Tridente 82

Tridente chapter 82

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0082


The Returning Sword



Being taken by surprise I received a strong spear technique that gave me a huge amount of damage.


「You people, you’re not a pair but a trio….so you had another ally is it」


「You hide your trump card until you’re in a pinch. Too bad, Mari Tridente. It looks like we are the ones that has advantage in number」


Hearing my words, there was a male PC that jumped down from the top of the tree. 

The name is Royce. 

A chestnut colored all back hair, and silver earrings on the ears. 

The garments has white as a base that gives off a clean feeling and a mantle on top of it. 

Those equipment, I’m sure that it’s a Holy Coat and Magic cape. It’s a rear guard type of equipment. So it’s most likely that he is a full supporter type of player. 

I have seen Malwanis-san and Eagle-san at the Arena but, since this is the first time I met Royce-san I have no info on him.


「It looks like it…..rather, who are you」


「Haha, I thought you would know about my name at least but, it looks like you don’t」


「Name…..Royce, Royce…..」


I searched my memories but I haven’t met a PC named Royce. 

at least the name, since he said it  at least about that then there is no mistake this is our first time meeting.


「Oh well, if while we are getting along with your talking it would be annoying to have our advantage even out. Let’s hurry up and kill you」


If it’s a simple 2v2 then, I would have confidence we would win if me and Saya will deal with one each. However, if it’s 2v3 then it’s different. 

if it was an NPC with a set pattern then however, the difference with the number of opponents in a PVP is too big.


「It looks like the table has turned around, here I go! 」


Malwanis-san once again readied his spear and drew a thrust with his spear. 

I evaded the incoming spear with a side step but Royce-san was waiting to hit me to where I was going to evade. 

Even if I evade it there is the homing attack of the lightning weapon from Malwanis-sawn, and then from being directly hit by the blunt blow from a huge mace from Royce-san, Malwanis-san thinking he should keep on once again rush on with his spear.


「Darn it–」


My remaining HP is 500. 

If I get hit again then I won’t be able to avoid being incapacitated.


「Mari, look out!」


Just before the attack hit me, Between me and Malwanis-san, Saya entered, and deflected Malwanis-san’s spear and nulled the effect of the lightning weapon, and then she evaded the ranged attack from Eagle-san by bending her body, and then she deflected Royce-san’s attack from above with a somersault kick protecting me.


「Mari, are you alright?」


「T-thanks, Saya」


Showing her inhuman skill of handling attacks from 3 people with just by herself, Saya proved that she wasn’t the champion of the Arena for nothing. 

Somewhat being able to escape the crisis I used an Item to recover my HP, and continuing on gathering up with Saya from 1v2 it became a 2v3 and we focused on enduring the attacks from the enemy.


With Saya’s overwhelming defensive power she defends the front, while I defend the back with my weapon, or what you would call parry. 

However, with the special effects of the Falcon’s eye and lightning weapon, we weren’t able to completely stop all the attacks and naturally things came to worst, our HP were decreasing.


「Looks like it’s about time, Royce, Eagle」


it’s coming. 

Up until right now they have been fighting normally but, the aim of this 3 is to stop my… to stop our life.


When we were fighting Eagle-san and Malwanis-san they didn’t do any suspicious actions. That means that the key is the third person, Royce-san.


「I’ll say this just in case. it’s not like we are going to kill you because we want to kill you」


Royce-san put his left hand towards Eagle-san, and his right hand towards Malwanis-san, The lighting coming out from Royce-san’s hand connected the two of them like cables, Eagle-san and Malwanis-san once again readied up.


「this is farewell, Tridente! I failed at the Arena but, today…right here….I’ll kill you!」


Then what was that about we’re not going to kill you because we want you, aren’t your appearance just like that of a rampaging murderer. From left and Right Eagle-san and Malwanis-san sandwiched us in attack with no mercy.


「simultaneous attack…..leave this side to….wait!?」


I was going to stop eagle-san’s attack that was coming from the left but, I immediately stopped that action and shouted to Saya.


「Saya, protect me!」


Saya who listened to my panicked voice immediately activated Aegis.


「Protect us 【Aegis】」


With the effect of the activated Aegis, Malwanis-san and Eagle-san’s attack got deflected, and got blown away backwards. 


