Tridente 85


Tridente chapter 85

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0085


Isn’t Saya the one behind it…..



The reason that me and Saya is at Tridente right now, is probably because of Seira-san who took the initiative to make the village. 

That’s why when Tsurugi-san the enforcer used account break on Seira-san, I shed tears knowing that we won’t meet ever again. 

However, to think that Seira-san’s consciousness didn’t go back to reality, and even right now it’s still wandering NW…..


「Where is she? can we meet her?」


「I got to know that Seira-chan’s soul is around this area」


The one who answered it was Eve-san who was beside Tsurugi-san. 

Hearing that a player who got PK’d became unconscious, Eve-san who saw the depth of the situation did an investigation on her own it seems. 


「I made Tsurugi-kun investigate various places. He wants to repent no matter what and won’t listen at all after all, so I used him and sent him around. Since Nos. is a precious research material, it’s convenient to have them by your side. and about Karma-kun he is just like a freebie」


「Freebie, that’s mean! Boss」


「Stop calling me Boss」


It seems like Nekama-san calls Eve-san boss. 

It  looks like his personality is gaudy as usual. 

Nekama-san is a player who specialized as a rear guard healer, before he lent a hand to Tsurugi-san the enforcer and fought against us.




「hmm? What’s the matter, Mari-chan」


「nothing, so the signal that Tsurugi-san gave earlier where a healing magic flew, so it was Nekama-san that did it」


「Haha, so the trick behind the magic trick got exposed. And also it’s not Nekama, it’s Karma」


From what they said, it seems like Nekama-san is helping out Tsurugi-san repent. If I remember it right, during the account break event, the reason he helped out was because 「we’re best friends after all」.


「And so, were you able to specify where  Seira-san is?」


Saya, who put back the topic which was derailing, asked Eve-san.


「Her state is just that of a soul wandering around. it’s a situation where her PC is completely gone from NW so she doesn’t have any vessel」


「Vessel…..Eve-san before, during the interview you said that it’s just like changing the vehicle of the soul but, right now it’s problem that she doesn’t have a vehicle is it?」


「That’s right. There is also a possibility that she took something else as a her temporary body」


「Something else? like for example….a monster?」


「it’s impossible for it to be a monster. Those ones have a soul individually, that means that the monster are the same as us and is properly living」


「So that means that a vessel can’t carry two souls…..then what about a weapon?」


Hearing Saya say the word “weapon”, I was taken aback.  

Thinking that maybe she used the Tridente that she used before as her temporary body, and I conveyed it to Saya.


「Tridente is it… might be possible. Eve-san, how about it?」


「Too bad but it’s not Tridente. that spear is right in the middle of your village right? From my investigation that soul is right in this area」


「Ah, I see. That’s why Eve-san’s errand boy Tsurugi-san is in this area to investigate」


「That’s correct. And then using the rumors, or White hood to pretend as the criminal is it」


As a Nos. Tsurugi-san’s bad reputation had spread, so he recklessly put on a robe that’s easy to hide your face with, giving out a really suspicious atmosphere. And then us who were investigating the murderer, and Tsurugi-san who was investigating Seira-nsa. We met by chance and then when Tsurugi-san met us he ran away.


「Why did you run away?」


「Even though I declared I would retired, I didn’t really know what face I should to to face you people」


「Ah…but, Eve-san said it you know. People who declares their retirement in online games are sure to come back」


「That’s painfully true. If you allow to have an excuse then, I didn’t come back to have fun」




Well, that’s obvious isn’t it. 

Things might really get wild if the enforcer who used account break came back just to have fun with the game.


「By the way, what are you going to do? about these guys?」


These guys, The one who Saya talked about are the ones who are left incapacitated Eagle-san, Malwanis-san, and Royce-san, the three of them.


「Let’s see….I want to push them to the the police in RL but, if I do that then I won’t be able to directly investigate them. And I also want to ask these 3 something, maybe I should have them locked up by Angel Care’s prison then investigate them and then after that I will have Tsurugi-kun use account break on them, and then put them at the court in RL」


「Isn’t Angel Care Hibiki’s father? Is he back to working again?」


In the past, we fought against Hibiki’s father Angel care to recover her memories, NW who saw the severity of the problem punished him, I heard that for a while he wouldn’t be able to work so I asked the question.


「Yes, well he is not officially returned to working but I am using him under my supervision . The same with Tsurugi-kun」


So it means that Tsurugi-san and Angel Care-san too is a knight serving the Queen Eve-san.


「Tsurugi-kun and Angel Care are convenient with dealing with Nos. violators you know. 【Deep Sea Cage】is an absolute prison with no escape. And 【Account Break】is permanent account ban」


「Ah~…..I see」


So that means that they are doing the GM(game master)’s work like in other MMO.


