Tridente 75

Tridente chapter 75 

Small Village Tridente 

Tridente 0075 

Death Sentence 

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「We did it-!!」


it’s been a few days since we started making a ship, we had finally come to the time of completing it. 

With the effects of【Wood Master】, the ship was bigger than we expected, and the number of rooms are over 30, and the space is plenty enough that there is enough space to decorate it with interiors and stuff. 

And furthermore the kitchen is perfect, it’s not like those fancy luxury cruiser ships but i think that it’s about the same as a fancy pirate ship.



「Ou! Can’t we somewhat live in this ship」



Futami-san quickly boarded the ship, she’s running around the wide deck. 

Certainly, you can use the ship as a house and wouldn’t have any problem, the level of comfortably is just the same




「Now then, let’s decide on the day where everyone from Tridente has a day off and go to to the Hokkaido Area」





Me and Saya have the purpose of investigation but, whenever we go to a new area, as much as possible we want everyone from Tridente to match so we checked on the day off of everyone and decided to travel to the Hokkaido area.




「Then, it’s the next sunday. Let’s also do the ceremony for the ship launching on that day」




It seems that the ceremony is a ceremony for when the ship will first touch the water. 

We craft an enclosure at the sea, and make a space where there is no water in which we made the ship, so the ship still hasn’t touched the water. 

it’s a structure where you destroy the enclosure and the water flows into it at once and then you will be able to depart right away.




「Ah, how about the ship’s name?」


I remembered that we still haven’t talked about the name for the ship as I asked Saya.




「It seems that it’s common for the ship to get a name during the ceremonial ship launching」


「I see~, then, are we going to discuss the name with everyone on that day?」


「Yeah, we will. Everyone I want each of you to think of one name for the ship until Sunday!」




It’s as if it was an exchange between a teacher and her students as we reply, and then we logged out for today.









After logging out I went out of my room into the living room, and then Yuki-chan who was sprawling around while looking at the TV called me out.




「Onee-chan, there’s a letter for you」


「nn…. a letter?」




A letter….what it is?  

Email, message, SNS there are lots of ways to communicate in this era, I don’t have any acquaintance that would send a letter. 

That means that it’s not someone I know, which means that it’s a letter that was sent for me. 

However the envelope is obviously different from the business-like ones they send. It’s a handwoven letter which the commoners make, and it’s color is pitch black, and at the center there is a red skull mark as a seal to close the letter.




「What a bad taste! Do you have any rocker friends?」


「I don’t really know but….」


「Try opening it」


「Eh? W-well it might be a love letter so I’ll read it at my room okay」


There isn’t anyone who would send such a bad taste of a love letter to their house right! Is what Yuki-chan voiced out as I pointed my back forward at her and once again ascended the stairs, and opened the pitch black letter at my room.





ThE nExt OnE IS yOU iT iS tHE TIme fOR ReVEngE It wiLL eND WitH YoUR DEATH


(9: the random capitalization is on purpose)




Tridente Chapter 75 

9: yep, I don’t really like this arc, it kinda reminds me of SAO about that arc with death gun


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