Vtuber Ch16

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 16

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 016

Chapter 16 2nd Gen Offline Karaoke Collab p1

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918379063 


「Yo! I’m Sei-sama,『 Kaburaki Seira (鏑木聖羅)』. Nice to meet you! 」

「Kaminari Shion,『  Ichinose Shiori (一ノ瀬詩織) 』! To avoid getting exposed please call each other by surnames when outside the office!」(edited)

「O-okay! Kokorone Awayuki , Tanaka Yuki! Please take care of me today!」

At the entrance of the LiveON head office, We once again introduced each other with our real names, but I’m so nervous that I’m getting stiff. 

Even though I thought that I got mentally strong from the recent shocking eventful days, but this situation is unreasonable. 

And also, It’s my first time meeting a LIVER offline but, why do the both of them look so good!? 

Sei-sama, which is Kaburaki-senpai was already like a prince at a girl’s school. She is tall but obviously not as tall as her avatar and had short cut hair. 

She looks sharp and her presence is amazing. 

And for Shion-senpai which is Shiori-senpai, how should I say it….young? 

She has a really cute look but, it feels like she has these innocent factors everywhere mixed up.

「Fufu, You’re probably thinking that Shion-kun is kid aren’t you?」

「Umm…Yes, sorry」

「Mumu! That’s a misunderstanding okay! Just last month, I am now able to drink alcohol! ….. I’m bad with bitter things so I don’t really drink though」

「Really!? then are you the same 20 yr old as me!?」

「Ah, so I was the same age as Awayuki-chan ! That makes me happy!」

Oh what a surprising thing.  It seems that the person who had the interaction level of a genius and is so called to be LiveOn’s Mama seems to have lived nearly the same years and months as me. 

Rather, up until now, I felt motherhood from someone’s stream that was the same age as me…. 

This is bad! From this point on I have to do my best so that I won’t lose to Shion-senpai!

「Fufu, are you nervous? Sorry for inviting you so suddenly」

「Are you alright? Want to drink stozero?」

「Hey Sei-sama! Don’t play around! Come on, please relax your shoulders. It’s totally O K  to do casual talk! Since Awayuki-chan had already proposed to us after all!」

「Hiee, a-about that i’m really sorry…」

「That’s all right! In someway or the another it was fun after all!」

Shion-senapi tapped both of my shoulders lightly to relax me. 

Ah, this is completely a mama. I fell in just 2 frames. Shion-sama luv luvee luv. 

And since we are done introducing ourselves, we immediately went to eat but…..

◇Two Hours Later◇

「Ora Ora Awayuki me! Today with Sei-sama and Shion-senpai, we went to the Karaoke doh~!!!」

「Yaa Ladies and Gentlemen! Your Sei-sama has come!」

「Konmiko~! Today we planned to eat together and talk about our collab but, for some reason we started a sudden collab, and Shion is naturally confused! 」


: Fuoo!? 

: Might this be, maybe, this is an offline collab? 

: It’s here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! 

: A r e  y o u  f o r  r e a l 

: Is this the sabbath hall with Shion Mama as the sacrifice? 

: Rather, I’m sure that Shuwa-chan is drinking Stozero! 

: Pushu! 

: Konmiko~! 

: Kyaaa Sei-sama~!! 

: The two shitty brats that all they can do is make trouble for their Mama 

: And so the legendary night began like this

Why did it come to this? 

This retortfull situation all started with the store’s menu- 

According to Sei-sama, if it’s a V’s food then it can only be Yakiniku! And so, we went to the Yakiniku place that Sei-sama recommended but-..


・ Shawa 

・Cola High Ball 




・ Strong Zero ( highly recommended!!)


「Now then Tanaka-kun! What are you drinking!」

From just looking at her, Sei-sama was asking me a question where she couldn’t hide her excitement. 

This is….

「…..Then this oolong tea」

「Fufu….. you suck, Tanaka-kun. You suck………..! You suck at releasing your Desire……What Tanaka-kun really wants is……this」

「Well, umm」

Sei-sama pointed at Stozero full of confidence.

「With the meat on top of the grill….. making it hot and piping……and combine it with a chill and cold Stozero…..! You want it right…..? 」

「Um! Just what in the world is this menu!? There is something totally off with this you know!?」

At the drinks part of the Menu, at the most bottom part, there was a word strong zero taped on it, in which they have totally didn’t plan to hide the fact that they just put it there just now, since I was getting tired of it and couldn’t bear it anymore I talked back.

「……You should play a prank on the menu you know」

「It’s alright, I’ll remove it immediately. And I also got permission from the store」

「They allowed it!?」

「So, you going to drink? There is really a stozero you know」

「Eh, they have!?」

「It’s Yakiniku after all」

「Yakiniku stores are amazing!!!」

To the Yakiniku stores that I haven’t been able to go to, they have evolved to the point of having stozero is it!? Not bad!

「Ahaha….this store you see, It’s a store that is managed by Kaburaki-chan’s parents」

「Ah, I see….」

Being mindful of me who has my head not being able to catch up with what is going on, Ichinose-senpai exposed the joke.

「Mou, please don’t do that to me Kaburaki-senpai!」

「Ahaha, sorry sorry! But….you want to drink it don’t you?」

「―― Gulp」

「It’s been quite long time for me so I also kinda want to drink it too, so together with stozero…… should we go with it?」

「I will be having an orange juice please!」

Uhho ! What a good woman! And so I just easily went along with her. 

And so after that, while eating delicious yakiniku….

「Actually I’m having a bit of trouble with the song project~」

「Oh, then should we go to the Karaoke to practice after this?」

「Oh, that sounds good! I also want to go!」

「That might be good! Then let’s go!」

And so it began with Kaburaki-senpai’s invitation….

「That’s right, Since I have my laptop for the meeting with me, should we stream it? 」


「That sounds good! Let’s do it!」

「Ohn ohn?」

「Actually since I predicted it would come to this, I have already reserved at the karaoke!」

「As expected of Kaburaki-senpai! That part of you makes me numb! So fantastic!」

「Ohn ohn ohn? wait a minute? what about our meeting?」

And with that flow, with the 2 drunk woman bringing along the ohn ohn confused Ichinose-senpai, with the momentum we ended up with a sudden Karaoke Collab.

「Umm, No matter what situation it is, I, Shion, will do my best to lead! For the first half we will reply with marshmallows and the second half we will be singing please have fun~!! 」 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 16   end

9:  Ohn ohn ohn?

Tasai: Accept confusion, return to monke

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