Vtuber Ch18

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 18

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 018

Chapter 18  2nd Gen Offline Karaoke Collab p3

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918442832 



Marshmallow replying has ended, and so we began with the Karaoke.


: Too good! 

: My ears are getting pregnant 

: the voice is too handsome 

: usually that handsome voice is used wastefully tho www 

: Sei-sama’s singing ikemen mode with her usual disappointing part of her, with math being positive and negative it will still be zero 

: Why is there a need to make it zero though 

: Zero is close to stozero so he probably just made it closer to that 

: As expected by the eternal zero

Sei-sama to the vanguard to sing as her cool singing voice instantly charmed the room and the chat. Hmm, As expected of Sei-sama who could also officially sing. Usually she goes wild so with that gap it made both the chat and me excited. This is bad, the hurdle just rose…. In the first place, what should I even sing? Considering the singing circumstance in the V world…. There is an image where they sing a lot of trending j-pop, vocaloid and a bit of nostalgic anime songs.

「Shuwa-chan what about you? Wanna sing next?」

「Ah, I’m kinda still worrying what song, so you can go ahead Shion-senpai」

「Is that so? …..maybe, are you bad with singing so you don’t want to sing? 」

「Hmmm, I wonder? Actually it’s been a long time since I have sang….」

「I see, but it’s alright!  Even if you can’t sing then you can sing together with me okay!」

O-hoーーー( ◜ω◝ ) I feel like I’ll melt into a baby! 

While we were talking about that, Sei-sama’s song ended, and passed the baton towards Shion-senpai.



: Hmmm? Is that an angel’s voice I hear? Did I die? 

: So this is healing 

: In actuality, Ave Maria 

: It’s not really super duper good but you’d want to heart it forever 

: It’s like an older sister’s song 

: Older ↑ sister ↓ you say! It’s Mother isn’t it!?

T-this is bad! I was so into Shion-senpai singing that my turn came already! There’s no time to worry about it anymore! Since it’s come to this, let’s just think of a song that I have heard before! Okay, Let’s go with the song『Lemon』! Here I go!



: Oh? it’s unexpectedly a normal song 

: I thought she would go with under the Orion ***  (9: the ref is, google this オリオン座の下で。, it’s hilarious) 

: Kusa 

: What about Chichi **ge (chichi moge)? (9: this one is yet another hilarious one チチをもげ) 

: The choices of songs are too hellish Kusa 

: Rather isn’t she rather normally good? 

: This is so good! 

: Is this for real? 

: I’m looking forward to the hook of the song



: Fua!? 

: Her voice stretch out to the point its crazy 

: It’s not like I felt a technique on it but it’s really really powerful 

: It’s something I wouldn’t think it’s the same throat that Stozero commutes through. 

: Somehow, I feel like this way of sing is similar to Hare-chan

The chat are noisily surprised, the senpais too have their eyes wide open and were dumbfounded, and I myself too was surprised. I wonder what this is, I feel like, up to this point in my memory I was never able to sing feeling this good. 

…..Maybe, is it because I’m drunk? 

I feel like I heard before that the reason that someone can’t sing well is because they are embarrassed in front of the public and it becomes hard for their voice to let out. Since the alcohol is doing it’s job, maybe, it balances out my sense of embarrassment that I was able to skillfully let my voice out. And then, being able to know how enjoyable and fun it is to sing one time became confidence, and I was able to sing really good after that.

「nnnnnnn feeeel so geeeewwd!!!」


: Kusa 

: The woman who climax on a song 

: Hand *** Karaoke? 

: Up until earlier it was 100 pts. And at the last part, Stozero appeared and it became 0 pts 

: Even when she calms down, she’s an entertainer Kusa

「That was surprising! Shuwa-chan you’re good at singing!」

「With this then you will have to sing with us」

「Fufufu! This is Stozeros Singing style!」



: ha? 

: ha? 

: ha? 

: Stop with the subzero 

: -196 is not just for show!

For a moment , I was bewildered as the air froze but, after that, I sang together with my senpais and it became a fun and exciting stream. And this is all thanks to stozero, that’s why everyone――

Drink stozero!

「Ah, I kinda like this Band’s song titled Zero!」

「Hee~! Shion-Mama I’d like to hear you sing that!」


「Ah, can you sing this song Butte**fly Strong Version with me?」

「Sure! But, why strong version and not the original?」

「Nnn, for some reason I thought that this one would be better」

「Ah, recently I’ve listening to this western song called Stronger!」

「…..Awayuki-kun just maybe, are the songs that’s coming to your mind are all have some sort of connection to StrongZero?」



: Kusa 

: wwww 

: So what’s insider her is a stozero farm ha! 

: And the first song she sang was related to the lemon flavor lol 

: The song choice patter is too unexpected Kusa 

: As usual she doesn’t betray your expectations

Everyone, please be careful on drinking too much! 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 18   end

9: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Tasai: My song choices are too random compared to her… Most are nightcores though I think…?


    1. The comedy is so easily delivered that It’s just making me choke on my own saliva. God, I love this series


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