Tridente 77

 Tridente chapter 77

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0077


A Silver Town



Landing at the Hokkaido Area ending the long trip on boat by 4 hours,  it was a silver world that everything was covered in snow.


The roof of the house at the port city had snow piled on it, and in the town there were a lot of snowmen.


And then at the center there was a huge tree growing and covering the whole town, and that tree had various decorations on it.


「There sure are a lot of various decorations. Potion, bat wins, and also….a sword? there’s even a sword on it」


「it’s a tree called white lance. it’s the Town’s symbol」


Looking at the tree decorated with various items, I was suddenly talked to. 

There was a woman with her silver hair fluttering around while she was wearing a tight skirt showing her body lines, and her top was a leather armor that is easy to move with.


「Nice to meet you, I’m this port town’s Chief, Snow」


「N-Nice to meet you. These sword and items that are decorated are…」


I pointed my finger to the various items with no consistency hanging on the huge tree.


「ah, about that you see…..At first we thought that we would decorate white lance like a christmas tree. But there aren’t any light bulbs that shine prettily right? That’s why for now we tried to decorate with various items and this is the result. And the the tourist and the travelers that sees the hanging items started spreading a weird rumor……like if you hang an item on the white lance your wish will come true or the item drop rate will increase」


「So you mean, that there isn’t any special meaning to it」


「Yeah. This is the result of the rumor being left alone」


Snow-san gestured her astonishment by spreading both her arms. 

However, Futami-san who was listening beside me got baited into the topic.


「Interesting, but isn’t it wonderful~!! Maybe I should try and wish for something too」


「The wish of greedy people will not easily get granted for your information」


「Eeeh~,Suzu you’re cruel. Even though I only wanted to become a billionaire」


「That wish is just like a lump of worldly desires is it not….」 


「Suzu don’t you have any? Wishes」


「My wish was a world I have not seen, to go to another world. Which  means that, I am just in a bit before my wish gets granted」


「Hmmmm…..but I see, if I am going to migrate to  NW then there’s no point even if a became a billionaire in RL….」


「Nevertheless you will not became one for your information」


it’s a tradition which we don’t know who started it so there is no way it would get granted after all but, to Futami-san that doesn’t probably really matter. 

She already had clasped both of her hands and was repeating her wish.


「Please let me meet my fated person!」


「Your wish changed from before…..」


「Oops, my mistake my mistake. But still you know this is the game world right? That’s why the system might unexpectedly  grant the wishes right~ something like that」


「Are you fine with the System choosing your fated person?」


「Being said that, hmmm…..then, I guess it’s gonna be actually a billionaire?」 


「So in the end it’s that after all」


After that, we started walking as we accepted Snow-san’s kindness who was willing to guide us around the town with a huge tree, White Lance,  covering the whole town.


There was the Town’s weapon shop, armor shop, tool shop, furniture store, and furthermore since the taste had been implemented, a crowded restaurant. 

And then there was a lot of residence, the number goes over 100. it’s quite a big town. 

And then those buildings were being fully covered by White lance that’s why I can understand just how big this tree is.



「And that’s that. How is it? did you like Whiteriton?」 


「Yeah! it’s a really pretty town. And especially the tree covering the whole town is really unique that you can’t see anywhere else」


「That’s right. And because of that the number of tourists are increasing, and there were also some of them that took residence here. How about you girls? We are still recruited for residents」


「aah~….I’m sorry. We already have our own Town」


「Is that so? Too~ bad. What town? How about we make an Alliance? 」


「it’s a town called Tridente」


「Tridente….I feel like I have heard it before….Ah~!? Ah, can you possibly be Mari Tridente!? Aren’t you Mari Tridente that had defeated King at the Arena!!」


「Eh…ah, yes I am」


The Numbers Cup at the Arena has been on the news and quite a degree of people probably know about it. However I can’t really get used to being treated like this. I don’t really know how to react to it.


「Ah~!? And the one right there is who took the finals against Mari Tridente that will surely remain in History Saya Tridente!? Aren’t you Saya Tridente!!」


「Ahaha, Thanks~」


Saya who is also famous in real life was used to it, and as if like an Idol she interacted with a smile.


「why are the NW’s 2 strongest in Whiteriton….N-no way, are you going to snatch our territory…?」


「Of course we won’t do that! We are just looking for a certain person okay」


「Oh my, who is it? If it’s this Town then it should be easy to gather Info」


Certainly if it’s a Town this big then there should be quite a huge amount of info. 

I tried asking her since we won’t lose anything in asking her.


「The one called White hood…..a person who wrapped themselves in white rope」


Obviously I can’t say the murderer though. 

In the first place there aren’t any clues.


「Ah~…..White rope is it. I’d hate to say it but….」


「Do you know who it is!?」


「No, the people who are equipping white rope, even in Whiteriton there are 20 people you know」


Of course it’s like that. I was told the same last time too that it’s nearly impossible to specify the person with just the white rope.

[11:22 AM]

If there is only an easily understood feature then, yes, just like…..


「Nos….. A manifestator who is equipping a white rope」


「Nos is it….Now that I think about it, a while ago there was a person that was PK’d by a Nos…..and then maybe they started not like it anymore I don’t really know but, after that they haven’t logged in since then. 」


「……! that is….」


it’s not that they haven’t logged in anymore, it may be that they can’t log in anymore.  It might be a victim of the series of events.

[11:26 AM]

However, thinking that I shouldn’t confuse her while having no concrete proof I can’t really say it, I swallowed the words that were about to go out of my mouth.


「That is?」


「N-nothing….by the way…do you know about the name of that Nos. ?」


「I only heard about it from a friend so, I don’t really know that much」


「Is that so…..thank you very much for such a valuable information!」


「No problem. Well, if something happened you’re free to talk to me! Since it’s also beneficial for me to have connections to Tridente」


Is what she said but I feel like even if I’m not a resident from Tridente, I’m sure she will still be kind to us. 

In reality she still guided us before she knew we were from Tridente, I believe that it’s on the reasons that Snow became the chief of the Whiteriton which is a big town. 

If it’s under this person then they would think that it’s a relief and stay, there should be a lot of people who decided to stay here.


That’s right, just like Seira-san who built up Tridente. 


Tridente Chapter 77  

9: is this the sign of Seira returning?



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