Manowa 38

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9: for the past few days, misfortune has been preventing me from finishing a translation (ex. getting sick, suddenly taken away from the pc, super slow net and etc) and there is also an error, its a webpage not available error or Err_conection_reset or Err_empty_response(sometimes). the websites work fine but when i use their functions the error happens. especially the assist website I mainly use to TL whenever I put the content and then click the button the error happens though if i do it about 1 out of 50 times it would work but i can’t really focus on translating because i am pissed about the doing the same thing again for 50 times. the error also happens NUF when i post something i have to repeat doing the same things again too. i tried like most fixes i found on google none worked and just gave me a headache, so if anyone can help please help me, i’m desperate TT_TT

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9: Nearly translated manowa in 1st point of view, got to used to Kansu and Gob tensei

mllhild: I would like if they had some POV chapters from some side characters


第三十八話 姫君を護衛しよう

Let’s Escort the Princess


<<Cresta Forest Path>>

“Found the ring.”

Kazane needed to look for something that provide proof of her status, and so they went back outside of the forest towards the area in the mountains where the kidnappers where attacked by the ogres.

Yumika was about ready to vomit when she saw the torn-off arms and leftovers since up until now, she had taken materials directly from brutally-murdered monsters. A human is…as one of them….she held some disgust towards the whole thing, but she noticed soon after that she had already gotten used it herself.

No way… (Yumika)

Yumika, who was still getting used to it, whispered so into her heart. However, she had already laid her hands on an ogre which was close to human in shape anyway–which made her think that she could somehow deal with humans at the moment.

And at that time, just while she was stuck in this negative feedback loop, she raised her head to Kazane’s words.

“Yes, it is this: ‘The Crest of Tsuwara’s Guardian Beast’, Ruby Gryphon.” (Tiara) (IcedTea: She just has a ring with the crest on it. There is only one real Ruby Beast Ring.)

“Ruby Gryphon? Does that mean you can summon it?” Kazane was surprised and asked Tiara.

“Never; as of now, it is impossible.”Tiara shook her head. “Though, if it was the current king, Grandfather, it would be possible if he held ‘Mefirus’ Ruby Beast Ring’.”

……As I thought, it does exist…

Kazane recalled the Summoned Beasts when this was still a game–legendary beasts clad in flames–they were really extremely strong, she thought. Yumika had also complained: “There’s no way we can win against that.” It seems that she wasn’t able to beat it.

“For the time being, even if we return to the Kingdom with just this, we can prove that she is the Princess.” (Zinray?)

“You’re right…” Tiara assented to it, but after that, she hesitated, wanting to say something.

Zinray guessed that Tiara was troubled over whether or not she should ask them to guard her until she returned back to her country, but wanting to check their Leader’s intention, he ignored it.

Rather than answering that question, however, Kazane voiced a question to Zinray. “Zinray-san, there is something I would like to ask you.”

“What is it?” (Zinray)

“I’d like to go to Tsuwara while bypassing the border station. Is there some way to do that?”

Listening to Kazane’s question, Zinray really was about to smile unintentionally, but still, he answered the question with a sour look.

“Let’s see. If we take a detour at Argo Mountain Range, then it might work somehow. After all, distance-wise, it’s the same as walking along the usual highway–although, around this season, blizzards on that mountain are severe, you know?” (Zinray)

Upon hearing that, Kazane’s face strained a bit, but Zinray, who didn’t know about Ruu, didn’t understand what that meant. (9: Ruu is the ghost Kazane met in the mountains.)

“You’re…right. I think we should go back to Conrad Town and get our preparations ready.”

“Um….” Next to them, Tiara opened her mouth. “I had the intent to return through the normal way by passing through the border station.”

…However, not being able to convince Kazane, she was denied.

“It would probably be better not to. I think that, if we were in the middle of the road, Mr. 2nd Prince might notice us and will definitely kill you this time.” (Kazane)

Zinray agreed with those words. “Just as Kazane said, I don’t know how far Shelkin-sama’s hands can reach…it would be better to consider the dangers that could follow until you directly meet Audin-sama.”

