OgreGirl Ch99

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Ogregirl Chapter 99

Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Ogregirl 0099

Golden Trial

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In the end for Rin-chan to get back to her best state, and recover her MP, it took around 20 minutes, and finally it’s the turn of the《Invitation to the Gold》.

「I’m a bit excited」

「Yeah. Just what will happen when you use it…… Let’s be careful about it」

Rin-chan who was able to regain her cool expression in which you would think that her frail appearance earlier was a lie, cut open the seal of the invitation to the gold. I followed her too and cut off the seal of my own invitation to the gold.



From the letter, a golden light overflowed more than what you can imagine, the both of us reflexively squealed. When the light, that was so shining so brightly that you couldn’t keep your eyes open, settled down,  I was standing right before some mysterious altar. Other than the sword that was pierced in it showing off,  it was an altar that was unnaturally not decorated by anything.

「…..? Rin-chan?」

Rin-chan who I should’ve opened it at mostly the same time is not here. I looked around but, as I thought, Rin-chan’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

『Where is this place?』 

『What do you call this thing again?』 


『↑So close. It’s an altar』 

『Rinne disappeared didn’t she?』 

『You’re right, Rinne is not here』

「I wonder where she went? Rather, Doesn’t this game make you warp out a lot right? If they can do that then I want them to make something like a warp zone for each towns」

Just like how we entered inside the dungeon, and in the first place the labyrinth itself needs you to pass through a warp gate or else you can’t get in. Like a system that can just naturally intervene with it or something, anyway it’s kinda like a bargain sale of warps. I haven’t really thought of movement between other towns yet but, just like when it took 4 hours for Konekomaru-san to arrive at the town of beginning, The players who have went ahead, it will hard for them to go back to the towns they went before, I hope that they do something about this system.



『The time to travel!』 

『Since a large scale has it then…..(trembling voice)』 


「As I thought it wasn’t only me. Rather, it has been a while since I streamed alone. I wasn’t able to pick up the comments but how is everyone’s runs doing?」


『Got all of the stardust series』 

『↑so you can got all of those weapons, those are many….』 

『↑Most likely if it’s Sukuna then she could probably get 5 sets of them….』 

『↑ I am sorry』 

『Even at the Town of beginnings you can gather quite a lot』 

『I defeated a metal Rabi!』

「Metal Rabi? is it like a metal slime?」

A Metal slime is kinda like already a species where they give off lots of xp as the general idea but, no matter what game it is, there are always monsters that exist for giving you lots of exp. Most of them are either that they are too fast and they will escape or they have too high a defense that you can’t defeat them. In WLO, I haven’t seen anything like that. Mysteria Rabi is quite close to it but, that one is for money.

By the way, the monster house gives you quite an amount of exp when you clear it. Thanks to that, for these past several days, I leveled up a lot. Since I’m level 70, what is needed to advance through Shuten’s quest was 50 which I have went over by a lot already, and from what I was informed, you would need to be level 90 to advance through the next stage of 《Douji》 in which I have been closing in gradually. When the event ends, it might be good that I go to the town of beginning and search for the 《Shrine of the Edge》.

「For now…..should I pull out this sword that is pierced on the altar?」

『Master Swo-』 

『A sealed sword is cool』 


『It’s shining gold, what a pretty sword』

「for now I should pull it out」

As I put my hands on the handle of the sword and put strength on it, the reaction was way more lighter than what I imagined as I pulled it out. It was so light that you would think that it was made out of plastic, maybe its because it easily receives the air resistance, it’s really hard to wave around. Is it made out of a type of metal like a light steel? Looking from the sharpness of the blade, the sharpness looks really sharp. Well, it seems that it won’t get inside my inventory, so that means that I haven’t acquired it.

「Nn~……nothing is happening」

I was thinking of something like, when you pull out the sword a wall would make a sound and move or the ground would move but nothing like that happened. Holding a sword before the altar kinda makes you kinda sad.

『That place looks like you can insert it there』

As I was standing still thinking about giving up, a comment like that showed up.

「Eh? Where where?」

『Diagonal to your right between 2 to 3 o’clock』

「Rather than diagonal to your right isn’t that basically east?」

I don’t really plan to talk about the definition of diagonal to your right but I’d like them to apologize for making me look at that direction. Putting off the joke, certainly between 2 to 3 o’clock there was a place there’s a hole in which you can insert the sword. If it was Rin-chan in this situation then, she would probably immediately find this. It entered my field of vision but I didn’t really think of coming up with this idea.


