Ogregirl Ch98

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Ogregirl Chapter 98

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0098

Judgement Thunder

rawr: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9517fc/98/


「I, Beseech thou Thunder」

While walking through the rain of lightning, Rin-chan chants even more. Even though she was still accurately controlling the volt arrow, Rin-chan started chanting her strongest destructive magic.

「A Thunder Clap that cuts through the blessed Rain, Roaring Thunders interweaving tragedies, I Sing for thee Akin to that of a thunder that brings upon the ripening」

A magic circle started spreading with Rin-chan as the center. So huge, and so wide, a yellow magic circle implying that it’s of thunder attribute. The monsters who rushed towards her trying to stop it, they got pierced through by the arrows of lighting. It was as if the rain of thunder had it’s own will, it wouldn’t let the swarm of monsters approach her. And the archers who wouldn’t want to get close aimed from afar are dealt with by my own hands.

「Oh Spirit of Thunder, Let thy prayer reach to your masters. Oh Spirit King of Thunder, Thou beautiful name is Tistamia」

To the enormous and large room just like a dome, covering all of it,  purple lightning started gushing out of the magic circle. Rin-chan held out a yellow gem-like crystal that shines in yellow while she was chanting. It’s name is 《Thunder Spirit Crystal》. That is, with spirits as the intermediary, an offering to the Spirit King. Only permitted to be used by those who had the mastery of over 500 of the Thunder Magic, by paying an offering, they could borrow temporarily the power of the Spirit King.

「Recognition for Activation Confirmed. Magic power resonance with the Spirit King commence」

The air trembles. There was so much thick magic power stagnation that I could see Rin-chan’s figure flicker.

「Thy Scales, descent Thee! Thou shall become the spark of judgement that shall scorch through everything!  」

The chant was only 2 verses. All of the Volt Arrow Death Rain that was covering the Skies was all absorbed by the magic circle and disappeared. Just like the calm before the storm, all of the overflowing power gathered to where Rin-chan was.

For the first time in these 8 days of doing runs, Rin-chan raised the staff in her hands. That staff that was made from named materials, Rin-chan had never once put her hands on it. And that is because, that staff will become an obstacle from Rin-chan drawing her magic.

However, in this situation where she wants to put all her power in this one attack, she didn’t hesitate as she raised that thing. The name of the staff was 《Azure Orb Staff》.  Prepared with a mechanism to amplify the magic power of thunder, an article worthy of being used by Rin-chan.

Kan(sfx)! a piercing sound resounded from the Azure Orb staff, a unsustainable amount of thunder magic power overflows. Rin-chan took one big breath. Thunder attribute magic, one of its highest advance level magic. And its name…was quietly spoken.


The flame of the skies that will scorch all things, it tramples the floor whole.

One of the highest Thunder attribute advance level magic, 《Judgement》. Tearing through all of the resources towards its destructive power, without a mistake it was the name of the currently strongest class of magic. The Thunder crowned with the name of Judgement,  after burning through 80% of the monsters of the floor, it quietly closed it’s curtains. The remaining monsters were only around 10%. And each of them either had high thunder attribute resistance, or high magic resistance, and some, who luckily survived it.


I was unintentionally dumbfounded but I grabbed myself back and readied my weapon. Since Rin-chan is now completely useless due to the recoil of using 《Judgement》, from this point on, it’s my job.

Though saying that, Rin-chan’s magic mostly scorched through all the monsters right now, so all I need to do is just diligently crush them one by one. In the end, Rin-chan who just only used 3 magics, this large scale monster house that you can call a monster floor, most of the monsters was already annihilated.

「Last one~」

Slaughtering a normal hobgoblin that I had no idea why just a normal hobgoblin was able to survive, I finished cleaning up the monster floor. To be blunt, wouldn’t it just turn out all right even if I didn’t defeat that Role Player Type Buffer? I thought of something like that but, properly thinking about it, this goblin was probably able to survive due to the magic resistance buff. Maybe there were a number of buffers in the area that I wasn’t able to detect. It would be annoying if a lot of them put magic resistance buffs on the monsters so I think that I was able to defeat it was good.

