Ogre girl ch93

Maddy here again.

Ogregirl Chapter 93

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0093

Bloom’s Request

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/93/


(Rin POV) 

「Nanako-senpai, that’s awesome…..」

While Bloom was cutting down a kirabbit with a one-hand sword, he was looking towards Nana who was surrounded by monsters from a distance. 

While I was also drawing magic with one hand, I can’t feel but laugh at how Nana had taken charge of having aggro of tens of monsters on her.(edited)

「Bloom, the name」

「Ah, sorry. But Rinne-san, you call Sukuna-san by Nana too right?」(edited)

「It’s fine if it’s me. After all it’s me you’re talking about」

「So unreasonable…..」

Thanks to the fact that Nana alone had gathered an enormous amount of aggro on her, we could just deal with them one by one so we even had the leisure of having a chat. 

Monster house battle, the 4th time. 

As Bloom requested of her, Nana was holding a great shield as she was dealing with a group of monsters. 

The trigger was…..Touka overslept on our promise to meet today.

「Really, that girl…..she sure is such a  miss idiot」

「Can’t we have a servant wake her up?」

「Servent…..Is Touka-chan a rich girl?」

「Yeah, well. She is a relative after all」

「I see」

My relative. He might have got it with just 2 words, Bloom was nodding his head with a bit of an empty eyes as he was swinging his great shield. 

I don’t really hide my background so it’s well known that my family is rich on it’s own. 

Touka and I too always have a bodyguard close to us, and that girl lives in their home so they also have servants. 

That girl is really spoiled, so something like housework or morning preparations, she leaves them all to her servants. 

Though saying that, Touka’s servants are excellent so, it should be better to look at this situation 

 that it’s either that she forgot to say to them about the meeting or, that it would be better to not wake her up depending on her current state.

But, what’s important right now is that we don’t know when that girl would come. 

If we were to just wait then it would just be boring, but even so, to go live with bloom, that itself is not that good too. 

This is really troublesome but, my stream can’t do a collab stream with a random watcher.

The reason is simple. It’s because I’m famous. 

The fact that the stream itself has become one form of earning money, and to do a collab stream means that there are some restrictions to it.

Thankfully, requests to do a collab with me no matter what game it is, comes everyday. 

The reason is either from a simple one of just wanting to get closer to the idol they like, being a stepping stone of spreading their name, or simply wanting to experience how skillful I am, there are various reasons. 

No matter how much I lower the conditions, they should be at least a 「Streamer」 which is an absolute condition. 

Or yet that, they are famous enough that they won’t damage my reputation or that they have the skills to be in.

They might say that I might just be arrogant, though if so then that’s all they are but, this is a counter-plan considering the hate that might direct toward Bloom. 

A human’s jealousy is a scary thing. 

The reason that Nana was given the title of being a stream plus a pro gamer too, was in the end because of that.

Contrary to that, if they are the top players of the game then, even if they aren’t streamers, might it be collab or chat streams is allowed. 

After all, Top players are the duty of the diligent hard work of pro gamers. 

Especially FPS, TPS, fighting games, or games against other opponents, fighting against strong players strongly affects one’s growth. 

That’s why, those kinds of strong players are allowed by the watchers. 

It’s not only limited to games. You could say that’s how it works even from the ancient times.

「If You’re strong then you’re approved」 

That is the common truth in everything after all.

well, in the end it’s just an extreme logic.

「But then, what shall we do to kill some time?」

「After all we don’t know when she will come in the the first place」

As both me and Nana both groaned, Bloom opened his mouth a bit nervous.

「U-umm, Sukuna-san, you use various weapons right?」

「Well yeah」 

「Just maybe….can you use a great shield?」

「Great shield….hmmmm, I can probably use it」

Nana only thought of it for only a little and said so without any problems. 

There is no weapon that Nana can’t use. May it be sword, spear, katana or hammer, or maybe even those assassination weapons too, to Nana those are weapons she can use as if its her own limbs. (9: by assination weapons, kinda like ninja stuffs or like in Assassins creeds stuff, hidden blades etc) 

「Recently, I have kinda reached a wall in terms of using great shield……and my senpai in the same clan is at the next town, so I can’t really find any chance to be taught so……even it’s just seeing how Sukuna-san uses it, can you show how you fight with it at least even once? 」

「I’m cool with it~. How about Rin-chan?」

「Either we have nothing to do. While we wait for Touka’s response, I don’t mind if we do one run not streaming at the dungeon. Rather, it’s not like its our duty to stream it after all」

「Really’ssu! Yay!」

Bloom’s request, which he was having trouble with the usage of great shield, Nana easily accepted it.

Though just in case she confirmed it with me but, to me too, I don’t really mind helping out with the worries of Nana’s coworker. 

So I gave out my approval as if it was natural. 

Bloom was happy, Nana seeing that, had a bit of gentle air around her.

I also thought about it when we met in RL at the cafe but, to Bloom….it seems that Nana was quite concerned about him. 

Their sense of distance is about the same as Touka I guess. 

Since the two of them are like pet dogs that unconditionally admires Nana so, I think Nana was looking after them for that admiration. 

Nana’s human relationship is candid but, goodwill for goodwill, and apathy for ill will. No matter what for it may be, she won’t disregard someone who treats her with good will or trust.

However, that itself has one problem.



「Nana’s way of fighting can’t really be something you can’t take note of, you should at least think of it that way」 

「……? Understood」

Nana can handle any weapon. However, in the end it’s only Nana’s self taught way of fighting. 

There are no stances or school of techniques in it, It’s Nana battle style where she made it so she can easily move around. 

You can probably call it 「Nana style」, Most of it are movements based on Nana’s athletic sense or kinetic vision, and then her prediction prowess and analyzing abilities plus her physical ability, many frequently say「You can’t refer to it」by watchers or at anonymous boards. 

And of course, if you show Nana a video of a model of the movement pattern  then, she can perfectly copy those movements as she fights with it. 

But, if you don’t give her those kinds of things then, Nana will only fight in her own way which is easy to move with. 

And because of that, she is not really suited to be a model for fighting.  If you want to copy Nana’s battle style then, you at least need to have the same level of reflexes or else it would be really difficult.

「Well, you’ll understand if you see it. Now then, let’s go to the dungeon. Today too, let’s do our best to gather fragments」



Receiving two energetic replies from both of them, we went towards the dungeons for our third day. 


Ogre chapter 93 end

9: Kinda rusty…… first translation in months of hiatus


  1. Whoah! It’s alive! Although i already reread this many times…(and ended up in raws coz of impatience)… a proper translated chapter really is the best after all



    Right on time when I have nothing left to read.
    Welp, I’ve read the raw tho… But MTL and HTL are completely different matter.


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