Tridente 76




Tridente chapter 76

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0076


The Name of the Ship is



「Good Morning Everyone」


「Morning Mari」


On Sunday where we will depart to the Hokkaido area, I planned to log in earlier than everyone but it seems like Saya was in before me. 

Saya was fishing together with Hanabi-chan and the others.


「Saya, you sure are early」


The time right now is 7 in the morning,  if it was the usual Sunday then I would still be asleep. 

And also I went for a hunt with Saya last night and logged out at 1 AM, making you think that she didn’t sleep that much.


「Are you looking forward to it that you couldn’t sleep?」


「it’s not ok, it’s so that I won’t let Mari log in by yourself you know」




「Even being sent that notice, you sure have no sense for danger, Mari」


「Ah….sorry. I see, you’re right. I’ll be careful!」


Recently, Saya has been absolutely logging in before me, and then she is also logging out later than me. 

The matter with the notice letter that came at my house, the moment I saw it my body was shaking being conquered by fear but, Humans are simple beings with just 2-3 days they would return back to their original mentality.


And of course I told everyone in Tridente about it, as much as possible so that I won’t do anything alone, I have been holding back on playing solo. 

And that is not only me but it’s the same for every resident of Tridente too.


In reality I was the only one that was sent a notice but, the fact that we won’t know what might happen, I notified everyone that they mustn’t let down their guard. 

Though Tridente right now with Hibiki and Hanabi-chan is here and adding Voice and Jagami to that, the security side is enough to be relieved.



The others logged in one by one, and 30 minutes after I logged in everyone had gathered up.


「So I’m the last one? Sorry to make you wait~」


「You’re slow Hazuki!」


「Eeh? Everyone is just early, you know. it’s still just before 8 am after all!」


「Ahaha, well the scheduled time was 8 am, so everyone is here in time」


Being soothed by the Hibiki and Hazuki-san’s frolicking, after the place had settled down, Saya took managed the event and we started discussing about the Name of the ship.


「Well them, Let’s say it in order, First is from Hibiki-senpai」


「Oh, Mine’s Siren」


「Won’t that jinx us?」


「Hahaha, but if you are to talk about me it’s gotta be Siren」


Siren is a famous monster that has a beautiful singing voice and puts everyone to sleep, and sinks the ships. 

It might be bad if it might jinx us.


「then, next is Mari」


「Ah, okay. Mine is Mary Celeste !」


「Nono, isn’t that also bad luck! rather than bad luck it’s scary! Isn’t that a supernatural phenomena  」(9: ht tps:// , it’s basically a name of a ghost ship)


「Ahaha, but c’mon, doesn’t Mary and Mari sound the same right」


Mary Celeste is basically despite being a properly functioning ship, that ship was abandoned and all 10 passengers just suddenly disappeared. 

Since there was a mysterious bloodstain and slash marks, it was regarded as a mysterious event.


「geez…then next is Futami-chan」


「Okaay~! M-I-N-E is Titani――」


「That’s no longer the level is jinxing okay!!」



「So, in the end there are 3 candidates. Hanabi’s Soleil and Hazuki-senpai’s Rosemary, and miraculously Rin’s Il Mare」


「What do you mean by miraculously」


「Well it’s just that you suddenly brought up a proper name so I got surprised」


「I am always proper for your information!」


It seems that Il Mare is an Italian word meaning showing the sea. (9: can someone check  this) 

Soleil means Sun, and Rosemary is the Ocean’s water drop 

The three of them are all lovely that it’s hard to choose one over the other. 

In the end, it became a majority vote, and at the end it’s decided to be Rosemary. 

Me and Saya voting for Hanabi-chan’s Soleil was made fun of as we are doting parents.


After that, we tenderly poured white wine on the ship which was given to us from the residents of Cyber fish for the ceremony. 

Originally the custom was to break a bottle of wine of champagne but, for us we only mimic it a bit so there shouldn’t be any problem.


「it’s about time, let’s go~!」


Along with Saya’s Order I shot in an arrow aiming at the wall enclosing the Rosemary ship destroying it.

[11:05 AM]

and then at the destroyed part water came flowing in and Rosemary ship floated on the water and it can now properly be ready for sailing.


「Well then, Depaaaart!!」


She checked whether everyone had already boarded the Rosemary and Saya made the ship depart. 

Though it might be a high speed ship, the distance up until Hokkaido is long so we alternate who’s on the rudder. 

And more over everyone wanted to pilot the Rosemary.

[11:08 AM]


「just as i thought it sure is pretty~, NW’s ocean」


Getting out to look at the sea, Hazuki-san came beside me and said it. 


「Ah, Hazuki-san. Thank you for the lovely name for the ship!」


「it’s fine it’s fine, I’m happy after all being the godmother of the ship」


「It was thanks to Hazuki-san for finding out about【Wood Master】, thanks to Hazuki-san the ship have become more wonderful than we imagined」


「Ahaha, it’s not like that. it’s mostly thanks to the power of Mari’s Nos. Since I also I got the name Rosemary from Mari-chan’s name」


「Eh? really? I’m happy but, it’s kinda embarrassing I guess」


Dehehe, when an embarrassed grin appeared on my face, from behind me 「Cheating scene discovered!」I heard a voice and turned around.


「hey wait a sec, Futami-san! it’s not like that at all okay」


「Houhou~, really?」


「And also c;mon, Hazuki-san has Hibiki」(9: Mari shipping hazuki and hibiki )


「Wait a sec Mari-chan! Me and Hibiki is not like that at all okay!」


Hazuki-san retorted without delay. 

Of course I understand it but, just that I can’t help but see Hazuki-san and Hibiki having that relationship.


「gununu…..not fair! Everyone else being a Riaju is not fair!」


「I said me and Hibiki are different okay. But still in the future, the person who will become Futami-chan’s lover is it, I wonder what kind of person will it be」


「You’re right~~, the ideal one will be someone like Kanzaki-san who is an earnest person~~!」 


「Even if you say that to me right after doubting me that I’m cheating」


「Wait a sec it’s just a joke okay~! Mou, don’t pout don’t pout」



「Hazuki-san, it’s your shift now」


30 minutes after departure, Saya who was piloting the ship exchanged places with Hazuki-san. 

By the way I didn’t volunteer to be the helmsman. It might be fun piloting it but, it’s because I want to enjoy the cruise while looking at the scenery.


「Good work, Saya. How was it? your impression as the helmsman」


「Yeah, it’s fun. But still I got tired. After that maybe I should relax and enjoy the trip with Mari」


「Ehehe, I also thought of the same thing!」


After that Me and Saya leaned on the handrail while pressing our shoulder against each other as we looked over the scenery, Futami-san sometimes interrupts, sometimes we help Pres catch Jagami who was running around the ship, without getting tired of it we enjoyed our trip on the ship. 


Tridente Chapter 76  

9: Pres made a proper name…..bakana!!


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