Tridente 78

Tridente chapter 78

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0078





Adventuring the area around Whiteriton, enjoying the Hokkaido Area to some degree, for now we dismissed. 

Futami-san, Hazuki-san and the pres had some plan in RL so they logged out, the remaining ones are Me, Saya, Hibiki and Hanabi-chan, for now we tried investigating the points where the PK repeatedly happened. 


「So this is the place where the PK’s happened….the nicknamed place, White road of Death. I’ll take a look at the place from above」


it’s a place where trees are growing thickly and has a narrow road cleared up, you can’t really say that this place has a good field of vision. 

Hibiki looked above from the skies but, it seems she didn’t see anyone. 

They say it happened repeatedly so I thought that there would be enough people passing by though….


「Should we look out for a bit?」 

「Look out….right here?」


Hibiki was on a tree, and we slipped into the bushes, for a while kept a look out around here.


「this sure look so straightforward…..investigating is」


「Yeah. Though rather won’t they think that we are PKs?」 


「Hmmm, I think so too. We’re too suspicious….」


「Ah, someone’s here. Mari-Okaasama, Saaya-Okaasama」


After looking out for 10 minutes, hearing Hanabi-chan’s words I turned around, being covered by trees, on a dim trail where light doesn’t really pass through, a man and woman player pair walked happily.


「Are they a couple?」


I asked Saya and Hanabi-chan in a whisper.


「Looks like it. It might be a good reference on what area the PK is aiming for」


「I can’t see anyone else though….」


And then the couple happily walked, the woman stopped, and had a seductive smile as she talked to the male player.


「Darling Darling. Looks like there isn’t anyone around here」


「Yeah? ah, you’re right. There are only a few monster, and it seems that there isn’t any players too」


「It is….then, we can flirt as much as we can right….」


hmm? What is it, what is it. The female player looked upwards to the male player and touched his chest part, and then she slowly as if tracing creeped downwards.




「Fufu, it’s alright. No one is coming you know….」


This is, maybe it’s….no, it’s not maybe it’s really the real thing!


「You must not looooooooooooooook!!」


In panic I covered Hanabi-chan’s eyes, and Saya covered her ears.


「Mothers, it’s alright. after all I properly inherited those knowledge」




Oh my god… think that Hanabi-chan even inherited that kind of knowledge.


「Mou~, Saya….just what are you making Hanabi-chan inherit! 」


「You’re wrong…’s not me but Mari right!!」


「it’s not me! it’s absolutely not me!!」


While we were conversing about such things the female player pushed down the male player, and rode on him, she had the male player on top of her palm. 

However, right there I noticed that the female player is acting strange.


It happened in an instant…..on the female player’s hand there was a knife and immediately slashed the man, and mowed down his HP.




From the signal voice above from Hibiki, we jumped out of the bushes and surrounded the woman in her act of PK.


「W..who are you people?」


「Don’t move, we want to ask you something」


「….what is it?」


The woman that got surrounded by the four of us, maybe she judged that it was pointless to resist, she raised her hands and obediently started answering our questions.


「White robe….are you the white hood?」


「I don’t totally get what you’re saying though….you people, just who are you?」



The woman replied to Saya’s question while having a doubtful expression. 

It seems like she is not the rumored PK. 

From the answer, She…or He was pretending as a female and approached the male player, when they got closer she would lure the male player to an isolated place and PK them to steal a rare item, it’s his honey trap PK method it seems.


「You sure such a hopeless PK…. 」


「that’s so nasty…」


Saya and Hibiki was obviously taken aback but, PK is not really something prohibited.(9: i’m guessing the remaining life system will be implemented after world ends or after migrating)  

Even if it’s an act you can’t really praise, it might be rude to say anymore.


Though, it does not feel good to just abandon the victim so, for now we revived him and said to him that he should be careful from now on but, from how he was fawning on Hibiki, while thinking that he will likely meet the same again, we see him off.


「Now then, you too, you shouldn’t do something like deceiving a guy and then PK them again okay」


「I get it, geez….even though I finally found a way to get easy money」


The female player left while giving trash talking, honestly he didn’t really have to honey trap PK, I think that he could use that nekama skills to do the princess play and have others support her, while thinking such things we saw her off, and replacing the female player, a Player wearing a white robe with a red cross embroidery  walking…..but, when that PC looked at us, after a 5 seconds of standing still the PC accelerated right away, it was as if they were running away from us by returning to the road the person took.


「Ah! W-wait!」


I instantly shouted but the white hood obviously didn’t stop.


「Let’s chase them, Mari-Okaasama」


I nodded to Hanabi-cha’s words and we also chased after the PC but, white hood strayed from the trail and went to the bushes with a bad field of vision and completely disappeared from our vision.


「it’s no good, Even from the skies I can’t see the guy」


「So they have completely gotten away…」


It seems like Hibiki who used her wings to search from the skies can’t see the PC. We waited for the PC to exit the forest but, in the end we weren’t able to find the white hood who ran away.


And then with today’s case, there is only one question that remained. 

White hood, I wonder why they ran when they saw me? 

They should have written in the threat notice that they would kill me. Then they don’t need to run away. Since their prey appeared right before them.


I….Just who was the one I was chasing…..? 


Tridente chapter 78  

9: aaaaaaaaaaagh, I made a mistake, white rope should be white robe, how can i not notice it orz….the author used roupu or ロープ and I thought it was rope orz…..


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