And moreover, Rin-chan after using 《Judgment》, is burdened with a heavy demerit much more than 《Finisher》. (9: finisher is Nana’s finishing move that destroys her weapon in the process) If I wasn’t here then, in the end, Rin-chan might be defeated.

And also, I heard that it might become one of her trump cars but, that sure was an extreme fire power. If there wasn’t the update where you could turn off friendly fire, then I wouldn’t be able to avoid instant death. From what it is, If I were to say it, it’s like a tsunami of thunder. After all, it reaches even throughout the whole floor, and scorches away all of the monsters.

「Rin-chan, I’m done」

「….Thanks. It’s the first time I used it but, it sure is terrifying….」

To Rin-chan who was heavily sitting down on the floor from fatigue, I passed over a magic potion. It’s just a simple magic power exhaustion. During the fight with Kohaku where I exhausted my SP, I also felt an awful amount of tiredness but, If I ended up like that then it’s all the more for Rin-chan after all.

「And moreover, for just 1 use its 3 million iris. The earnings of this event, half of it just went off and disappeared didn’t it? 」

「You’re right….I think that we can still clear it without even using it but, If didn’t use then, the chances I will be using it again, is kinda…」

What the 3 million Iris meant was the current price of the 《Thunder Spirit Crystal》.

《Spirit Crystals》itself are extremely valuable items, even during the current state there are many uses of it. If you use it on a weapon then it would make a powerful attribute weapon, and even just holding it then it would become a magic amplifier. And actually, the reason that Rin-chan had it was to strengthen her magic it seems. Originally, to use it as a disposable to use just one magic, it is a rather wasteful use of it. Would you understand if I were to say that it’s price is enough to buy your own house in Griffis. Well, even if I use that example, I won’t get it.

But still, even with those statements, there was a reason why Rin-chan wanted to use this magic.

「However….with this I was finally able to unlock 《Thunder Spirit Magic》 skill」

「Wasn’t the unlock condition 『getting in contact with the Spirit king』?」

I don’t really know about this Spirit King guy but, it’s basically someone who is awesome with magic. To get in touch with him, one method is basically just to meet him by chance in a field or dungeon. And then the other one is just like now, activating the highest advance level magic and getting in contact with the magic power of the spirit king it seems.

「Meeting that guy is purely only by luck, and even using 《Judgement》, that itself has problematic activation condition too….」

「It is that you need to have more than 100 monster targets at the same time for it to activate right? Yeah that’s hard with just a normal field or dungeon」(edited)

It is no joke for this magic to have a 「judgement」 in its name,  more than it’s power its activation condition is too horrible. Just where would find a scene where you can find 100 monsters to fight at the same time? Ah, well there was what just happened right now though. And others are like, you need to have enough MP to use it or using up all your MP after using it, anyway the result of putting all of yourself for its destructive power, it’s a magic that have so much variation of demerits. And in exchange, it’s chant was not really long, including the ceremony, with just 30 seconds you can activate it. Rather on that side, this magic might be for exterminating monster houses.

By the way, other attributes too have their highest advance level magic that uses rituals too. I got curious and researched it but, each of them had shocking activation conditions, and an equal fire power to that, all of them are a monster of a magic.

The moment that Rin-chan was able to use 《Judgement》was during the event, If I remember it right, around the noon of the 3rd day I think. Ever since then, to learn the 《Thunder Spirit Magic》skill, Rin-chan was always aiming for the chance to activate it. But, ever since the 1st monster house that had a scale 100 monsters in it, it wouldn’t appear and she got kinda impatient. That’s why the forced transfer towards this monster floor this time, to Rin-chan it was rather lucky.

