Manowa Ch35

mllhild: With this, the Legendary Spirit Summoning Arc is over and the Ruby Beast Arc begins. ROAR

IcedTea: Wootwoot! (Sorry for the low number of releases…we’ll pick back up once 9 is back.)


Yumika calls Zinray Shishou (we previously used Teacher)


35th story – Lets Add a New Member


<<Winlard Town – In front of Zinray’s Dojo>>

Awful. I want to go home…

Standing in front of Zinray’s dojo, Kazane stiffens upon seeing a mass of machos and her best friend leading them. They gave off a ‘hard to approach’ feeling.

“One Two, Three” (Yumika)

“”””One Two, Three”””” (Mass of Machos)

Kazane had started to run in a hurry toward Yumika once she approached the surroundings of the town.

“Fuu *sigh*, the crisis has left, right?”

“You there, what are you doing?” (???)

“Heh? Uwaa-”  Kazane turned to her other side, and there was Zinray.

“You surprised me. Isn’t it Zinray-san?”

“Fumu. Still, being this close to your back and you didn’t even notice….” (Zinray)

“Hmm, since it wasn’t a dangerous smell, it got ignored…maybe?”

Thinking about it again, Kazane realized that she herself did notice Zinray, but it seemed like her skill analyzed information by itself, trying to burden her consciousness as little as possible.

“That sort of thing….really a convenient nose.” (Zinray)

“Seems like it.” Kazane also nods. This skill has really saved them many times over.

“But you did come to meet Yumika, ain’t that right?” (Zinray)

“That is right, but somehow leading a bunch of muscleheads is scary.”

“Those are our disciples from the dojo.” Slightly dis-encouraged, Ziray answers her.

“All the members were beaten by Yumika. It seems like she is really adored now.” Zinray smiles bitterly while breaking the news to Kazane.

“Your main disciple can’t win either?”

“I have never thought that someone could have such talent as to reach such a point in only one week.” (Zinray)

Quite right…but, Zinray continues to speak.”But, as of yet, she hasn’t reached me.”

So he is this kind of person…Kazane thought after seeing the fighting spirit in his eyes.

“Hm, rise and come, please. Until Yumika returns, there are things I would like to discuss.” (Zinray)


<<Winlard Town – Inside Zinray’s Dojo>>

“Tea” (Zinray)

“Thank you.”

While sipping the tea Zinray brought, they discussed the latest stories floating around Winlard.

“It was around the time when you left for the ogre subjugation squad and the escort squad assignment; have you heard about what was decided?” (Zinray)

“A bit from Gyao. There was talk of a nice reward for the subjugation request.”

This subjugation isn’t like the normal subjugation requests for the like of Raider Dogs and Horned Rabbits. This was an abnormally large outbreak and, for the sake of reducing the damage to the surrounding domains, the Kingdom itself conducted this one subjugation.

“If you go to the guild and bring the five (ogres) you hunted this time along with the other two, you can get some money out of it. You hunted seven, right. With this, not counting the subjugation unit, your amount for subjugation made it to the top.” (Zinray)

“That’s just coincidence. Perhaps the bait was good, ne?”  Well, in this case, the bait was those merchants.

“For those guys to become bait seems rather pitiful.” Zinray had a wry smile.

“Which reminds me: among the people who participated in the subjugation corps, there are several beastmen, but none of them has a nose like you or Gyao. I say beastmen, but there are a multitude of variations among them. Of all of these, the ones of mixed heritage tend to see a decline in their inherited abilities.”  (Zinray)

Since Kazane had decided to use ‘beastman’ as her disguise, she had already investigated into the affairs of the beastmen. When she guessed the foot with Gyao she already knew of this process.

“So along the same line of thinking, guys like you should also exist. Anyway, you could say that Winlard’s condition is like this: If the ogres are left alone, trade will stagnate. This is a matter of life and death for the town. There is an urgent need for action.” (Zinray)

“If we divide the work between Gyao and me, we could eventually reduce a reasonable number.”

This was what the Winlard guild had also said during her latest visit.

“Uhu. So there was that, and also something about Yumika.”  (Zinray)

“What’s with Yumika?”

“It seems she will soon reach the peak of her abnormal growth.” (Zinray)

To Zinray’s words, Kazane tilts her head.

“Her growth will stop?”

“No, I don’t think so. It is somehow being forcibly increased to an ideal state (her level, using Kazane’s terms), but it now has that feeling of approaching its limit. It’s something that’s somewhat hard to explain.” (Zinray)

             mllhild: First a reminder: the inhabitants of this world do not know about level or stats, etc..

              IcedTea: In other words, her growth (learning related to performance, skills, reaction speed, use of physical abilities etc…) has been really fast because her body’s been trying to catch up to her level and high stats. She was, after all, a level 15 warrior with only two basic skills and no combat ability. Now that she is reaching her expected combat ability for her level, her growth is slowing down.

“Un, is that so…” Kazane answered honestly. She doesn’t have a personality which knows restraint.

“Fumu. She did rise all at once to the ideal stage, but thereafter, won’t she return to normal growth?…Well this is what I mean.” (Zinray)

“Decided? Who decides?”

“I don’t know. Maybe God does. In this case….” (Zinray)

God….right…but Kazane couldn’t hear the rest of Zinray’s murmur.

Are there really “”Gods”” in this world. Perhaps us coming here is also…it’s possible that there is a connection.

“For now, until that stage, I will train her. From there on, it’s up to the person’s own ambition and perseverance.” (Zinray)

“Well, if you get the agreement of the person herself, then I’m fine with it.”

“Yumika told me that you would say something like this.” After laughing, Zinray started to ponder something and closed his mouth.

