Tridente 84

Tridente chapter 84

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0084


Wandering Spear



Following Tsurugi-san and Nekama-san the one that appeared next was Eve-san. 

However we didn’t get surprised regarding Eve-san’s entrance. After all, the one who contacted Eve-san to call her out here was no one other than us.


「You’re late, you say, how rude. I properly made it in time didn’t I. C’mon, isn’t my errand boy right there」


I put my gaze on the finger that pointed “there” but the only one there was Tsurugi-san. Just in case, I concentrated my eyes trying to search if there is anything else there but, obviously there wasn’t any, the one that Eve-san was pointing her finger was no one other than Tsurugi-san.


「eh…..then, maybe the one that sent out Tsurugi-san here was Eve-san is it?」


「Well, it means that」


The Pres, Futami-san, Hazuki-san, today they had something to do so they weren’t able to log in, the only one that could go was me, Saya, Hanabi-chan and Hibiki, just 4 of us. 

To solve and stop the case of the criminal and serial unnatural deaths, it’s not like that we weren’t reluctant but, no matter even if we were able to defeat the criminal in RL we are just normal middle  school girls, and we are just one of the  players in this game. Honestly, even if we end it with the criminals nothing would get solved. 

And then we had Hibiki and Hanabi-chan to contact Eve-san who was engaging with her NW management but….for some reason the one who intervened was the former enforcer who should have retired, Account Break Tsurugi-san.


「Actually right now, I’m doing a certain work under Eve-san」


Was he able to guess the questions I had, Tsurugi-san said that. 


「Under Eve-san…..wait Tsurugi-san, are you an NW corporation employee!?」


「No not at all, I’m not that great. I’m not an employee and also not even working part time, I’m just cleaning up for my past mistakes」


From what he said, after the account break event, He contacted Eve-san, he apologized towards the players that had their accounts destroyed by him,  he said that he would search for a way to have them able to come back to NW but, the PK’d players had no lingering affections to NW so they aren’t thinking of coming back, and  they even said the same thing about not planning to go with the migrating plan….except for one.


「while I was apologizing to one of the victims, I came to know that one of the victims had remained unconscious while playing NW. And that was one of those that I PK’d….it matched with the same date I used account break on that victim」


That person, on that day, they returned from school like usual, and talked a bit with their family and then logged in NW, it seems like there wasn’t anything strange.


However, after a few hours after logging in NW, usually they would have already stopped playing  when it’s time to sleep but there weren’t any signs. At that time the next day was a holiday so they thought that the person was going to play until late and they didn’t think too deeply about it but, the next day too that person still had their NW exclusive VR set on their head not moving a bit. 

Naturally the family thought it was not normal so they forcefully took off the NW exclusive VR set but that person didn’t wake up.


「I explained to the family that it might be because I used account break but, even if you say that you used an attack in a game there is no way that it would make a person in real life unconscious, they said and they were taken aback you know.  and then they said that, even if the game’s extreme effects had some sort of influence to the real body it’s not your fault」


Well, that family’s reaction is probably normal.  

Normally you wouldn’t think that an attack inside a game could hurt the body in RL. However depending on how you use a Nos. it could become a power to hurt the real body which was shown in battle by Eagle-san and the others.


「And so, what happened? To that unconscious person」


「it’s still there」




「It’s still there….still there, in NW but it’s only the consciousness」


「They are in a state where their consciousness is only wandering around… that what you mean?」


「Ah, and then Mari-jouchan and the others are also related to this」


「You mean……」


Being said up until that point, I finally understood. 

Being PK’d from account break, not going back to the real world, a soul wandering in NW….. 

What day was that? was the next day a holiday? Up until when did she play?  

Her words were that she wants to live in NW. 

That’s why…she didn’t go back to the real world. 

The time when she took the effect of account break which won’t ever allow you to log in NW, her consciousness is refusing to go back to reality.


「Is it….Seria-san?」 


Tridente Chapter 84 end 

9: the next chapter is probably the last chapter of the ARC 


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