Tridente 79

Tridente chapter 79

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0079


Bow of Lies



「Fumu, so you mean that White Hood frequently appear in that forest?」


「Yes, the it was pretty obvious since the person ran away when they saw us after all….」 


3 days since we have seen White hood, Saya and me once again went to the same cafe as last time and met with Holmes or Satou Sakura.


「That’s an achievement Mari0kun. Then, should we go right away to the point where white hood was seen? 」


「Right now?」


「Ah, then let’s meet up in the actual place」


「Ah, ok」


We stood from our seat but, then Saya turned around and called out Holmes-san.


「Be prepared, it would be good if you do that. The opponent is rather strong, Sakura-san」


「Haha, Certainly. However it’s fine, Even though I’m like I have pretty much done a lot in NW so I won’t be pulling your leg 」


「I’m relieved hearing that. Then, should we go. Mari」






「Then, just as what we have planned」


「Yeah! We will absolutely settle this case!」


I was sent up until the doorway of my house, Separating from Saya I checked if the door’s closed and went to my room and got the NW exclusive VR set.  

I should really be more conscious about it, that I am putting my life on the line to catch the criminal.


「Okay!」I cheered myself up and put on the exclusive VR, and logged in NW.



「Mari, Over here」


After logging in right away, Saya was already there calling me out. 

After the search the other way, we used Teleport to return to Tridente, and we used it again to go back to Whiteriton, after doing a light greeting to Snow-san, we went up until the point where White Hood frequently appeared.


If what we thought is correct, the criminal White Hood, mostly likely today, they would appear in this place just in a few moments. 

To defeat me…no, to kill me in both worlds.


And then there was one figure walking, they had a bow on their hand, and wearing a hood, I can’t see the face. 

The name shown is naturally Unknown.


「Mary, please」


「Ok, leave it to me」


With Saya’s words as the signal I used 【Analyze】to the approaching white hood and scanned the person. 


「it’s just as we guessed…it seems」


「That guy..!」


Saya was looking so threatening that she looked like she was about to jump out, she grasped the sword on her hand tightly. 

I also feel the same thing. 

And then the white hood stopped 10 meters before us.


「You are….Are you white hood……the one behind the unnatural deaths?」


Regarding my question, they didn’t reply, and just silently readied their bow, and shot an arrow to me.


Saya seeing that went before me and put her shield on front to deflect it…..but, the arrow White hood released piercing through the shield, and Saya who was supposed to be protected by her shield directly received damage.


「!! This skill…..just as I thought the White hood’s real identity…..fake Holmes, Satou Sakura….no, the one behind the unnatural deaths, Nos. 18 Falcon’s Eye Eagle!」 


Tridente Chapter 79  

9: I’m honestly surprised, I thought Holmes was suspicious but I thought she was a different suspicious person.


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