Vtuber Ch25


Vtuber Legend Chapter 25
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 025

Chapter 25 Ring **t Stream 3
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918619168
: Now it’s time to compare watch!

『Face downwards and push it and keep that position! 』

【In Kaminari Shion’s case】

「Fnmmm! uwu, Haa, haaa, fuu, this is normally hard…..」

: Ei!
: Thanks ¥30000
: The sighs are a bundle of sensational
: Nightly Ring F*t
: If I don’t look at the screen, all I hear are indecent sounds w

『In Matsuri Hikari’s case (Highest Difficulty)】

「Gua! fufu, This is quite intense, it’s obviously an obstacle that I don’t have enough power right now to overcome. However it is not me if I don’t destroy that obstacle! To destroy is to live! You have to live your fullest or you’re not living, right? 」

: Just what is this girl saying www
: Is this a shounen manga?
: I wonder who she is talking to….
: If the person herself is having fun then that’s fine! ¥1000
: That huge obstacle is something she made herself by using the game settings
: Kusa

【In Kokorone Awayuki’s Case】

「Eh, I heard the rumours but isn’t this way too hard!? Ah, Kuuuuuuuuu, haa haaa……Oouu 」

: Oi lol
: Even though it was quite perverted at the start…..
: That last voice is totally a Nippon science Uni call
: Really ya sure are weakly weak in exercising w
: seriously don’t do it too much that you vomit okay!


【In Kaminari Shion’s case】

「N-no! I don’t want to do squats! eh, I have to do it? No way….uwu….aa…uwu….aaaa」

: The S guys are so happy with this
: Those leaking gasps fap material
<Uzuki Sei>¥50000
: Fua!? “Sei”-sama!? (9: I’ll be putting “” when they use the sexual version)
: In this situation, stop being suggestive by silently sending super chats www

『In Matsuri Hikari’s case (Highest Difficulty)】

「Hahaha! This is nice! A person’s battle instincts awaken during a battle! 」

: Why is she able to laugh through such difficulties….
: I’m no good anymore, all I can see is a enhanced human berserker who got out of their Gudam : I really wuv the serious attitude towards the game : Though she is so serious that her eyes are going bloodshot : Awakening the Battle instincts → Armor* Core new game gets released

【In Kokorone Awayuki’s Case】

「U”A”A”A”A”A”A”A”A”A”A”A”!!!! FU”U”U”U”U”U”U”U”NNNN!!!!! FU”U”U”U”U”U”U”UNN!!! (really realistic)」

: Wait? the stream suddenly got quiet you know?
: Your eardrums ruptured
: seiso…..
: O-oi waito ( Edo accent), she’s only shouting so it’s still a bit fine isn’t it?


【In Kaminari Shion’s case】

「Aaaaaaahhh~ No more! quickly! please finish quickly! 」

: Nnuu!
: Fuuu
<Uzuki Sei>: Now then, Let us think about the birth of the Milky Way
: Oi wwww
: She’s in her sage mode Kusa

『In Matsuri Hikari’s case (Highest Difficulty)】

「Life is something you throw away, here we go」

: As I thought this is bad
: is it To** ?
: Nagii!
: Let me give you this, when you can’t endure the suffering drink it (Stozero)
: eh, what is this….(dumbfounded)

【In Kokorone Awayuki’s Case】

「O-oho! nggiii! AAAAAH!! U”u-u”u, aa, Aahiii!」

: this is just ridiculous
: Is this the rumoured water breathing style?
: isn’t it Zero’s breath
: Maybe a Nukige?
: As usual the Awa-chan is collapsing

Everyone, let’s all do Ring F*t !

Vtuber Legend chapter 25 end
9: The Sexy, The Brave and The Stozero

9: A sad day for hololive fans but thanks for happiness you gave me, I’ll enjoy and cry until the day and say goodbye and cry again


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