management investigated the Nos.37 that manifested before me, the chara name and the RL info and everything else are unknown.




「I-it is hard to say it but….Mari-san」


「What is it? Pres, getting so formal….ah, maybe!」



Maybe the Nos. 37 is the pres? I thought of such things but, it seems like it is different.



「No, I am not the Nos. 37, and I do not have any info about Nos. 37…just that」 



「Just that?」


「If you are going to doubt Nos. 37 then, Mari-san might be in danger?」






What the Pres wants to say is basically this. 

Me who is a multi Nos. , maybe it was not 2 No.s but actually 3 Nos. that I manifested? there was a change that I was doubted about. 

And actually Eve-san immediately thought of that possibility at the Arena and asked me a question didn’t she. 


It’s not like I don’t have any problems being doubted as the manifestor for Nos. 37. 

The problem is that Nos. 37 is being thought as the suspect for the serial murders.


「I’m the criminal….there is a chance that they will think like that is it?」


「Of course it is the what if the investigation state is being conveyed to the general. At the present situation it is just being said that tis a serial unnatural deaths, they should not have enough information to make sure about the assertion and murder」


Hearing that I became a bit relieved. 

Of course I would hate it if I was being doubted as the murderer. 

Even though  It’s just for appearance, Even if we are just going to investigate it just for show, Pres too should not be feeling good about it.



「Mari, isn’t it weird?」




I raised a weird stupid voice from the Saya’s words.


「By weird…what do you mean?」


「It’s that detective. In the state that they are doubting Mari who might be the Nos. and then she is asking for help to you」


「Now that you said it….Ah, then….I’m, already being suspected?」


 It’s a complete lie that they want me to cooperate with the investigation, calling me out just to get close to me, asking for my help just to observe me closely. 

If I’m being suspected as being the Nos. 37 then, it might not be impossible.


「Anyhow, we need to be careful about that detective.  It’s not like we are guilty but, it won’t be a joke if you are falsely charged as the criminal after all」 


Certainly, it seems like there are a lot of false charges about molesting, shoplifting or etc but,  It’s been confirmed that there are some cases where they are false charges on murder cases. 

I didn’t think that I would be involved in that state of affair at all though.




「But, even if it is o, Mari what are you going to do? Are you going to keep investigating? are you going to stop?」






Honestly I don’t like the idea of doing my everyday life while having a detective observe me. 

But still, I wonder what it is. This event, there is something that is bothering me. 

Should I say something is bothering me, or is it just intuition, I don’t really know but, there is something beyond this even….you can say I’m really curious about it,  It’s like there is a premonition.


「Continue…I will continue」


「I see, Then, I will go with you」


「yeah! Thanks, Saya」


「If there is something I can help out too just say it 」


「Okay! Thank you very much, Pres. Even though  It’s a busy time with the case of migrating」




The time for the migration is just coming soon. That’s why I want to solve the problems concerning NW, and give relief to the migrators.




「Ah, about that, Rin」 


「Can it not be the first migration project?」


「I am not saying that I cannot but, the feeling of wanting to hurry up and migrate is true. Are there any problems?」


「Nothing just, the first migration project is at December, and from there the 2nd migration project will be in 3 months so, we can go after graduation and  It’s just in time, is what I’m thinking」




At the previous interview they said that there is a 3month cycle recruitment. Which means that if we wait for the 2nd migration project then, we can graduate from school and then migrate.




「Since we are migrating, there are no reason to worry about your academic background though…..and also  It’s middle school」


「No  It’s not about that. The reason is not that,  It’s the problem about our feelings.  It’s like I want to graduate together with Rin. By the way this is what Futami-chan said 」


「Together…..Let me see. I will think about it for bit」


Of course the Pres strong emotion of wanting to go to NW is not changing. 

However, just for a little bit, if we pass the only little remaining time together then we can safely finish our middle school life. 

That’s why Futami-san’s proposal of wanting to make the best memory of graduating together as the last is really wonderful, Is what I think.




Tridente Chapter  

9: I want to see them graduate. 

9: together


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