Ogregirl ch94

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Ogregirl Chapter 94

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0094

Wielded Object

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/94/


Author: Great Shield…..blunt weapon……..striking weapon……( ゜∀ ゜)Ha! 


(Rin PoV)

Great shield in one hand, and a one hand sword on the other hand. 

Both of them are weapons you can get from the current event, the 《Stardust》series upgraded to the highest degree. 

「Since its an event limited Item, we might have to use them some day」, Nana said so as she had used the stardust fragment she had saved up until now, fighting in the front line with the 2 weapons in hand that would faintly shine in the black of the night.

「Yyo, Hho, yeah nope~」

Skillfully manipulating the one hand sword, she cut through the arm joints of the puchi golem. Even though moving around that freely, the way the blades passed through was graceful, making me fall for the elegant movement. 

However it seems that she can’t do the usual receive attacks and warding off attacks that she does with a metal club with a one hand sword, might have been because of the great shield that comes out from time to time, there usual speed wasn’t there.

It’s a hugely different type of fighting from the usual but still, Nana is having so much fun. 

It seems that she liked that she could receive magic with the great shield, she would purposely leave the magic type monsters to fight. 

You couldn’t believe how stable she fights despite being surrounded by tens of monsters, being able to parry all attacks with just one great shield, it gives you an impression that she is more skillful than you thought in using a great shield.

「I didn’t really understand it up until earlier but, I finally understood what Rinne-san said. Certainly you can’t really use her as a model」

「Is that so?」

The impression from seeing Nana’s figure, it seems that Me and Bloom had different ones. 

I was impressed that she was fighting more solidly than I thought but, it seems that didn’t reflect in what Bloom sees.

「Sukuna-san, still hasn’t received any scratches once. In short, she parried all the attacks from that many monsters. Rinne-san should also be able to know it but, you can’t do something like that with a tank’s agi status’ssu.  After all, tanks raise their toughness stats with the premise of receiving attacks. 」

「….I see. It is certainly as you say」

「Most likely, she is able to see all of the monsters. She…. was able to grasp all of what is happening in the hall during work after all….. 」

Tank. The play style that is also called meat shield,  to a pretty balanced party, it holds an irreplaceable important role.

All monsters have aggro, which means that monsters are given a value to choose which target to attack. 

If an attack hits them then that aggro value will raise and then change target to the player that attacked them. 

The act of healing and buffing also earns aggro, and also acts of obstructing the monster action will also earn aggro. 

And just like that, during battles, the monster’s aggro will chaotically change.(edited)

If it’s just those loitering mobs then you don’t really have to mind the aggro management but, during boss battles then aggro management will become extremely important. 

If it becomes a boss battle then, you would need to use powerful arts or magic to shave off that high HP. 

However, with the aggro of the powerful techniques that a player uses, the more they use it the more the aggro raises. 

Especially if the healer falls, the party will collapse. And to stop that, it’s the duty of the tank to control the aggro so that they are the only ones receiving the aggro.

Using arts that would earn lots of aggro so that the attacker or healer can safely use their powerful techniques, and receiving the monster’s attacks to themselves. 

And Naturally since they will receive all of the monster’s attacks then they will need high defense. They need to put points mostly toughness , magic resistance, and HP stats which you could say is the iron rule.

「But still, the way that Sukuna-san parries. That might be the only thing I can refer to」

「If its Nana then, I’m sure that she is thinking that its way more easier to ward off attacks than with a metal club」

「Haha! Well, parry itself is way more difficult than just defending but, obviously it’s way more easier to to do it with a great shield rather than a metal club after all」 

Just as what Bloom said, the way Nana is warding off attacks that is also called parry is a difficult technique. 

Basically,  repelling the incoming attacks are all parried. What’s important is repelling it, not catching it. 

If you just catch it then all you can do is return back the backlash but, by repelling it you could give more backlash and by averting the direction of the force you can break the posture of the opponent. 

And being able to break the posture of the opponent is what makes parry powerful.

The flaw is that, you would need to accurately repel the attack of the opponent, if you can’t precisely see through it then you can’t use it. 