Uuh? What is it? Implied Kazane while looking at Zinray.

He slowly opened his mouth and started talking. “Could you accept me into your party?”

(mllhild: NO, only cute girls are allowed!)

(IcedTea: Of all the people, it had to be Zinray……I did not expect that at all….)


“And so, this is our new party member, Zinray-san. Yumika, please get along well with him!”

“Please take care of me.” (Zinray)

When Yumika came back to the dojo, she greeted her teacher, but it seems like her best friend had returned and something strange had taken place. To be exact, her teacher had become her party member and seems to have hit it off with her best friend.

“Ara~? How? Just how did this thing come about?” (Yumika)

“Iya–he said he wanted to come along. Is Yumika against it?”

Kazane’s reply wasn’t something she could simply disagree with.

“No, by no means, I’m not against it, but…Shishou, what is the meaning of this?” (Yumika)

“Nothing special. I just thought that now was a good time. At the time when I went on a journey, it would be good if it became something interesting.” Broadly grinning, Zinray started laughing.

“And the dojo?” (Yumika)

“While you are in town, I will keep it open, but once we leave, I entrust it to Jinro.” (Zinray)

“Ossu.” The man behind Yumika answered.

“Jinro-san, is this alright?” (Yumika)

“Nee-san, since the beginning, we have been unreasonably open and well-received. Naturally we were informed by Shishou that such a day would come—” (Jinro)

The speaking Jinro had his eyes clouded by tears.

Yumika was called Nee-san……

Well then, setting aside Kazane’s thoughts……….

“—therefore, it’s the duty of the disciples to send him off smiling.” (Jinro)

“Sorry about this. Well, I will still remain for a short while. With this, together with Kazane, I will hunt Ogres for a little while. So, I probably won’t be returning here.” (Zinray)

Zinray introduced Kazane to the dojo and……….

“This person is…” (Pupil A)

“Instantly killing an Ogre with her glare……” (Pupil B)

“….the legendary Ogre Kicking Princess” (Pupil C)

The rumors seem to have grown.


“So with this, let’s start the 4th Grand Party Meeting. Don~~Don~~Pafu~~ *Drum Noises*”

The pupils went to practice while Yumika and Zinray joined the meeting. By the way, the 3th Grand Party Meeting was held during the reporting of the Berserk Ogre incident.

“For what reason would it be a good idea to do this?” (Zinray)

“Don’t worry about it, the usual is good. Per usual.” Yumika gave advice to the confused Zinray.

“Yes, yes. The relationship between the new member Zinray and Yumika seems to be in good shape. I too am feeling relieved.”

“Well, it’s reassuring to have Shishou with us. I think it’s also good that I can keep practicing as we travel.” (Yumika)

“It seems that Zinray-san has travelled the continent to gain skills in combat. So, because of that, we can leave the travel-related things to him.”

“Fumu. That’s about right. I think it seems good to entrust it to me to some extent.” (Zinray)

Zinray nods in regards to the expectation of other two. Pertaining to Kingdoms and the lands which Kazane and Yumika were unaware of, such a fellow was a welcome addition.

“Then, my ability may come up as a problem.” (IcedTea: As mentioned very early on in the novel, this ability makes it seem like she is a monster-kin herself, so she doesn’t tell anyone.)

Kazane, with Yumika as the sole exception, has not told anyone of her skill of obtaining skills from monsters.

“For the time being, I will give a brief explanation.”

“Ah… so….” (Zinray)

Not too taken aback, Zinray spoke after hearing her talk.

“If you are alright with it, then that’s fine. Although it seems like I don’t fully understand this splendid ability, at least it doesn’t look like it’s a lie.” (Zinray)

“It’s just that it would be too bothersome to explain my way out of. Since we will be traveling together, I thought it would better to let you know.”

“Yes, that is so, but Shishou, what do you think?” (Yumika)

“What do I think….do you mean about Kazane’s ability?” (Zinray)

“Yea…” (Yumika)

“While I think that it’s unusual, then again, sometimes you end up encountering people with unique abilities.” (Zinray)

“Heh?…” (An interested Kazane)

While listening to Zinray’s stories, Kazane realized that there are still many things she did not know in this world.


Status Window:

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swords‐woman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket,

Fur Coat (with Hood), Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Leather Shoes, Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring

Level : 19

Vitality : 64

Magic Power : 107+300

Strength : 25

Agility : 18

Endurance : 14

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]]


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: “By the way, Zinray seems to have a wife and children.”

Yumika: “What?!? But he isn’t living together with them?!”

Kazane: “It looks like they are in High Wywern (country up north). And his son is a high-ranked knight.”

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! A very unexpected party member. And with that post chapter chat, now I’m expecting some kind of scenario where ‘His wife will drag him back to the family when they get near that town because he abandoned them to go adventuring.’

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  2. I wonder if he’ll pick destinations for them that will have monsters with interesting abilities? After they’re done with the ogres that is.

    Also wondering how long it’ll be till they meet his son and which one of the two he’ll try to hook his son up with ;)

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      1. I don’t think Kazane is Zinray’s type. Zinray wants to fight Yumika and will probably get his son to marry her when he loses or something…..that’s what i hope will happen anyway.

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    1. That was my bad today. I was sending this from a smartphone, in which its hard to change the color. We usually make the asides grey and the important ones a light black, but I can’t on the phone. Sorry about that.


        1. Yeah. I didn’t really have time today since I was doing it during a rehearsal. I really wanted to get it out since I thought I owed you guys.


        1. No, in that kind of setting, I imagine the average lifespan (adjusted to exclude exceptional people) is probably not much more than 60 on the far end. Still… only time will tell.


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