Manowa Ch37

IcedTea: Sorry for taking so long…midterms and sickness and sh*t. Another Nanowa will come out with in the week and hopefully another Gob or two. One piece of big news and an awesome chapter as well.

mllhild: Since money reappears in this chapter after 30+ chapters of just looting, there will be a price chart at the end.

————————————————————————–第三十七話 姫君を助けよう

37th story – Let’s rescue a noble’s daughter


<<Around the Akana Highway  –  Forest of Zanpara>>

For humans, the ogres are dreadful creatures.

With 3 meter high, gigantic bodies and lunging strikes from above that contain inhuman strength, the ogres have cores located in high, unreachable locations. Going even further, their legs are extremely hard to slice with bladed weapons, and yet, their magic resistance is exceedingly high.

Difficult to damage, hard to pin down, and on top of all that, certain death from every attack, ogres are the natural enemy of every intermediate adventurer. However, to adventures who have established a subjugation method, they are nothing but delicious prey.

“Looks like I don’t get a turn.” (Zinray)

“Certainly, nee.” (Yumika)

Riding atop the stone horse Hippo-kun, the teacher and the disciple nodded.

There were 3 Hippo-kun’s present. Kazane, Yumika and Zinray were mounted on them, and hanging by the sides of Hippo-kun were 8 pairs of horns.

From the mouth of the vanguard Kazane, who is following the stench-having smelled it before Zinray- escaped a long “hmm”.

“I’m sorry, Shishou. About that girl, she has a rather bad humor today.” (Yumika)

“It does not matter. You are also wearing a pretty sad face.” (Zinray)

“Uh, excuse me.” (Yumika)

Just like Zinray said, Yumika’s eyes were bloodshot from weeping, same as the Kazane in front of them.

Last night, the two had met, confirmed the situation, and began to cry as if a dam had broken. Then, it became a big wailing contest.

Therefore, Yumika thought they would feel refreshed again, but Kazane didn’t appear to have changed.

“Spotted.” Kazane said a single word.

“How is it this time?” Zinray asked about this situation. This was already the 4th encounter. Usually, 1 or 2 enemies would be settled solely by Kazane’s [Fire Vortex].

“8. Their number is no trouble for subjugation, but…” The voice from her mouth faltered.

(IcedTea: Japanese fun fact: It seems there is a counter word for ‘humanoid monsters’ in Japanese. You know how we might say that I have 3 pieces of chocolate? In Japanese, they would say that there are 4 tai of humanoid monsters. Asiatic languages have a lot more counter words than Western languages. In fact, that’s one of the hardest things to learn in Chinese, in my humble opinion.)

“What?” (Zinray)

“Its still safe-ish, but they caught a woman.”

Yumika’s breathing instantly stopped. If ogres catch females of the human race, there are times when they will impregnate them. That wicked inclination is present in goblins and other humanoid races as well.

“Still…so that means…” (Yumika)

“Nothing has been done though…”

The fact that there has been a kidnapping means that somewhere, someone sustained a raid. Guess they were annihilated there….

“Damn, my mood got worse. So Leader, what now?” (Zinray)

While there were only two people, it was complicit, but now that Zinray has joined, it was decided that Kazane would be the Leader. Therefore, now that they had to make a decision, Zinray called upon Kazane as the Leader.

“I will save that person. You two will rush in when she is rescued.”

“Understood.” (Zinray)

“Un, let’s do our best.” (Yumika)

3 people nodded in unison and faced the direction of the ogres.


Midway there, when they had left Hippo-kun behind, Kazane invoked the skill『Invisible』and approached the group of ogres.

This is quite easy to use, nee.

『Invisible』doesn’s induce optical-type transparency; rather, it’s a skill which lowers the perception of everyone in the area as low as possible. (IcedTea: Rather than making her actually invisible, it makes her ‘go under the radar’, so to speak. People who have ever learned about submarines should get what’s going on.)

It’s HUGE.

