Vtuber Ch21


Vtuber Legend Chapter 21

I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend

vtuber 021

Chapter 21 Monetization Anniversary 3

rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918514762


「Konpikaa! A festival’s(Matsuri) lights(Hikari) are merry people! I’m Matsuri Hikari! Shuwa-chan congratulations on monetization~!」



: Konpikaa~! 

: it’s the conscience of the 3rd gen 

: conscience….? (Doing endurance stream almost everyday that goes over 10 hours) 

: Are you alright? It’s the woman who said that that she will become Hikari’s mama and shlicks on her you know ¥1000 

: ??? What do you mean (First timer) 

: As sad as it sounds, it’s as he says…. 

: She calls her Shuwa-chan as if naturall kusa ¥600

「There’s an unbelievable amount of watchers…..Shuwa-chan you have really become popular. Ehehe, it kinda feels somewhat moving! It might be a bit strange for me to say it but, since I knew you were working very hard everyday, It feels like I’m a Mama that feels happy over her daughter’s success!」

「The reason I was able keep doing my best was because Hikari-chan was always looking over me!」

「My my! ehehe, I might be tearing up 」

「Even though it’s through the stream, It’s kinda embarrassing! And also I want to become Hikari-chan’s Mama guehehehehe!!」


: ha? 

: Because of her head being shuwa shuwa, the teetee suddenly got blocked kusa 

: Please repent 

: Please go home ¥1919 

: That’s right (going with the flow) ¥810 

: The stream’s streamer is getting treated like this www

「A-anyway Hikari-chan! I might be able to buy games so next time let’s do something together! 」 

「oh, nice~! Ah, then with a dance **nce controller on Dark S**l, let’s multiplayer!? 」

「Hou,  is there something else? C’mon! Its troubling to connect a special controller like that after all!」 

「Hmmm, then with Ring f*t with the highest difficulty, Let’s do an RTA contest!」

「Why does it gotta be that extreme!? 」


: Kusa 

: It’s the usual Hikari-chan www 

: Her idea’s are that of an M 

: Well Hikari-chan loves brutally hard games after all 

: It seems like there is still an Awa-chan left in her not being able to go along with the flow

「S-sorry sorry! I got so heated up that I completely chose my own likings! hmmm, then Shuwa-chan what do you want to do?」

「Hmmm, what I want huh. I really want to do the standard  Mar** Kart or Sm*sh. Ah, and also a game from YUZU **FT!」

「Yuzu? what’s that?」

「It’s game that makes you excited, in various meaning」


: wha!? 

: That’s a dirty joke! 

: I take back my words, This is Shuwa-chan 

: It’s an Er*ge Kusa 

: Big Kusa for sure 

: Hikari-chan run away!

「I want to play games like their new works Cafe St*lla, or Sanoba *itch」

「Ah, I heard about Sanoba *itch!」

「Eh….by the way from where?」

「Last time I went to the office, I think it was when Shion-senpai asked Sei-sama what she wrote on her Tanabata, I heard Sei-sam said 『Sanoba *itch Heroine’s Onachi-san getting a bond** play』」 (9: the heroine was Ayachi Nene according to my research)(edited)

「Just what is that damn lesbian pervert saying in the office」


: Oi wwwww 

: It’s totally something you don’t call your senpai with lol 

: Is this the thread for what did you said today? 

: Is it her self introduction? 

<Uzuki Sei>: I also wuv the Sadistic Shuwa-chan 

: speak of the devil Kusa 

: So you’re happy (bewildered) 

: These girls are trouble,  someone do something about them 

: The two of them have really gotten along(edited)

Since the time has already passed this much, It’s regretful but the call with Hikari-chan will be ending here.

After that, Sei-sama who was in the chat also called in――

「Awayuki-kun, wanna do Sanoba together?」

「Er*ge Collab is Kusa, well, I’ll do it though. Ah, now that I think about about it, I kinda wanna do the standard question when doing calls so I’ll ask you, what color of panties are you wearing right now?」

「I am not wearing any」

「Are you planning to demonetize me on the day I do my monetization celebration?」

「That’s weird, even though I only answered the question, I got scold you know?」

And then as the notice from earlier, Mashiron also came――

「The highlights of the new standing art is the marriage between the chirarizumu(peekability) of the loose T-shirt and the hot pants, that shows the breezy thighs」

「This standing art sure is filled with desires!」

「Are you praising me? well it’s as you say though」

And furthermore, Shion-senpai also came――

「Ah, Shion Senpai」

「Nn? what is it?」

@ Shuwa-chan. Don’t you want to be fed with a baby bottle filled with stozero by Shion Mama?  @

「There was a lot of demands like this that came, so what are you gonna do about it?」

「I don’t get it at all!」


<Uzuki Sei>: “Drops” ! ¥50000

「HEY! Sei-sama what are you doing!?」

「Shion-senpai, looks like you can’t step back on it…..」

「Eh!? Really!? Is this really gonna flow this way!?」

「There’s no other choice but to ride, On this big wave!」

「The only ones riding are you two! I’m just being washed away okay! Well if you two want it that much then fine!」

「So it’s fine(Bewildered)」

To think that this many LIVERS came, LiveON sure is a warm place….. 

Oh, another one came! 


Vtuber Legend  chapter 21 end

9: I learned a lot of jp slangs and stuff from this chapter and I learned about Sanoba

9: Tasai is on his exam week, so I’ll be doing the cleaning for a while, if there are any volunteers to do the cleaning or the editing come to discord


    1. I think at most they will stream kissing and petting sad we won’t see any further (as a viewer) but I can’t wait see what happens then ( as a reader)

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