And then, if your force of your power is lower than the opponent then they could just forcefully push you away. 

Either way, since it’s difficult to do a parry during a pvp or a scramble, it’s basically a technique against monsters that have a set attack pattern.

「In the first place, Nana can completely remember the movements she sees once. And then if you combine it with that girl’s reflexes and physical abilities then she can completely copy it」

「I see….so the reason that her knife handling during work was amazing was because of that」

「Most likely. And because she can perfectly memorize it, she can store up the opponent’s attack pattern and then suppress them. And then by mixing the memorized movements she can improve it, and would be able to deal with all kinds of situations. 「An evolving monster」, it’s quite cliched expression but, its properly applies to Nana   」

「You’re right. Though if I have to say it, but a tank needs to be stable so that girl isn’t really suited to be a tank」

「Really? She looks like she got the good parts of a wall tank and evasion tanks though….. 」

「If you just look at it. But, that is because Nana doesn’t have much defense as much as Bloom, and that she has a fatal weak point against magic so she is fighting like that. Earlier you pointed out that Nana didn’t get damaged but that just means that Nana was fighting around not taking damage on 「herself」.  It’s not a fighting way of protecting allies」

Though, regarding this, it’s not that Nana’s way of fighting is wrong. 

What Bloom asked Nana was to teach him how to use a great shield,  he didn’t say to show him how to fight as a tank. 

That’s why, what Nana is doing right now is nothing but simply showing a 「method of using a great shield」. 

In the first place Nana doesn’t have any aggro management based skills, so the moment that she had the monster nailed in place, it’s already considered splendid.

「Well, I guess it’s just like Nana to be like the Nana who only does what was only said. Sorry, did it not fulfill your expectations?」

「Not at all, What Sukuna-san showed was already enough. ‘ssince all I wanted was to see the way of using  a great shield. But man, she really is amazing」

Seeing Bloom having a smile while having pure eyes filled with admiration and joy, I felt a bit nostalgic.

What I recalled was,  the days as a pro who worked hard doing trial and error to leave results. 

For several years I have prioritized associating with top players, I haven’t had that many opportunities to game with someone like Bloom, but, I haven’t seen eyes like this for a long time. 

Wanting to become strong. Wanting to become more skilled. Because there are people who seriously enjoy games, those desires get born.

Ever since the beginning, Nana was an absolutely strong girl. And since she is the type that is just naturally stronger, she probably hasn’t suffered from reaching a wall like that. 

Touka too, she is also someone who enjoys games one degree lower, so she most likely hasn’t felt what someone like Bloom had felt.

「…..I guess me too, I still have a long way to go, from this point on 」

「What’ssu the matter?」

「Ufufu, I just thought that I too can still grow」

While having a question mark on his head as bloom leaned his head on the side, I patted his head. 

Seeing Bloom’s eyes made me remember an emotion that I haven’t felt for a long time. 

While holding back the little cheered up emotion, we met up with Nana who was exterminating the monsters while we were chatting. 


Ogre chapter 94 end

9: Bloom is a guy, for those who forgot and that his avatar is a manly man despite his name being bloom


  1. You finally came back !!!!! I’m glad.man I really love this series, a lot and want to see more of it.

    Still … I do want to know anyone’s that read the raws could you spoil me if the Yuri ever goes anywhere? Or is it just a baiting friendship?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha out of town atm and my cellphone is a real potato, I’ll have to do it when I go back home but all right then.


  2. Thanks for the parry!

    Now you say it, When was the last time I played an MMO with parry characters ?!
    Nevertheless, I hope there’s a new MMO game that will allow you to create characters like that.


  3. Woo, glad this had some updates! Reread from the start as a refresher. Sure love the story. Excellent job on the translation, too, as per usual :)


  4. Something I’ve learned from playing Assault Lily and translating its UI recently is that “obstructing” in Japanese is the term they use for debuffing, just as recovery=healing and support=buffing. Although in WLO’s context “obstructing the monster action” may be referring to Crowd Control spells which don’t exist in assault lily but are very important in World of Warcraft style rpgs. I’m not sure if JP games use a different term for those.


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