「Rather Nana too, you have your HP shaved down from Garou’s demerit right. Properly heal yourself up」

「Aah, you’re right」

It wasn’t heard due to the roaring thunders but I had already said the deactivation key word for it. Since I used it for around 2 minutes so my HP should be decreased by around 40%.

「Haa…..for now let’s check out the treasure chest. It would be great if it could compensate even a bit for the 3 million iris」

「Isn’t it like around 10k fragments?」

「Can you stop with that strangely realistic prediction」

There are several rewards from clearing monster house but, you’re talking about this scale of a monster house. It more or less makes you want to put expectations on the reward. Considering the fact that I was able to get a rare skill and 5000 fragments when I cleared that monster house alone, The number I said might have been unexpectedly right on the mark .

「But still, this treasure chest sure do look really luxurious」

「During that time with Nana too, if you rub away the rust it was quite luxurious but this one seems special」

That’s right. This treasure chest is big. That’s right, big. The opening of the treasure chest is around the same height as where my chest is, it’s a treasure chest that big. If it was me who opened it then, with my height all it might take my all to just see a peek of it.

「Nana, you can open it」

「Eh? is that alright?」

「A payback for last time. It’s not like the contents will change depending on the one who opens it after all」

Ah, now that I think about it, last time, I was tired so I let Rin-chan open it. Well then, without hesitation,  putting strength into opening the heavy cover of the treasure chest, gogogogogog(sfx) raising such a sound, the treasure chest opened up.

「Oh my….fufu, this is amazing」

「It’s overflowing」

There was no need to take a peek. There were mountains of treasures inside it that they are spilling over, so many things crammed inside the huge treasure chest. Looking at it properly, there are also stardust fragments mixed in it. I honestly didn’t really think that they would give a reward this easy to understand so, Me and Rin-chan too honestly had gleeful faces.

「Oh my, this is not Iris(currency of the game) but genuine gold. If we don’t pawn it off we can’t use it. Silver… among those, are those platinum mixed in it. This really is a mountain of treasure」

「If it was gems then it’s pretty different depending on what kind of gem it is. Hmmmm, there aren’t really anything that feels that rare」

「Well, if we sell it we could make quite a profit. Hmmm, even so it’s full of gold-….nn? This is….」

While burrowing through the gold, It seems that Rin-chan found something, looking curious she pulled it out. The one on Rin-chan’s was not a book like a skill book. Rather a flimsy looking letter?

「《Invitation to the Gold》……. Invitation?」

「If it’s an invitation, then do we need to go somewhere?」

「Hmmm….I wonder if it has something to do with the event?」

While the 2 of us leaned over our heads in question, we once again dug through the treasure. The invitation to the gold was, as we thought, there was also another one for me.


Item: Invitation to the Gold 

Rarity: High Rare 

An invitation to that golden trial. You who challenge the trials, resolve yourself and open it’s seal. 

※ This item will be deleted if you defeat the boss monster if left without opening it.(edited)


「Golden Trials….are there a lot of gold in it?」

「Well, probably something else. Though still this is a reward from clearing this floor isn’t it….there might be a possibly that this might be a bonus stage」

「But, it’s written you need to resolve yourself. If it was a bonus then there shouldn’t be something written like that」

「Fumu…. For now should we look at the other rewards first?」

「There was also that too wasn’t it」

It seems that thinking about it was annoying, Rin-chan for now decided to put it off for later. Though no matter what it is, it was written as a caution there that it would disappear if we clear the dungeon run, so not challenging it is not a choice. If so rather than making a problem out of it, it’s probably better to think about it after we checked through the reward.

「Ah, as I thought there was a skill book too」

While we were putting the gold into our inventories as we dig through, there was one book that looked familiar.

