Vtuber Ch20

Hello? editor. Please.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 20

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 020

Chapter 20  Monetization Anniversary 2

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918490753 


「Now then, at the same time I’m opening my 2nd long can and I will show my new standing art doh~! 」

As the pull tabs opens up, Pushu! with that sound I changed into the new standing art with the bold fonted I <3 stozero T-shirt with short pants. (Tasai: The return of the <3 heart! Why must you do this to me, Discord, Google Docs…)


: Pushu! 

: Since long can is over 200 yen you can get your comment highlighted ¥211 

: You’re right! ¥211 

: Rather that new standing art wwww 

: Without a doubt this is Shuwa-chan 

: this obviously over Kusa it’s already a Shishigami forest (9: forest in princess mononoke) 

: If she was a fujoshi rather than a yuri lover then without a mistake they would say that this is deep ¥251 

<Irodori Mashiro >: a satisfactory work 

: It’s Mashiron! 

「Mashiro~n! Really, Thanks a lot for drawing this! I love you!」

<Irodori Mashiro>: Me too, congrats on the monetization, and also I’ll be contacting you later ¥10000 

: Teetee 

: Here it is! 

: I really love the coupling of these two 

: The couple name is Shuwa shuwa Mashi mashi! 

: Kusa 

: Is that the certain ramen shop?

「A red superchat too….mou! I’ll be nakedly waiting for it!」

<Irodori Mashiro>: Even though I went the trouble of drawing that, don’t strip off your clothes 

: www 

: There affinity is perfect ya www 

: Kusa

「Now then, while I’m replaying to the Marshmallows I will be waiting for the call doh~!」

@ If by any chance, in a 1 out of 100 million, if they were to stop making stozero, then what alcohol would you replace it?  @

「I’ll make it」


: Oi www 

: Isn’t that illegal brewing! 

: That’s a crime kusa

「I will properly gain the license to start the business and make it」


: The love is too heavy w 

: Here’s my support ¥5000 

: The stozero  inside her head might just tell her how to make one

@ Puniki 「So what are you feeling right now?」 @

「Puniiiiikaaaaaaassuuuuuuuu!!! *beeeeep*iiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!」


: Kusa 

: I could feel her hatred lol 

: Will be waiting for rematch!

@ Stozero「By the way, look at this long can, what do you think?」 it’s ……really big…. @

「U-ho! good stozero….」


: U-ho! (Seiso) 

: The woman who could work with any kind of jokes 

: There are different kinds of Stozeros ?(confused) 

: Well Stozeros are basically Po**kemon after all 

: Fua!? 

: With how addicting they are…I guess they are the same?

@ In words more then 30 and less than 50, explain the good things about Stozero. If so then Stozero will descend upon you. @

「Oh Stozero, I love you very much so,  Love Stozero」(9: OG in romaji, Sutozero yo, sukosukonosuko, sukozerosa)


: It’s not even more than 30 words 

: Haiku www 

: Suko zero love 

: Big Kusa

@ Do you have any other streamers as your goal? @

「Hmmm, kinda troubling which one, but as I thought the one that appears in my head is Hare-senpai I guess. Being the best and pulling in a lot of people, I want to become a streamer like her」


: As I thought its gotta be Harerun! 

: The OG way 

: She was called this before the 3rd gen came, 『The woman who forgot to compromise with the 2nd gens』, I kinda love this nickname 

: If she does a collab with Shuwa-chan then I’m sure that it would be a godly episode

@ Was it that difficult to hide your true self up until now? @

「Hmmm, I wonder? Before I was kinda stiffen up so, thinking about it right now I might have been straining myself 」

@ If it’s something you love, even if you expose a shameful sight 

  I think it’s the right thing for someone to put their all in enjoying

 Please be carefull from getting ban from going all out in drinking too much stozero

 Even if you change your style, I will still love Awayki-chan! 

 It might be scary to open up with you true self when sober but

 I pray for the day that you could show your true self without any hesitation.  @

「Thanks~! But you see recently,  I’ve been able to accept my true self. I have totally no plans to throw away the Seiso Awayuki away but, it’s like I have seized a new weapon! I’m sure that it’s all thanks to everyone that says that the streams are fun! 」


: What a nice story…..¥30000 

: Seriously, you’re one of the leading LIVERS in LIveOn you know 

: It’s an extreme character but you can’t really hate it, as expected of LiveOn’s HR 

: I’m really glad that you got rewarded ¥3000 

: Hint, read vertically (9: in the raws, if you read the marshmallow by the first characters of each lines, you get the word Stozero)

「Oh!? Wait a minute, I call came!」

I excitedly confirmed the call from the calling screen. 

The first LIVERs who called in was….Hikari-chan! 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 20 end

9: I know that it’s too late and kinda obvious but, LIVERs are pronounced as Live-er or Lie-ver not liver as in the organ okay

Tasai: Drowsy… But the previous chapter was too heartwarming I just decided to clean this one immediately even though I’m drowsy… Thanks for translating this 9


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