Vtuber Ch31

Trying to enjoy a game.

Vtuber Legend Chapter 31
I’m a Vtuber but I forgot to stop the stream and became a Legend
vtuber 031

Chapter 31 Kokorone Awayuki’s Seiso Recovery Keikaku 1 (9: keikaku means plan)
rawr: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054918075225/episodes/1177354054918861027
「——Good evening everyone. Today too is a good light snowfall isn’t it?」

: It’s already started!
: It’s Awa-chan!
: Man this is amazing, even the the amount of watchers at the start is around the average of Harerun’s
: She sure has grown up ¥1000
: My biggest late favorite in the 3rd gen
: Rather than that… the stream title is….

「Okay, some people from the chat pointed it out but today’s stream will be 『Kokorone Awayuki’s Seiso Recovery Keikaku』」 (9: I took the liberty of using keikaku instead of plan)

: Kusa
: At this point I can already see it failing
: The woman who had choked on a drawing of Mochi (9: kind of like a saying that it’s a good plan but won’t likely be achieved or something)
: the only thing that can grow is Kusa
: to think that she could make this interesting with just the title, she really is a genius

「This is weird. I am seriously serious of what I said but….there is supposed be ZERO laughter about it though…..」

: Hmm? Didn’t she say stozero just now?(Deaf type protagonist)
: I didn’t (say it)
: Depending on the path a person had lived through, the meaning of the words changes
: love ya understanding bro

Yeah, honestly, I knew it would come to this though!

「Recently, It seems like I’ve been called the incarnation of Stozero, the Kusa planting movement, green baboon, or the Great Tree De**, or the Eternal Zero, or Balls on your head, a lot of people have been calling me those that is something you shouldn’t say to someone, I’m obviously a seiso」

: Sorry, but you’ve already produced to much Kusa that it became a garden
: It’s my first time hearing some of those www
: Leaving aside those other cute heroines in Zeda, she is the Great Tree De, can’t hold back my laughter
: Don’t say balls lol
: Just how much can you mess up to be called these nicknames….(in awe)

「I am serious today! As if to brush away this shadow that Shuwa-chan who is such a mysterious figure, I will show you a 100% Seiso Awayuki! 」

: O-okay, I see
: Really?
: Is this going to be alright….
: Stozero is 9% you know, if it’s 100% you’re going to die
: If this conversation was a catch ball, I love the bro that returned a soccer ball instead of a baseball
: The chat is totally sus-ing Kusa
: I’m kinda looking forward to it
: Well, since it’s Awa-chan, in the end it would become a godly episode!

「Today after replying to the Marshmallow, The secret weapon that I received from Chami-chan will be appearing so my Keikaku is perfect! 」

: You for real!
: My expectations: high
: If it’s Chami-chan’s then its a relief
: yay
: The treatment between Chami-chan and Awa-chan in the chat is Kusa

「Now then, as usual, let’s get some Marshmallow!」

@ I guess it gotta be Stozero ww
I don’t really think so myself but I’m said a lot by others that I resemble Stozero www
The other day when I got involved with DQN before I knew it I loss consciousness and there was only stozero collapsed on the ground www
By the way my girlfriend too is similar to Stozero ( I didn’t ask that w) @

「Fu-fufufu! pfuhi…o-ohohohohohoho! W-what an interesting marshmallow! 」

: She is holding back herself from bursting out laughing Kusa
: As expected this gotta make you laugh
: Being said that you’re similar to Stozero, that’s 100% not praising you www
: So the girlfriend is similar to Stozero huh…..(Pitying)

@ Awayuki, please tell us…just how much more do we have to send superchats? How much more should I send superchats to the LIVERS of LiveOn…… Stozero won’t say anything to me…… Please tell me, Awayuki! @

「First, why are you seeking an answer from stozero….Superchat is the best when you’re not forcing yourself! If you suffer from sending superchats then the LIVERs would get sad, at least I would be! 」

: Nicely said! That’s what LIVERs are!
: Thanks to LiveOn, I got the motivation to my work and got promoted ¥10000
: Oh, that’s good news!

@ Which is your favorite in Str**t fighter series? @

「Funfun! If it’s series then I would like to say ZERO but, actually its more like 4 or 5. and also if its a character then I like Karin」

: Isn’t she just basically choosing a character that looks seiso….?
: Kusa
: Someday I’d like Shuwa-chan to answer this

@ If I were able to make a desert with stozero as an ingredient…
I’ll teach you the recipe so, would you make it yourself and eat it? @

「So I have the one to make it! Just that to me who 『Loves to Cook』then, I’m really interested so please teach me」

: She is appealing that she can cook Kusa
: A shrewd move to make an appeal and at the same time she can get herself a menu that can properly make use of stozero
: It’s gonna become something like having a stozero as a side dish while drinking stozero

@ I’ve been looking forward to this evening @

「fufufu, Actually there is much more too look forward than everyone thinks you know? I will talk about it later!」

: What!?
: Gata!
<Uzuki Sei>: Standby Naked
: What is it!? Just what happened!?
: The chat is crazy fast Kusa
Vtuber Legend chapter 31 end
9: Keikaku means plans, Kusa is a plant
Tasai: I’m just blinking furiously right now after seeing Sei suddenly appearing saying ‘Standby Naked’ as her first words this chapter.
3pic: …this chapter is too much


  1. Thanks for the chapter
    iirc Kusa is an internet slang for “lol”
    wwww is the lol of the japanese, wwww also looks like grass, kusa was then derived from www
    and now we have kusa as lol.

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