The ogre not noticing her while being right in front of its eyes….it’s bad for the heart. If she touches it, the invisibility will fade. For the sake of not losing the effect, she started to move while lowering her body…although, there are also dangers to doing that…

…This is….

Caught by her two arms and lifted up single-handedly is a young lady (This is the princess on the volume cover. She is about Kazane and Yumika’s age, but looks more mature. See her description in the glossary). Looking completely exhausted, she doesn’t seem to be conscious.

Kazane confirmed by smell that Yumika and Zinray had finished their preparations, and commenced the plan.

“Skill – [Air Jump].”

Kazane easily jumped to the head-height of the ogre.

And towards the ogre who lifted his head due to the sudden shadow encroaching on his vision….

“Skill – [Killing Leg].”

….while driving in a kick strengthened by the Berserk Ogre Greaves.

It’s head was blown off.

What power!!

Kazane was surprised by the power of her own kick. And for a moment, the armor boots gleamed with light. The positive correction from the ogre attribute probably has something to do with it. (IcedTea: The Leg Guard makes skills learned from ogres stronger, Killing Leg being one of those..)

Stop! Now is not the time to think about this

Kazane landed on the ground, caught the falling girl and put her on her shoulder.

“GuroooooO” (Rando Ogre)

“OooOOOOOOOOOn” (Rando Ogre 2)

The ogres shout and roar, not because their comrade was killed but rather due to Yumika and Co.’s assault.

“Skill – [Golem Maker] –  “Tebasaki-san” and another “Tebasaki-san”.”

As follow up, Kazane summoned some Golems, and at once, rushed away.

******20 minutes later********

“Wah, tired~.” (Yumika)

The two returned to where Kazane was looking after the young lady. The combat has already been over for 10 minutes. The rest of the time was taken to collect the horns.

“In total, 16 pieces. Still, for today, going for more would be unreasonable.” (Zinray)

In all, 32 horns–The receptionist’s eyes would pop out in astonishment because of such an amount.

“First should be to prepare another Hippo-kun for transport.”

“That person is… wait, she is recovering her consciousness ne.” (Yumika….probably.)

Because she was completely exhausted, she didn’t notice, but the young lady had opened her eyes.

“Thank you….very much.” (Mysterious Young Lady who is clearly a Princess)

Barely being able to continue, the young lady gave her thanks.

“No, thanks are unnecessary, but…”

“But, bringing children along to such a place is …no good, I think.” (Princess with common sense.)

“””?””” (The 3 adventurers without common sense)

The 3 inclined their heads to the side in doubt.

“Ogres are dangerous. You have my gratitude for saving me, but…” (The Princess MC who recognizes danger.)

With a condemning look pointed at him, Zinray suddenly had a rising suspicion….


But after looking at Kazane, he changed his mind

“Please excuse this, but this party’s leader is not me. My dear, your words are somewhat misdirected.” (Zinray, the guy who catches on quickly…)

“What are you referring to?” The young lady inclines her head in doubt.

“The leader of this party is this pseudo-child right there. She a dreadful living being that has smashed an ogre’s head with a kick” (mllhild: LOL, he actually said this with Kazane right besides him.) (IcedTea: That is pretty savage…)

The word ‘pseudo-child’ left Kazane in terror (as it rightly should).

Right next to her, the young lady commented “What a foolish thing….” , and so, Zinray had to explain a second time.

As for the young lady’s understanding, it did arrive for a further 10 minutes.

“I see. It seems that mine thoughts were mistaken.” (A Fairy! 0_o….jk, just a mysterious lady who is mostly likely a princess.)

“As long as you understand, that’s good enough.” Zinray and the lady had finally reached mutual compromise.

“Muu~” (Booing Kazane: Japanese-style booing: See anime K-On for examples…)

“Maa~Maa~” (Soothing Yumika: Japanese-style soothing: See same as above or find a Japanese mom talking to a crying baby….)

On the other side were a booing Kazane and a soothing Yumika.

“Rather than that, you seem surprisingly composed. Were there any other people together with you?” (Zinray)

The problem lies there.