「 It’s not《Songstress’ Embrace》. 《Round》?  Its seems to be a rare skill but….ah, this is something that Nana doesn’t need at all 」 (9: the round here means round in music, or according to the dictionary of the kanji, singing in circular canon)

「What’s the effect?」

「It seems like, in exchange for consuming 3 times the MP needed, you can consecutively use one magic twice」

You can fire 1 magic twice. That basically means, imagine when after invoking magic they become two, I guess? Considering the fact that the demerit to this was that you would consume 3x the MP, then I think that it’s effect simply cancels out the demerit.

「So it will make the fire purely multiplied by 2 is it?」

「Most likely. There are various magic that has limits on its effects, and I’m curious what raising the mastery will influence it but….. For now I will be receiving this」

I have no need for it as long as I can’t use magic, so I have no reason to say no. Even so, I don’t really put attention to it but, the monster house’s reward, does it change depending on the contribution of the player? Seeing that the 2 books of skill books each of them suits the MVP at those times, I suddenly thought about it.

「And other than those, there aren’t really any other good rewards」

「Well,  I’m relieved that I could at least gain back around 2 million….」

「Now now, if you think that getting the skill is worth as 1 million then…」

「You’re right. And also, for some reason, it was as Nana predicted, there were around 10k fragments. Though with this, we have earned enough equal to what we can gather for half a day」

「What’s left is that 《Invitation to the Gold》, and what we are going to do with it」

I once again took out the letter from before, I looked at it without opening the seal. If I open it then it would disappear but even If I don’t open it, when I defeat the boss then it would also disappear.

Then, if it’s like that. Not challenging is not a choice isn’t it.

「Well, let’s do it after we rested for a bit. Even if it’s just the status, I need it to be completely recovered」


The status decrease due to Magic power exhaustion, seems to be really tiring for Rin-chan. While getting every single thing out of the treasure chest, Rin-chan let out a silly sounding 「fuhee~」, which is rather rare, as she was sitting down. While thinking that appearance of hers was cute, at the corner of my vision, I noticed something glittering.

「….hmm? I wonder what’s that?」

At the bottom where it was mixed in with the gold coins, there was a dark jewel that was reflecting light. At most it was the same size of a big marble but, for some reason I found it strangely charming. I moved my body closer to the interior of the treasure chest trying to pick it up-……I was dragged along inside the treasure chest.


「Nana? What kind of playing is that?」

「I’m not, this is just so heavy…」

It had enough weight for even someone like me who has strength over 300 to feel it as 「heavy」. To the point that I would lose my balance and fall trying to put strength into carrying it. I unintentionally let out a weird voice that Rin-chan looked at me with a questionable face.


Item: Gravity Jewel

Rarity: High Rare

A mysterious gem which contains gravity attribute. It’s extremely precious, you won’t get your hands on it with normal means.


「Jewel……for some reason I feel like I have something like that」

「Jewels themselves are the same as the various attribute crystals but….It’s my first time seeing Gravity Attribute」

Even with it’s rarity too this item is quite something but. Certainly I haven’t heard anything about Gravity Attribute. Depending on the game gravity will become one of the powerful attacks. Though I don’t know about this game though.

「Rin-chan, can I have this?」

「Sure. Since I don’t really have any use of it」

Receiving Rin-chan’s permission, I put the gravity jewel inside my inventory. From how pressure of the inventory, the gem itself doesn’t seem to be heavy. As I thought the gravity was the one with the problem.

And then at this time, regarding the use of this item, I was secretly determined. That’s right. I thought, Let’s hand it to Haruru.


Author: Heaviness is basically destructive power isn’t it (confused)


Ogre chapter 98 end

9: So they basically gave Rin-chan, with a pure magic build, a double cast and Nana, who has crazy strength, gravity. I’m sure things will be fine. 

Tasai: Kinda just something I had in mind because of Rin-chan’s chant, I’d be a mage in that game if only just for chanting those kinds of lines each time I cast magic.


  1. I still don’t know what 《Songstress’s Embrace》 does. Did I miss the details of it somewhere along the way?


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