Tridente 80

Tridente chapter 80

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0080





3 days before, after losing sight of the white hood who ran away, we organized what had happened up until now.


「Do you think that White hood is the white hood we have been searching for?」


「I don’t know…but still, if you think how they ran away when they saw me or Saya, it is for certain that it’s someone that know who we are right….」


There is a high chance that they are related to the recent event in some way.

[10:30 AM]

If I had used 【Analyze】then I might have been able to get info before they rana way but, before I got to use them they were able to get away which I didn’t predict.


「It was a mistake that I didn’t immediately use analyze….」


「It can’t be helped you know. From the threat notice, I didn’t think that they would run right away」


「Yeah….that’s why,I think that white hood is different from the one who sent me that threat notice…… Now that they have ran away from seeing me, I think that it’s someone that knows me though.. 」


Though, I don’t know anyone that would run away from seeing me.


「hmmmm…..I wonder who the criminal is?」


「Our attention is focused too much on White Hood but, it might be faster if we check which Nos. might be able to hurt a human」


Certainly just as Saya said,  we might be focusing too much on the white hood person. 

There is a high possibility that the person is using a Nos. to do their murders. 

Then why don’t we have the NW corporation investigate all Nos. However, it seems that this investigation is only told to very few people. 

The criminal is a NW corporation employee after all… we were told to avoid contact with NW employees. 

Well, the only NW employee we are close enough to get in contact to is Eve-san.


For now, let’s review the effect of each Nos. 

First, Trident’e Residents our Nos. 

Saya’s 【Aegis】, is a skill that will invalidate all attacks. 

There is no way that she is the criminal .


Pres’ 【Fast Aria】, is a skill that turns the cooldown time into zero and allows you to cast magic repeatedly . 

it’s a powerfull ability but, this one too has no effects that can be use for that crime.


Hibiki’s 【Bel Canto Time】, is a skill that stops the opponent’s movement. 

Even if you stop an NW character it’s not like their heart in RL will also stop. It might be a skill that people get suspicious of. 

However, to me who knows Hibiki pretty well knows that her Nos. doesn’t have that kind of effct. 

And so the possibility is zero.


And then My 【Phantasmagoric Mirage】and 【OukaRanMan】 

The skill OukaRanMan has an effect of evolving a skill which can show beyond what we can imagine. 

For example 【Analyze】can even see the person’s personal info which is a really dangerous skill.


And more over a multi Nos. such as me is being suspected as the Nos. 37 that they haven’t grasped yet. 

Honestly, If I’m not me then, I would probably suspect Mari Tridente right away.

[10:50 AM]

However, I know myself that I’m not the criminal.


Next is the Nos. we met at the Arena.


King’s 【Indestructible】is to invalidate weapon attribute attacks. 

This is also a super defensive type of skill, the crime is impossible with this.


Queen’s 【Lightning Speed】is a skill to raise her speed to her utmost limit’s. 

This too is obviously not related to the crime.


And then Saya’s opponent【Lightning Weapon】Malwanis-san. 

His Nos. is a skill that enchants his weapon with thunder attack. 

That skill was completely defeated with Saya’s Diamond Shield so I don’t really know the details too much.


「Thunder is it….」


「What’s the matter? Saya」


Once the subject of the lightning weapon came out, Saya put her hand on her chin and started thinking.


「A Nos. to manipulate electricity…..maybe, if it can interfere with the RL side, then it might be possible that they used electricity for the crime」


If 【Lightning Weapon】effect is more than we thought then, it might be possible that it can do something to the VR we are wearing that will make it do something to our brain.


「But still, it’s just that there is a possibility. To influence the RL side is—」


Saya stopped her words right there. 

I kinda understood the words that Saya is about to say. 

Influencing the RL side…..if you were to talk about the closest Nos. to that then it’s probably Nos. 4 【Account Break】. 

And then the manifestator of that Account break is Tsurugi-san, it’s unknown what he is doing right now.


