Vtuber ch8


Vtuber Legend Chapter 8

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 008

Chapter 8 Same-gen Member Collab Stream p1

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918075282



One night has passed since yesterday’s solo stream, I have completely gotten sober, and now obviously I dived into my bed alone while I continue to be in agony. Since in the morning I was still half asleep and was still hungover, so I wasn’t able to remember what happened yesterday so I was able to wake up properly but, when I turned on my phone, the event was posted around SNS.

Stream summary 

・Drink Stozero at the beginning 

・ Proposed to Stozero 

・I passionately talked about that you should that with your crush 

・I proposed bigamy to the 2 of my senpai with  lesbian 3p as a premise 

・One of the senpai’s asked me my type of Lesbian AV’s and answered quite a dangerous answer in which decided that I will have a collab with them someday 

・Stozero deliciouso!!!! 

Damn this woman(me) is dangerous.

Seeing these contents sank me to the bottom of the ocean. Lunch is about to arrive but I still haven’t drank or eaten anything and continued agonizing over it ever since I woke up. T-this is bad if this goes one, no matter how much I try to calm down, after a few minutes the events from yesterday come into my mind and once again incapacitate me! Someone…….Help me, release me from this embarrassment……


Suddenly a plan to resolve this came to my mind.  That was without a mistake, a method that will free me from all of this. However, at the same time, it will most likely make another new dark history, such a devil’s whisper I heard in my head. Moreover, the sun is still looking over me, no matter what you think about it, it’s not the time to do it. Ah but, I can hear that person calling for me, my beloved person is-……


「Ossha~~ Today will be a guerrilla Collab stream ya people~!!」


: She’s here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 

: Pushu! 

: Pushu! 

: Everyone is opening a can at the same time Kusa 

: It’s basically a drinking party ain’t it?

「Ooh-! Everyone drink up drink up! By the way I have been drinking since noon so I’m completely drunk ya know!」


: Eeeh(Confused) 

: This girl seriously always unpredictable 

: I came hear hearing that someone of the V proposed a bigamy with an inorganic substance and the same-sex 

: I see, so this is what that diverse society is(Nope) 

: The definition of Seiso is getting messed up!

「Okay Now that we are all getting heated up, I’ll now announce who I will be collabing with yay~! The one that came today is 『Mashiron』!」

「Doumo Konmashiro~. Mashiron is for 『Iridori Mashiro 彩ましろ』.  Today I came to meet 『Awa-chan』but there was stozero and I wasn’t able to hide my surprise」 (9: Doumo Konmashiro is her greeting, it’s basically her own nice to meet you greeting or her starting greeting like a lot of vtubers do)

: Kusa 

: To think you would treat my child with stozero www 

: Ooh! Ain’t that Mashiron! You girls also had a collab before, you girls sure go along well 

: Well since She is the one that gave birth to her after all 

:  Oi Mashiron, Your child is losing her way and making the whole Japan laugh out loud , making them ran out of breath, do something about it!

Mashiron is the same 3rd gen as me and is an Illustrator Boku-musume(girl who calls herself boku rather than watashi or etc). By the way all of the 4 members of 3rd gen are Me, Hikari-chan, Chami-chan, and Mashiron. 

Fair-skinned with her height on the shorter side, a radiant silver short hair, blue eyes that will charm you in, and a beautiful girl that has a quite androgynous charm. 

As her stream contents, speaking in a low calm voice,  she does drawing streams while having a bit of toxic conversations which won her popularity. 

We have associated with each other not after our debut but before it, we already had many collabs so the comments too are a bit calmer than when the 2nd gen came. 

As for why we have such a deep relationship, its because as what the chat said earlier, Mashiron is the mother that gave me this 『Body』 after all. 

That’s right! Mashiron was the illustrator in charge of the character design of Kokorone Awayuki, the another me! 

And due to that position our relationship naturally got better, and right now we call each other by nicknames such as Mashiron and Awa-chan. 

Today, since it was decided that I will have a collab with my Senpais, I can’t help but have my emotions in so much hype,  and so to relieve this emotion even a little bit, I asked Mashiron, who I knew for a long time to have a surprise collab!

「Today I think I will relieve myself from the thing that I have been bottling up  by using Mashiron!」

「I can’t hide my surprise that without knowing it you have made your colleague as a plaything. Rather someone help me 」


: www 

: She suddenly said something ridiculous Kusa 

: There’s no more choice but to let it all out 

: This woman, even though she played Seiso in so many streams up until now, she has no hesitation at all with her colleague 

: From alcohol to your 2 senpais and then next is the colleague that get along with well, you sure have no distinction at all wwwww 

: If one words gets let out from that mount, it would be a Dai Sougen (great plains, evolved form of kusa), its the revolution of a walking afforestation. 

: Does even Mashiron seeing this Stozero mode for the first time?

「That’s right, It feels kinda like she sure did well to hide it up until this point」

「Well, today is just special, usually I Drink after the stream which is late night after all. Mashiron is probably already asleep at that point. 」

「I see. But yeah, having the actual thing happening right before you sure is much more tremendous than what I thought. Rather than Awa-chan, it’s more of Shuwa-chan 」


「The shuwa shuwa from Stozero so Shuwa-chan. That’s right, from now on I will call you Shuwa-chan whenever you are in this mode 」 (9: shuwa shuwa basically is the bubbling sound from beers and stuff)

「Nnn…..For some reason I feel like I heard that somewhere before……oh well, since it’s cute then it’s fine!」


: Shuwa-chan www 

: Are you fine with that wwww 

: Are you a pervert from that muscly swelling macho man? 

: It’s just a pervert who got high in the head from drinking stozero 

: I predict that it will be official

「Well, let’s leave the opening up until this point, today, let’s reply to the Marshmallows~!」 (9: marshmallows will be explained next chapter) 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 8 end

9: Mashiron is here!! wohoooo, the members are getting introduce one by one, now then look forward to what they will be doing next chapter, Sayonine~!

Tasai: Shuwa? Also, alcohol really is the devil’s temptation huh… Not like I know what it’s like since my religion prohibits me from drinking it


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