“If there are still people who escaped, we will offer assistance; however…” (Zinray)

“No, that will not be required,” the lady interjected, “Since those guys were the kidnappers.”

  ************(Some time later….)

This has become something complicated again….thought Zinray. It can be said that the status of the girl in front of us is quite high. And thus, the gravity of the situation became heightened.

“So this means that Tiara is Tsuwara Kingdom’s princess?” (Either Yumika or Kazane)

The young lady nods. Her name is Tiara Tsurug Tsuwara, giving her name as the daughter of the first prince of the Tsuwara Kingdom. (A.k.a: She is the Crown Prince’s daughter.)

“It appears that there were plans to sell me.” (Tiara)

She told us that the knife serving as proof of royalty had been taken away; the ring bearing the crest seized; her clothes switched with shabby ones.

“Just how did it come to such a situation, ne….”

“Uncle Shelkin (the Second Prince) probably did this to threaten Father (the First Prince Audin)…I guess, ne…” (Tiara)

Zinray was greatly perplexed. Internal squabble?

“Isn’t it strange though? If it’s supposed to be a threat, I think killing the target in advance would be safer than selling them off.” Kazane said it carelessly, but, if it must be pointed out, then that statement was truly emotionless.  

“Those were probably the orders of the people who kidnapped me, since during the abduction the man in charge said:『It doesn’t matter if you enjoy yourselves, but kill her when you’re done.』Originally, it appears like I was to be killed.” (IcedTea: I’m no hardcore feminist, but I really hate things like this….)

Yumika frowned.

“In that case, I wonder if they wanted some pocket money….”

What Kazane referred to was that, in this day and age, a slave goes at around 20,000 kirigia (unit currency). However, for a sex slave-and even more so for quality goods like Tiara, then the price would be raised to 100,000 kirigia. 

The object called ‘slave’ is comparable in price to a real-world car. Kazane had previously investigated and hadn’t seen many slaves who received cruel treatment from their owners since, to them, slaves are large assets which couldn’t just be used and discarded.

“Even so, Tiara doesn’t seem perturbed, ne…” (I’m pretty sure this is Yumika, and if so, she is learning Kazane’s speech pattern and that pisses me off….)

“What is done is done. Plus, I am still in perfectly good health right now.” (Tiara)

Zinray held his spirit steady and then cut into the conversation. “If I’m not mistakened, the current king of the Tsuwara kingdom is bedridden because of an illness. I heard that the first prince is currently ruling.”

Tiara nods.

“Tiara-sama, do you think that the present matter can possibly make first prince Audin-sama lose his standing?” (Zinray)

“I wish to say that it will not, but with father….I’m loved very dearly by him after all….” Tiara said, embarrassed.

Doting parents…then….Kazane adds another thing to Prince Audin’s list of characteristics.

“If that’s the case, it may become a very unpleasant situation here.” (Zinray, the person who actually thinks ahead)

“Why do you say?”

“First Prince Audin-sama continues to rule by inheriting the policies of the former king. You might say that he is pretending to keep up the friendly relations with Menshiana, but…” (Zinray)

To this remark, Tiara nods again.

“In regards to the Second Prince Shelkin-sama, something smells fishy.You could call him a reformist, specifically concerning the informationt that he is involved with the country Soldard, which is north of here and carries the distinct possibility of him bringing war.” (Zinray)

“The point being?” Kazane already had a guess, but still asked anyway.

“In the case that Shelkin-sama mobilizes the country, there is the chance that the Tsuwara Kingdom will attack Menshiana.” (Zinray)

“This is!?” Yumika widened her eyes as if it was unexpected.

“This has become something troublesome, ne…” said Kazane with a light tone, but this voice somehow sounded excited.

(IcedTea: That last word can be translated as either hollow or excited. Hollow with the connotation she is uninterested or wants to avoid a confrontation. Excited with the connotation that she is a battle freak and wants to fight. Mllhild likes the battle freak idea, so I respected his decision. I guess only latter chapters will tell us which attitude is correct.)