「He said he is going to retire but, you still end up thinking about it」


「Well yeah, But, that guy’s Nos is destroying accounts so it’s not like it is destroying the player in RL. If you are saying that Nos. is evolving then it might be possible but….though obviously I can’t imagine someone other than Mari having that kind of superpower」


「Eh~! Then, won’t that lead it to me being suspected the most~!!」


「Fufufu. Well, it can’t be helped we can’t suspect someone who is not there 」


「You’re right. someone not there….is not there…..」




Just like Saya just a while ago, this time I started thinking. 

The other Nos. that I have fought with, because it’s someone that also has the possibility after all.


「Possibility? who?」


「Umm….Eagle-san’s Nos. I thought maybe….」


Eagle-san’s Nos. 【Falcon’s Eye】 

it’s effect is to 『Slip through』. 

A skill that gives damage to the player ignoring obstacles such as walls.


「Eagle of Falcon’s Eye? I can only think of it being a really simple skill though……Ah!」


「Just what if….What if it’s on the level it can slip through the electric brain to the edge of reality, the same just as what Saya said, though in the end it’s just a possibility…..though Eagle-san is no longer here after all, I might have been thinking carelessly」


「……..No, maybe she might actually be still alive」




「We don’t know Eagle-san’s real name.  That’s why even if they announce the real name of the Victims, there is no way we can know which PC they are」


「But…Eagle-san is dead… Holmes-san said」


That’s right. The one who told us about Eagle-san’s death is Holmes-san. 

If it’s just wrong information then, are there any mistakes in the data of the PC and the RL info? No, there is no way it’s that. In NW as long as the Id number and PC are tied to each other, that info is absolute.


「Satou Sakura……I had always thought that she was suspicious ever since we met but….and also, the name Satou Sakura too, it’s most likely a fake name」






From Saya, She doesn’t want her real name to be known but, Holmes who has not prepared a fake name said, if you are a detective’s assistant you should be able to reach an answer, she said those random saying and let us though a name for her, the possibility it’s like that is high it seems. 

And because of that we were able to seem like get her full name in one shot. In the first place we are not actually a detective’s assistant so there is no way we can simply derive an answer.


「At the first time we met too, she came in contact with me on the timing I’m alone… that person, just who is she?」


It’s a fake that Eagle-san is dead,  Holme’s real identity is the RL Eagle-san, Satou Sakura is a fake name. 

And for some unknown reason she aims to kill me, and sends me a threat notice.


「However, in the end it just ends as a possibility. If we can somewhat get a concrete proof then….if possible I’d like to have Eve-san investigate  it though」


Eve-san is a trump card that we would certainly want to use but, now that the first migration plan is coming soon, the NW employees seem to be busy, and I think that they wouldn’t have enough time to put their attention on us. .


And moreover our reasons are no more than our imagination. 

We don’t even have the proof.


If I use  my Nos. then I should be able to know Eagle-san’s real name but, I don’t really feel good about recklessly stealing a glance at a person’s personal info, that’s why I didn’t use Analyze on her at the Arena. 

If Holmes was the Eagle-san herself then, Eagle-san who was supposed to be dead,  most likely until she lays her hand on me she wouldn’t contact me in NW.


「All we can do is pull out an evidence from her….」


「You mean that Mari will become a bait?」


「Yeah, if the one PK that will come to me is Eagle-san, then this reasoning will mostly likely become real after all」


And moreover, the time limit for this event is probably until December 24. 

From what I guess, the criminal will most likely migrate to NW to avoid being arrested in RL. 

If I just keep on running away then, I myself might get tired from it. But, If  I Leave the criminal they might once again slaughter in the cyber world.


I can’t be conceited and say that I will correct all wrongs in society but, I want to at least protect the world where my hands can reach.


「Okay. Naturally, I will also be coming too」


「Of course, If Saya is together with me then I can be strong」


And then 3 days after we came in contact with Holmes,  and we brought the conclusion to the northern grounds. 


Tridente Chapter 80  

9: with this there is only 5 chapters left


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