Tridente 73


Tridente chapter 73 

Small Village Tridente 

Tridente 0073 

The White Assassin 

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「So, what’s the result of the past few days?」


It has been a some days since we started the investigation, Ma and Saya went on our own from Holmes or Satou Sakura-san, we took info from the past Nos. we have encountered.


There were 4 Nos. we contacted that we have encountered the in the past. 

The 2 are a resident from the Tridente which is Pres and Hibiki and then the other two would be Queen and King.


Nos. 2 King of Indestructible  

Nos. 3 Queen of Lightning Speed  

Nos. 7 Rin of Fast Aria 

Nos. 32 Hibiki of Bel Canto Time



And then there are other 4 people we have encountered but we couldn’t get in contact with them.


Nos. 4 Tsurugi of Account Break 

Nos. 18 Eagle of Falcon’s Eye  

Nos. 24 Malwanis of Lightning Weapon 

Nos. 25 Jamie of Gluttony


We haven’t met Tsurugi-san since the Account Break event,  it’s unknown what he is up to right now. 

Eagle-san, Malwanis-san and Jamie-san who we met at the Arena, since we are not that close enough to add each other as friends, we asked Queen or King to contact them but, lately they are not logged in so no contact from them.



Regarding King and Queen they totally have no info about Nos. 37.



Then, about the possibility of King or Queen being the criminal. 

At least their Nos. have no possibility of hurting humans in the real world. 

Especially King, who I checked the info in detail with 【Analyze】so there is no mistake.



「Fumu, On my side I tried contacting some Nos. but, I found just one beneficial info」 


「Beneficial Info?」


「That’s right, it seems like that when one of the victims got PK’d, it was confirmed that there was a mysterious PC who is wrapped in white rope beside them」


「A-and that is where is the place?」


「 it’s around the area of a small town at the Hokkaido area」


Hokkaido….that’s pretty far. 

Before, we went to the arena which is in the Okinawa area but it’s totally at the end of the opposite direction.  

Now that I think about it, at the Arena too there was a person from Hokkaido that participated…..


「Ah, That’s right. Eagle-san」


「hmm? what is it?」


「Ah, nothing. I just remembered that Eagle-san who participated at the Arena is from Hokkaido….」


No, wait a sec. 

When I had a match with Eagle-san, she should’ve asked me something. And i’m sure  it’s―――



「White hood…She asked me whether I knew about White Hood」


「Fumu. She had gotten information concerning White hood and chased the person, and at the end of it she might have gotten murdered」




「At the Hokkaido area there was a person who wasn’t able to return, it was Nos. 18 Eagle of Falcon’s Eye」 



Tridente Chapter 73  

9: lol, this chapter is so short, finished within 23 minutes and 32 seconds


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