Status Window:

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swords‐woman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves(instead of Leather Shoes), Indestructible Cloak (instead of Fur Coat (with Hood)), Pouch, Crimson Saint Coffin, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring.

Level : 19

Vitality : 64

Magic Power : 107+300

Strength : 25

Agility : 18

Endurance : 14

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]]


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: “If you say it that way, the story of war started out plenty early, ne…”

Yumika: “They will clash soon…”

Kazane: “Troublesome, nee…”


Price Chart 1 kiriga = 1 dollar  
Cheap second hand leather upper part and belt a few kiriga Yumika had left, after buying her equipment, from collecting herbs for some days
Cheap second hand leather armor, cloak and metal gauntlets for children 200
leather armor, cloak and metal gauntlets for children 2,000
Room for 2 in Inn in conrad town 8
morning and evening meal for 2 14
Reward for Horned Rabbit + its material 100
Golem Core Stone 450
Any weapon made by Master blacksmith +100,000
First request (Aka get floating stone) 300
Fire grimoire 500
Healing grimoire 1,000
slave 20,000
high quality sex slave 100,000

mllhild: The two earned around 5000 kiriga per week in Conrad town, so Tiara (the princess) is around 5 months worth of income for these amateur cheat MCs. No wonder the thugs were tempted. Still, the Master Blacksmith could easily buy a harem, assuming that his production cost isn’t too high, of course.

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  1. “IcedTea: I’m no hardcore feminist, but I really hate things like this….”

    You don’t have to be a feminist to hate rape

    Thanks for the chapter. Wonder if this means the girls will be hired as royal guards for the princess.

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  2. Thanks for the new chapter! Picture of Tiara/Volume 2 cover is where? I know the cover with Kazane and Yumika on the Manowa ToC.

    The girls haven’t fought people yet, so I wonder how that would go.

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    1. Just escorts or bodyguards. For being a royal guard one needs a high position and social status. Often it is reserved for knights and nobles.


  3. My own take would be hollow, but whatever. Also:
    “If I’m not mistakened, the current king of the Tsuwara kingdom is bedridden because of an illness. I heard that the first prince is currently ruling.”
    mistakened -> mistaken

    Thank you for your hard work! :)

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    1. “specifically concerning the informationt that he is involved with the country Soldard,”
      My woefully inadequate education has failed to avail me of the meaning that is conveyed by the term “informationt” and thus I am compelled to hold my eyebrow fully aloft so as to express my ignorance and confusion.


  4. Kazane was like,
    “huehuehue new battlefield~~”

    Admit it. Kazane is a warmonger lol~

    (Btw what’s with that guy on vol 5 cover? This novel’s character spots are exclusively reserved for girls)

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  5. Seeing how intent you are on giving spoilers and extra notes, I’m just going to write a script to erase everything in Parenthesis for this site.

    Only thing said is that the Ogres have a young lady, and then you say she’s a Princess, and then repeat that she’s OBVIOUSLY a Princess, when the story hasn’t mentioned that yet. All of the notes are… Holy shit, why? Too many obstructive and immersion-breaking notes. At least put them in footnotes or something. If it was only notes about the translation being ambiguous, that’d be one thing, but I don’t need to care or even know about your opinion about what a character says or does—you hate that Yumika is picking up Kazane’s habit? GOOD FOR YOU…

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    1. Although I would’ve liked for your tone to be a little softer, I wholly understand your point. Sometimes, we do go overboard when we are translating, since comments like these keep us having fun while working through all of these. This type of ambiguous dialogue doesn’t happen much, especially when it sounds really different in Japanese. You can automatically tell that Tiara is speaking in formal royalty type speech in Japanese that we failed to get across in English. That’s my extra excuse for all of that. But, if that’s the will of the readers, I will make sure to trim that stuff out. Thanks for reading!


      1. You called her a Princess before she even woke up though…
        I love the story, and the translation is understandable, but those extra notes are just too immersion breaking for me.

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