Towards the hole I forcefully put in the sword. and the wall in front of the wall where the altar was opened up. I wonder what’s the reason behind why you have to change the place  where you have to put the sword and the location of the door is. Seriously give me a break.

「Now then, shall we go?」

『Let’s go!』 

『It’s the arrival of the Brutal Ogre Girl!』 


「Man, you guys sure are high」

Okay here we go, the mood between me and my watchers are not matching up at all.

「I wonder if Rin-chan is right there~? Or maybe this trials is only for one person?」


『Isn’t Rinne also streaming』 

『I’m opening two windows but, it is the same for Rinne too』 

『Without any delay she got through the gimmick』

「As expected of her.  I want to meet up with her but it seems that this trial is only for one person」

As it has the name of being the golden trial,  the passageway was shining gold while I walk as I chatted with the watchers. It seems like the path is like a zigzag, looking at the places that were reflected by the walls, I don’t know how long this will continue. From what I heard from the comments it seems that it’s the same situation with Rin-chan, now then, what to do?

「I guess I can only just walk for now」

Maybe it’s just in zigzags, the distance itself isn’t that long.

「No, it’s so long!」



『It’s so long that even Sukuna ranted about it』 

『Just looking at it makes my head feels strange』

Actually for nearly around 30 minutes. Being made to walk for barely 3km, I was finally able to arrive before a gold door. 

The scenery is still the same, the path is still in zigzags, if I wasn’t chatting with the chat then I wouldn’t have been able to bear it.

「It was quite stressful, so maybe I should kick it open?」

『You shall stop so』 


『Let’s go!』 

『Don’t  be hasty!』 

『Just Do it』 

『 G O 』

「Hmmm, hmmm due to the majority vote, approved! zeryaa!」

Since it looks like that there are many comments about saying to do it, I raised my voice and kicked off the door with my all. GOOON(sfx) as it made a thunder roar, the door that was kicked away, raised a sound of it hitting something metal-sih and changed trajectory,  and then it went in the deeper left of the room and made a mountain of rubble.

What was right before the door was a big room. It’s a round shaped like arena kinda like a Colosseum. As expected Rin-chan was nowhere to be found in the room, in exchange there was a golden knight sitting cross legged at the center. It’s most likely that the door changed trajectory was because it hit that. It’s head was kinda looking in a bit of a weird direction.

『Damn that hurts…..Hey you! What’s the deal with you!』

「Ah, sorry. I kicked it away cause I was relieving stress」

『”Ah, sorry”. No way it’s fine with just that! It seriously hurt you know! Damn it, are all the challengers like it this time 』

「Well, c’mon, you’re also at fault cause you’re in a place where the door would hit you, you know」

While I properly apologized, unfortunately as it is, he didn’t accept the apology. For why “he”, it’s because from what I hear, it’s obviously a male voice after all. While he was pouting and getting angry he was not commencing any attacks. Is he not like considered as a monster or maybe it’s kind of like something like an event? Either way, this challenge thingy, it’s clear that this Golden Knight is involved with it.

『mmmm, Oh well. So, You, which route did you get your hand on the invitation?』 

「So it’s fine……I got it through a reward from a monster house」

『Hou, so you were able to get through that. Well, damn, not bad. You know that it is one of the hard ones I think』

「Didn’t do much though」

It seems like he has quite a carefree character, the golden knight immediately changed the topic. From what I heard from him, the invitation to the gold, you might be able to get it other than the reward from clearing the monster house it seems. But, right now that doesn’t really matter.

「Hey. When I came here, there should also be a friend of mine that also opened the invitation at the same time」

『This trial are imposed only on individuals who was challenging the labyrinth after all. Isn’t this friend of yours probably meeting me around this time too?』

「Hmmm….then it’s alright」

It seems like this trial is as expected only for one person. Which means that I won’t be meeting up Rin-chan in here. At least, until I clear this.

『By the way, what’s the name?』

「It’s Sukuna」

『Haah?…..did you just say Sukuna?』(edited)

I thought it was an extension to our carefree chat so the instant when he heard me say my name, The golden knight’s atmosphere changed.


Ogre chapter 99 end

9: Wow, that’s 99 chapters, good job me

Tasai: Hmm… Like always, I like the atmosphere between Nana and her viewers


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I really hope Sukuna says “FBI OPEN UP!” when she kicks the door.

    Wait… she still counts as loli right?


  2. Meanwhile in Ron’s chat.

    “Nana-chan kicked the door and hit the Knight lol.”

    Rin to the Knight “I apologize for my friend.”

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