「Though it’s ironic to say that those two are GMs」


「Mari-chan, your thoughts are leaking」




Careless saying it out loud I hurried and in panic closed my mouth but it was suddenly too late. Tsurugi-san himself had perfectly heard about it.


「Haha, but, it’s as you say. That’s why I have decided to let Eve-san use me until I die」


「until you die….you’re exaggerating 」


「it’s not, because it’s what I can do right now to atone」


In NW there is no aging or lifespan, they are using the remaining live system so, hearing that could also mean that it’s semi permanent​ but, if the person himself is fine with it so it’s not a case where i should interfere.


「well then we have to punish and investigate these murderer so we will now be going for now」


「Eh….um, about Seira-san?」


「I’ll contact you on another day. If you have time you people can also investigate on your own. Ah, and also I had Hibiki-chan and Hanabi-chan standby in a safe place so, I’ll tell them it’s fine for them to return to Tridente」


Saying that Eve-san warped and disappeared to the Interval of the dimension with Tsurugi-san and Karma-san carrying the criminals.


「Aaa~….eeeh~…..even though there are still a lot of things I want to ask」


「Well, she looks busy after all, Eve-san is」


We were left at the place that was rather noisy, which quickly changed to a lonely place. 

And also doing the big job of specifying the murderers and defeating but, we were rather treated roughly, Me and Saya smiled wryly. 


「But still isn’t this place rather far from Tridente」


Saya said as she looked around the snowy scenery.


「Yeah it sure is. Should we make some snowmen? or should we make some igloo?」


「I’m not talking about that, it’s about Seira-san, what are we going to do?」


「Of course we will search for her! For half a year we didn’t know that she didn’t have any consciousness after all…」


I thought she was energetically living the RL, being unable to log in NW from the effects of account break. But to think that she has been unconscious for half a year.


「So, how about we stay here and have a date at  Snowtriton」(9; snow triton? )


Saya held out her right hand to me as she said it. 

Being suddenly invited I hurried and took her hand.


「Eh!? Sure, sure! let’s go let’s go! Ehehe, it’s has been somewhat been a long time since we went on a date isn’t it」


「No no, I’m talking about we should go gather info not actually have a date okay」




「Don’t feel so bad! Okay okay, let’s have a date while we gather info okay」


「As expected from Saya! so kind」


「Though, has it been that long? since we had a date」


「Saya you don’t remember!? it’s been a long time you know~, the last time we went on a date…..when was it again?」


「Mari you also forgot about it aren’t you!?」


「it’s been so long that even I don’t remember it okay! c’mon, let’s go Saya」


I walked through the snow covered road as I pulled the hand that held hers. 

it’s somewhat romantic to walk along a snow covered road together with your lover, I was longing for this situation a bit so my tension rose. All the more since the area we live in rarely has snow piled up.


「Mari, don’t get so lively and slip okay」


「Mou~, I’m not a kid you know so I won’t slip. rather aren’t I the only who’s getting happy. Saya are you not happy? it’s a date we haven’t had for a long time. And moreover it’s a snow scenery!」


「nn-? You can’t see me being happy? If you don’t understand how I feel right now then….let’s see, I’ll have you know through actions」


「Eh? Kyaa-」


As Saya said that she forcefully pulled the hands that held mine, pulling my body towards her.

She put her arm around me, and our face’s distance was zero distance. 

And continuing on our lips connected, and was pushed down on the pile snow.(9: Silent Arrow -Yuri type-) 




「You feel it? what I feel right now」


Being wrapped in a blanket of snow we pressed our body together, feeling each other warmth. However that didn’t last for long.


「heck, so coooold! I’m gonna die fro cold!」


That’s right, it’s extremely cold. Even though it is inside the game it’s cold. rather, to be accurate rather than cold it should be better expressed with freezing. 

And that is natural. NW who have implemented taste and at the same time other various senses would naturally have heat and coldness properly implemented, so you could feel the heat and coldness depending on the season and the area. In the first place, if you raise the unpleasant parts too much it would be hard to live in that no one would want it so, warm rather than hot, and cold rather than freezing, they make an environment that is easy to live in. 

However, that is only for when you are living normally. If you are buried in a pile of snow then the coldness will also increase many fold, and it would be hot if you get near a volcano.


「As expected it’s impossible to do it at a snow field」


Saya stood up and took my hand, and pulled me out from being buried from snow, and we brushed off the snow stuck on our bodies.


「Mou~, Really Saya you’re always like this during times like this….ah!  just as I thought the one Hanabi-chan inherited her knowledge, Isn’t Saya that one behind it…. 」


「Are you still saying that, it’s not you know…..I think」 


Tridente Chapter 85 

9: damn snow, ruined everything



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