「Mari, Are you safe?」


「Y-yeah. But just now, Eagle-san’s weapon  had electricity coming out…」


「Eagle? not Malwanis?」


「there is no mistake. They did something….most likely Royce-san’s skill…..a Nos. 」


The reason that Eagle-san who is not an electric user had her weapon spawn electricity, it’s most likely the ability of Royce-san  which the both of them are connected to. 

And then if Eagle-san had the power of electricity…【Lightning weapon】if she got that effect then, naturally, Malwanis-san too should have also gotten the effects of 【Falcon’s Eye】. 


Eagle-san’s Falcon’s eye that can slip through defenses. And then Malwanis-san’s electric homing effects that will home on you even if you evade. If you match their effects together then it would become an attack that would become something you won’t be able to defend changing into an absolute hit attack……defending nor evading won’t work, a really troublesome skill. And moreover they were obviously coming on us aiming to finish the battle.

[11:06 AM]

Which means, there is a high chance that if we receive this attack our body in real life will also receive damage and we will become one of the victims of the unnatural deaths.


「Fumu, as expected you understood the danger is it」


the attacks being blocked by Aegis, Eagle-san back away and brush away the dirt on her clothes as she stood up.


「Royce-san’s Nos. is a skill that connects Nos…..which  means that by connecting Eagle-san’s and Malwanis-san’s Nos. it somehow caused an abnormality……am i right?」


「Well, it’s like that. My skill 【Falcon’s Eye】no matter what protective wall there are…it’s a Nos. that will slip through all of them. That effect also reached the real body….but, it’s a skill that all it can do is only open up the door and can’t do any direct damage it」


There should be no mistake in what Eagle-san said. During the Arena event I had received damage, there wasn’t any injury or abnormality in my body nor the NW exclusive VR set.


「And then I will use Nos. 11 【Unison】and connect Nos. to each other, using the electricity of Malwanis’s 【Lightning Weapon】and have it control the insides of the NW exclusive VR set and have it produce a special sound」


Sound….I see, I have seen it once in the news. The method of the murders uses a sonic weapon. 

[11:18 AM]

Producing a specific sound wave will damage the hearing organs and the brain, recently there were victims at the embassy in America from it. 

So they made the exclusive VR set to produce that sound and have it destroy the targets brain, and use it for murder is it.


「This might be a bit bad…..」


Which means when we are hit by them as long as the skill of these 2 are connected, we might meet our death with a sonic weapon.


Even if we defend it with the effects of the 【Falcon’s Eye】it will slip through, and if we evade it 【Lightning Weapon】will follow through. Saya can nullify  lightning weapon but I can’t either dodge or evade. 

She used Aegis earlier so there is still time before we can use it again. And so there is only one strategy we can think of. 


「Saya, target Royce-san!! As long as we can cancel the Unison, I’m sure」


The only way to escape from this situation is to defeat Royce who is connecting those two. 

The same time I shouted to Saya, I changed my weapon to now and released and arrow towards Royce-san. 


「As if we will let you do that, We have the advantage in numbers you know!」


Malwanis-san entered the path of the arrow, and Eagle-san stood before Saya interfering with us.  

And then they entered their attacking motion, and came to end this fight, our lives. 

And then Malwanis-san’s attack hit me, and I received damage.




Will  I die like this… up halfway, I looked at the log. 

However, while the damage was properly put in the log, my consciousness was still clear. And then I put my vision back to the battlefield, and right there was a scene I didn’t imagine.


「White hood is….why」


That’s right, right there was before, White hood who we saw or the one who ran away from us,  stabbed Royce-san’s chest with a sword.


「You bastard…..」


「Too bad, Royce, your stage ends here 」


White Hood extracted the stabbed sword and once again started slashing. 

Even if Royce-san defended with his mace, he retreated while his balance was greatly destroyed.


「White Hood, You…just what in the world…」

[11:35 AM]


[11:35 AM]

「Oi oi, did you forget about me already」


As white Hood moved took off his hood, he continued his words.


「As always you’re too naïve, Mari-jouchan」


That way of calling, voice, face….there is no mistake. it’s the one responsible for brining chaos to Tridente, Nos. 4 【Account Break】




Tridente chapter 82  

9: uhg this chapter was stressing 

9: thank you nat 20 for making me chatlate this chapter.


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