Tridente 81


Tridente chapter 81

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0081





「What, so you noticed it? That I was the criminal」


While Eagle-san was in a stance with her huge bow she said it.


「We didn’t have any definitive proof but, somewhat we did…..」


「That’s too bad. The fun of hiding it is now gone」


「Just what are you aiming for, doing something like this!?」


「There wasn’t much of a choice, for us too」


「Just what are you saying–」


「Mari! Move away!!」




During the conversation, I put myself on guard from Saya’s words but Eagle-san right before us did not move. That’s right, from a different direction from Eagle-san there was another attack that Saya caught.


「Tsk, so you’re going to interfere again, Saya Tridente」


「You are….Lightning Weapon Malwanis? Why are attacking us!?」


The spear that Saya’s shield took was wrapped in electricity. 

That’s right, the opponent is also someone that Saya fought at the Arena 【Lightning Weapon】 Malwanis.


「Saya Tridente, It means that your opponent is not just Eagle-san you know!」


「So you’re saying that you are also a murderer’s accomplice? Then, as we have though using electricity to-」


Maybe it was resentment for being annihilated at the arena, Malwanis-san was terribly agitated as he charged at Saya.


「Calm down, Mal. You can’t win against Saya the Aegis you know. Leave her to me and you deal with Mari Tridente」


「…..tsk, I get it okay」


Looking reluctant, Malwanis-san changed places with Eagle-san and confronted me. 

Can he win if it’s against me…, it’s different. 

It might be the problem with their affinity.


Normally, the theory is to use magic attacks against Saya who has high physical defense. 

However, Malwanis-san’s lightning weapon has a bad affinity with Saya’s shield, Diamond Shield. 

Before, if you think how he was annihilated at the arena, he might have judged that it’s better to have Eagle-san who has the effect of slipping through fight against Saya.


「Now then, Mari Tridente! it’s the first time I fought with you is it….let me see your strength that defeated the King」


A light blue and white border shirt and a red bandana tied on his head, all I could see was Malwanis-san was a pirate underling. 

However, even so Malwanis-san is a real Nos. . 

So that I won’t show any openings I materialized a weapon【Phantasmagoric Mirage 】, and put on a stance. 

The weapon I chose is the concept spear, Saint Lance.


「What, so you’re going to fight with the same weapon as me. Not bad, not bad at all! Your spirit is!」


apon, there is no advantage or disadvantage with range. 

it’s all about whether I can win with just our pure instantaneous power and reflex.


After a few seconds, we stayed in a stance with our spears while checking out the timing, the moment the wind blew, Malwanis-san moved.


The spear that was thrust aimed for my face but I took a side step to the left side, and furthermore I deflected Malwanis-san’s spear with my weapon. 

However the electricity that spawn from Malwanis-san’s spear caught me from my evasion and damaged me.


Lightning weapon’s homing effect, the damage is 400.  

My max HP is 4500. from the 2 outbreaks of the homing effect I received a total of 800 damage. 

Since it’s effect was totally blocked with Saya’s shield, I was able  to experience the effects of the Lightning weapon that I didn’t see during the Arena. 

Even if you evade it you will certainly receive 400 damage, which is honestly troublesome.


However, it’s not like I will let them keep having the upper hand. while having my posture destroyed from evading the attack I drive in a spear skill 【Aero thrust】towards Malwanis-san.


Aero thrust, it gives damage as it increased my agility and defense power by 25%, it’s a skill with both offense and defense.  

While the buff is extraordinary, the damage amount is on the lower side, the damage is lower than a common attack.


「What? No way you just used a defense type skill right. And also you know, there is no meaning with raising your defense against my Lightning weapon! 」


Malwanis-san once again readied his spear and rushed at me.

[11:07 AM]

The first strike was evaded. However, with the weapon enchanted with a lightning weapon, it gave me damage despite evading it.


The lightning weapons effect that depends on the magical attack power, even if I raise my defense it won’t reduce the damage. 

And the result is, I took the same damage from earlier.


however, I understood one thing. 

The outbreaks from Malwanis-san’s lightning weapon, even if I receive it, seems like it does not immediately connect to my death.


Looking at Saya, from the attacks of the Falcon’s eye, she took some damage but, it looks like she is safe too.


and of course I had already fought with Eagle-san at the Arena  and also got directly hit with the effect of the Falcon’s eye so, to some degree I understand that Eagle-san’s normal attack won’t lead to death, so I was not that worried.


「Saya, please!」




With my Signal, Saya activated her skill 【Knight Wall】. 

Knight Wall is a skill that increased the party member’s defense power by 40% for 20 seconds.


With this , from the effects of Aero Thrust and Knight wall, my defense increased greatly.


「Tsk, just what are you planning!」


Seeing me who does not fight with a defense style having my defense increased greatly, naturally Malwanis-san put himself on guard as he took distance. 

However, this time It was me who went in front, and chased Malwanis-san who backed off.


First thrust, second thrusts, I attacked with normal attacks towards Malwanis-san, Malwanis-san did 2 side steps, and when I saw him land on the ground, at the same time I used 【Shadow stitch】 and stopped his movement.


「kku, so i was lured」


「Pierce! 【Holy Thrust】」


The reason I used shadow stich was to have him get definitely hit by 【Holy Thrust】before the defense buffs disappear. 

Holy thrust is a skill that raises its attack power depending how high your defense power is.


Throwing away the power of a normal attack but in exchange increases the explosive power of the damage as a skill will make it quite dangerous.


Malwanis-san who was hit by the Holy Thrust only has a few HP left. 

Me who wants to quickly end this battle quickly, I used 【Last stand】a skill with the effect of converting 75% of your defense power into attack power, And attacked Malwanis-san aiming to deal the last blow.


The reason I want to defeat him quickly was, If I quickly defeat Malwanis-san, I could quickly team up with Saya and get the advantage with numbers.


Wait right there Saya, I’ll go there right away okay! 

However, the moment my spear reached Malwanis-san’s chest, Malwanis-san’s body instantly disappeared.


It was evaded? no, that’s not right. 

Malwanis-san didn’t enter any evasive movement. 

And also with the shadow’s stitch’s effect he should not be able to move.


I checked left and right but I couldn’t see Malwanis-san. 

Even if I check behind me, Saya and Eagle-san who was alternative offense and defense, and of course Malwanis-san were not there.


And then the moment when I looked in front again, from the top of the Tree’s Malwanis-san jump and pushed out his spear towards me, I could see him falling down.


「darn it…kku!」


I was going to deflect it with my weapon but, reacting too late my block failed, and Malwanis-san’s spear pierced through my shoulder giving me huge damage.


Before, it might have been a mistake for me using last stand to hurry up the battle. 

Cutting down my defense to shift to attacking, I received a damage from Malwanis’s attack that you could say fatal, I only just have a few HP.


And moreover the mechanism behind Malwanis-san instantaneous movement who shouldn’t be able to move.

[11:33 AM]

There is only one reason for that.


「A skill where you would instantly move your ally to your position 【Escape】…..they have one more ally….」 


Tridente Chapter 81  

9: aaaah, this pattern….MC is winning at the start and they suddenly start losing and then when they are about to lose someone comes to help…….


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