Vtuber Ch19

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Vtuber Legend Chapter 19

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 019

Chapter 19 Monetization Anniversary 1 

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918469710 


「Haaa, Haaa」

Me who was facing the screen of the monitor of the PC planning to start the stream, my mental state was obviously different from usual. 

My heart beat rate is rising up that I feel like it would just stop. For me to feel this exalted before the stream, it has been since I did my first stream. 

Holding back my impatient emotions, with a trembling finger I started the stream (It’s not like I’m having withdrawal symptoms from drinking Stozero okay! Rather, right now I’m sober!) 

The reason my emotions are this high, that is….

「Good evening everyone. Today too is also a good light snowfall! (Fast talking) Now then, Today will be the anniversary for my monetization! And Moreover I will also be unveiling a new standing art drawn by Mashiron and other many things too!   」


: It’s here ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! ¥500 

: Pushu! 

: ¥155 

: Pushu! 

: ¥155 

: Pushu! 

: ¥155 

: You’re too late(The monetization is) pi~!  ¥10000 

: Congrats~!  ¥1000 

: I heard that you’re finally free from NEET life ¥3000 

: OH, so you’re starting with Seiso mode! 

:  ¥155 

:  A new standing art at the timing when she showed her true self…..? I feel like I read the punchline already ¥800

That’s right! Today is the stream for the celebration for the awaited Monetization! 

Aaah, the chat is rampaging with many supechats that I can’t keep up…. 

Geez! This is the best feeling! My economy is moving! 

“Are you that happy, probably because you’re doing it for the money!” There might be people who might be mad like that but, I can’t help it, happy things are happy! 

It’s the moment that someone who was nothing but a dunce who is living at the bottom of her life is rising up, I don’t care what anyone says, Right now I’m at the peak of happiness! 

Aaaaah….right now I’m the most fortunate person in the world…..

「Really, Thank you very much everyone! Right now I’m sober but, since it’s such a joyful day, for the 『First time』I’d like to to drink this alcohol called Stozero that I saw often in the chat! 」


: Ha? 

: Ha? 

: Ha? ¥1000 

: Okay, up until right now it’s the template 

: Okay okay, Tempura Tempura ¥500 

: ¥155

「Um, mysteriously there’s a lot of 155 yen superchats. It’s really a mystery but I will thank you with a dogeza. With this I can fight for 10 more years」


: Why 155? 

: It’s cause its a price where it’s enough to buy stozero 

: Kusa 

: She is so happy than ever before kusa 

: It’s the holy 3 digits 

: I’ll send one too ¥15500

「Now then, Today I think I will have a toast with a 350ml Lemon flavor!」



: Pushu! 

: Pushu! 

: I too, Pushu!

「Well then――Cheers! gulp gulp gulp…..Puhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」


: Cheers! 

: You sure drink so deliciously w 

: You’re drinking it that I think that it’s not your first time at all kusa 

: It’s kinda fun to drink together ¥5000 

: So this is alcohol hazard 

Ah, this is bad, the fulfillment of the monetization and the joy from stozero, this double combo, it feeelss ssoooow geeeeeeeeeewwwwd!!! 

With this I don’t have to get a cold sweat whenever I pay the rent and then look at my bankbook and I can finally buy games like the other LIVERs. 

Ah, this feeling of freedom as if the fence of my heart being opened up…..I feel like there is something filling up.

「Gussu(tearing up)…uwu….I’m really happy….」


: Fua!? 

: Crying!? This girl drank stozero and cried!? 

: Eeeh( Bewildered) 

: When I was about to say that’s she’s like a fish that was able to get into the water, her body started to let out water 

: Awayuki breaking down 

: Awa-chan is…she’s turning into Shuwa-chan!

「But, I can’t help it, I’ve never been happy ever in this life! I was plain during my student life and didn’t stand out at all, and when I entered the society by dignity was exhausted by the black company, and to think that someone hopeless and no good like myself is being loved by this much of people, Even I will tear up you know!」


: I cried 

: Live   you are funny ¥20000 

: Rather than unskillfully being humble, being this happy makes its me happy too to send superchats ¥5000 

: I know right 

: ¥155 

: Here you go, become more happy

「Uwuuuuu, everyone thank you! Next time I’m going to buy a carton of stozero!」


: eh 

: this is bad! 

: Isn’t it better to stop superchats!? 

: It can’t be helped if it’s for her health 

: The superchats that was falling like rain stopped with just one shot kusa 

「No no no it’s a lie! It’s just a lie, okay! I will have at least 2 days of not drinking per week and be careful to not drink too much okay!!! 」


: Kusa ¥400 

: Did the drunkenness came already, her head is already shuwa shuwa www 

: Really I wuv how she just bare open her humanity ¥1000

「Fu, fu! Now then, since I’m about to empty a can, let’s unveil the new standing art~! And after that I will be replying to marshmallow while waiting for a call!!」 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 19   end

9:  Did you know that Shuwa-chan or the main character has her own twitter? https://twitter.com/kokoroneawayuki  it’s her twitter 

Tasai: Kusa, I didn’t know about that. Also, I somehow became emotional with Yuki-chan.


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