Vtuber ch24


Vtuber Legend Chapter 24
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 024

Chapter 24 Ring **t Stream 2
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918595506

『Ring F*t』
Using a rather special looking hoop-like controller, by squeezing it , stretching it etc you can advance through an RPG type story, revolutionary game.
It looks rather novel but, being able to do healthy movements in your house and being able to enjoy playing, it was a game recorded to have a big hit.
And I myself have really really always wanted to try out and play this game, and finally it has gotten in my hands which hypes up my feelings.

「Now then, since it is completely first time playing, we will first start with the settings」

Inputting your info like gender and other various thingsー…..

『Compared to people of the same age, how much do you usually exercise?』

  1. I exercise a lot
  2. I exercise reasonably
  3. I exercise rarely
  4. I totally don’t exercise


I see

: Inhaling sound Kusa
: 4
: It’s 4 isn’t it
: She said she’s a need after all lol
: It’s cause when she sweats the alcohol evaporates, so she wants to keep the quality, take a hint
: Is she human or stozero, I don’t really know

「W-what are you saying! I’m still young and energetic, you know? Well, to maintain my beautiful body figure, I exercise everyday so I guess around 2 is just right 」

: Ha?
: You’re shuwa shuwa and mistaking it
: No wait, just maybe Shuwa-chan might be something like miso mixed with stozero!
: That is bad(totally convinced)
: if it’s 2 then then it’s going to be totally bad you know!
: You should just be honest here, ya know!

「eh, is that so?」

: If you want to see hell later then please go ahead and choose 2
: If you think it’s just a game then you’ll die
: I request for the best one (hoping it to be 1)

「I am sorry I lied, it is 4, please its 4 and also I’m not fat okay」

: Okay www
: Good job on being honest ¥10000
: Your weakily weak weak in exercising you say!? I’m hoping for something sensational
: By the way even though Hikari-chan said that she does averagely, without any hesitation she chose 1
: As expected she doesn’t betray your expectation

「And next one is…」

『How much difficulty in the fitness do you want?』
1 Completely serious
2 Firmly
3 so so
4 relaxing

「…..I wonder」

: She is seriously starting to worry over it w
: You can change this later
: By the way Hikari-chan (ry (9: note, (ry means “you can guess what’s next” )

「Eh, really? then I’ll choose the so so 3」

『Please tell us your weight』
1 Input it now
2 do it later


Now that I think about it there was this one.

: The inhaling of reality
: wktk (9: means excited)
: Now, please go on! ¥2000
: The woman who makes doing the setting interesting
: Please decide well sa shi su se so!


“tap!” “tap!” “tatatatap!”

「49kg it is!」

: nn? Lol
: What was that sound of her typing something lol
: Stop joking around
: Is this light?
: Since her height should be 165cm you can say that this is light
: Oi! Isn’t 49kg a weight for 165cm tall models !
: Kusa
: If this was Shuwa-chan then she would measure it in Stozero
: Big KUSA

「Ahaha, of course it’s a joke! I will be putting the weight later」

: Is this the preface of the entertainer’s weight getting exposed?
: She is the excellent number one in LIVER ranking that would expose her weight
[6:13 PM]
: By the way a certain 1st gen thought of going with 1.989×10^30 kg which is the weight of the sun but it was naturally impossible
: Is she really a genius or just an idiot…

Umm then next one is…..

『Then Next let’s regulate matching your strength with the controller』

Oh, finally something Ring f*t like appeared!
It seems like it’s measure with 100 has the limit.

『Squeeze it with all your might!』

「Here I go! Funmm!」


「oh, how about that!」

: Stop with your small fry squeezing www
: Yeah, I knew
: Are you alright? Want to borrow the power of Stozero?

「Ha? just watch, O”RA”A”!!」


: Oh it increased!
: though her voice is…
: Provocation resistance 0
: The woman who threw away Seiso in exchange for power
: So cool ( thought process frozen)

F-for some reason with only the settings I’m already tired but, with this I can finally play the actual game…

Vtuber Legend chapter 24 end
9: Mine is 4 all the way, 9 if possible (even though I never played the game)


  1. Thanks for the ORAAA!!!

    I still remember where OLLIE revealed her real voice when she played this game.
    That’s a creepy zombie noises!

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