Vtuber Ch2

Hello? it’s me, 9.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 2
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 002

Chapter 2 I Forgot to Stop Part two

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918075696


I went back towards the desk where I streamed, the cold and refreshing feeling of stozero pours into my body. (9: stozero is abb for of strong zero) Aaah, I can’t tell anymore if it’s delicious or not, but I came to the point where I can’t end a day without this….. Originally, I’m not even that strong with alcohol so I end up quickly drunk. In addition to being cheap, and getting you drunk immediately, Stozero is the fucking best. Aaah, so good. For some reason I’m starting to feel good. This feeling of having my power released inside me, I can’t stop it.

「Man, I can’t really get enough of this. Just for this one can then, for the construction of the underground empire, I don’t mind spending my outrageous wages. Ka〇ji-kun drank beer but don’t they have any stozero?」

Starting a soliloquy with an IQ level of 3, there was no more of that Awayuki who speaks like a rich lady. Let’s go and drink non stop, so the 350ml can disappears in a blink of an eye. However, with just this much, I’m a woman with a body that can’t be satisfied with just this. What I got my hands on was another can from the fridge. And moreover…..

「Uhyaaa! As I thought the sound from the Long Can is the fucking best!!!」

That’s right, to someone who thirsts for alcohol, a demonic invention, it’s a long can. Yuki who loudly chugs once again. It’s sad, but this woman usually she speaks in a rich lady Vtuber tone you know?

「Yossha! Let’s watch my co-workers~!!!!」

Since I’m feeling good right now, I started watching the archive of today’s stream from the same gen LIVER 『Matsuri Hikari(祭屋 光)』-chan. I haven’t actually met with Hikari-chan but, to me who debuted and can’t really stand out in my stream, she treated my kindly. She’s a really good girl, an angel, I wuv her. The avatar is a 16- yr old girl, she is on the shorter side, but she has big breasts, light brown hair, and a bright face overflowing with energy. Moreover, she has the intense energetic streams that matches up with her personality. She responds to comments a lot, and her brave figure taking on her Vtuber activities gain her popularity. Right now she is like the center of the 3rd gen. I did a collab a number of times with her, but how to say it, she is like the incarnation of a completely pure girl. It makes me want to become this girl’s Mama (serious face).

「I’ll become your Mama!」

This seems to be my habit, but it seems that I do talk to myself a lot when I get drunk. Rather, all that I think of inside my head goes out of my mouth with no filter. I’m a shy person in the first place, so I rarely get to drink with others. It hasn’t become a problem, but it’s still dangerous. Well, even so, I still can’t stop drinking Stozero you know! I can’t really stop drinking stozero you know for real!


I continued to laugh without any trace of elegance as I watched the stream. The stream content is a game playthrough. The game she is playing is a game where 2 sausages with a fork stabbed in them battle against each other, a fighting game. This game is one of those works where you could feel the craziness of the creator. Rather, due to the game’s contents, many players have lewd jokes as names.

「Manjuice spurts(卍ル武社亜) is Kusa lol wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that’s not even a sausage anymore wwwwwwwwwwwww」

My head has gone totally high, right now, no matter how vulgar the joke is, anything remotely funny will be hilarious. Aah, moreover, the Yabai(dangerous) thing about this, is that the streamer Hikari-chan barely has any idea about these jokes, so other than the obvious ones, she would say those jokes with no idea quite often. Her chat is filled with those kind ofgentlemen.

「Ha? what about dochashiko( wet slick)? Hikari-chan your Mama is dochashiko watching this stream you know?」.

And with this and that I continued to laugh out loud as Hikari-chan’s stream ended. As expected, Hikari-chan’s stream is~…..the best! Hikari-chan sure is amazing. I get why she is popular, there’s no reason she won’t get popular. And compared to me…..

「…..Since the time is this time already, Let’s watch Chami-chan’s stream and sleep」

The time being around 2 am made me realize the sad reality, I watch one of the archived streams of the same gen LIVER as me, 『Yanagase Chami (柳瀬ちゃみ)』. Chami-chan is quite different from the other LIVERs, she usually mains in various ASMR Streams. Having an extremely wagamama(sexy) body with short blonde hair, a blue eyed onee-san, her ASMR is gewd. Her quiet voice gives out this good relaxing feeling that makes you sleepy, as a LIVER there is no one as good as her when it comes to making you sleep. It seems like today is an ear pick stream. Since I’m drunk I’m sure I’ll sleep right away.

「Ah, yabee(this is bad), this stream’s addiction is a good match against stozero」

A strong sleeping urge quickly came, and before I knew It I fell fast asleep.


Without noticing the sharp ringing sound from my smartphone that continued ringing…….


Vtuber Legend  chapter 2 end

9: phew been a while since I’ve done 2 chapters in a row, there’s a lot of memes and puns  and parodies I’m not good at so, if you you know what those are tell me

Tasai: dying inside I… I immersed myself too easily, but since I’m not drunk like her, I can easily think of the consequences of her acting like that… It’s entertaining, but at the same time it hurts to clean this…

3pic: she says it hasn’t become a problem, yet admits she can’t stop lol.


  1. Oof as a person that fell into the rabbit hole some time ago I noticed some references (that made me quite happy). The game her genmate was playing is called “Sausage Legend” and a certain duck is very known to play this (Oozora Subaru). I also couldn’t help but imagine Yanagase Chami (the other genmate) as Choco Sensei from Hololive.

    also thx for translation

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Matsuri Hikari is probably inverse Natsuiro Matsuri or from Hololive. She regularly jokes about being in charge of the seiso(pure) department and is a lolicon.


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