“…..I see….” Tiara lowered her head, depressed. And at that time, Yumika opened her mouth.

“Excuse me~~somehow, you guys have been talking as if you plan to be her escort. So does that mean it’s a go?” (Yumika)

“Yeah, that’s right.” Kazane nodded back as if it were natural.

“Ah yeah…of course it would be like this.” Yumika voiced her thoughts and stepped back again.  

In any case, just as planned from their party meeting, they were to go to Conrad town to prepare to pass the border via the Argo Mountain Range, avoiding as many villages and towns as possible while they headed toward the Royal Capital Griffonia.  

And then, without any change of plans, they rode Hippo-kun to Conrad, and when they arrived,  night was approaching.


<<Conrad Town: The Cook’s Pot Inn: Evening>>

“Yumika, you sure have been coming here frequently.” (Rinrie)

“Long time no see, Rinrie-san.” (Yumika)

It had only been two weeks since we had left Conrad, but to Yumika, it felt like it had been a long time since she had said her farewells to Rinrie. Probably because of these recent serious events.

“Hello Rinrie-san.”

“Welcome to you too, Kazane.” (Rinrie)

Since Kazane stayed here when she was conquering the Coral Temple, it had only been 2 days since they met.

“So did you girls come here to stay for the night? Sorry though, we are already full today.” (Rinrie)

Rinrie had a “what to do?” kind of face.

“Ah, no. We just kinda wanted to see you.” Kazane inserted these words.

“Oh my, is that so…” (Rinrie)

“We have companions outside, so we can’t really stay for long.”

Rinrie made another “oh my” face.

“Well it is good that you’re doing your best during to succeed during this time, but don’t overdo it, OK? After all, when you are tired, your danger perception will become loose.” (Rinrie)

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“After all, today too, we were rushing straight through.” Yumika also agreed. From ogre hunting to the current situation, they did it all nonstop. They would obviously feel tired.

“So then, we don’t have any plans to stay for the night, but is it fine to have some of Rinrie-san’s soup?”

Rinrie nodded towards Kazane.

“If it’s just that, then there’s no problem. Are you going to eat it here?” (Rinrie)

“Nope. Just as I said earlier, we have companions waiting, so we will be eating out together.”

As Kazane was saying that, she receive a metal bottle, and then, Rinrie went back to the kitchen.


<<Conrad Town Surroundings: A Rocky Area: Eveningtide=)>>

“This is delicious.” Tiara complimented it after taking a sip of the soup.

“Well, after all, it’s the only redeeming feature of Rinrie-san’s inn.” (Yumika) (IcedTea: Ouch…)

“She said that as long as she has just one gourd, she can still do it.”

From Kazane’s words, Yumika remembered her days helping out at the inn.

“Well, the soup is not badly made, but this building is.” Zinray looked around. (IcedTea: I know this seems abrupt…..he is not referring to the inn.)

The building was made out of stone….but, even in this rocky area, such a design did not exist up ‘til now. A building-shaped golem– it has a design with the feature of not collapsing even when the magic power is cut off.  

There are also 4 beds. The Indestructible Futon was spread out, and a quasi-lighting system obtained from the Coral Temple, the crystal ball with flames inside it, was set up.

“So this is how adventurers live. It is my first time experiencing such a thing.” (Tiara)

“It is more comfortable than I imagined…” Tiara muttered, which gave Zinray a headache.

Zinray reminisced: “Back in the day when I was traveling around the continent, I had to keep the fire going for the whole night while looking out for monsters…” (IcedTea: Old man, catch up with technology…)

Well, even after saying that, they still had a rotating shift of lookouts. There are monsters, but burglars are also of concern.

“At any rate, Tiara-sama is more friendly–or more familiar–than what I had imagined…or it’s because you’re not really haughty.” (Yumika)

“From the start, the Tsuwara Kingdom has had the motto “shitsujitsugouken” (unaffected and sincere / with fortitude and vigor). On top of that, Father is really obsessed with it.” Tiara smiled as she replied to Yumika’s words.

“I could say the same to you two as well…more than adventurers….let’s see….you two give me an impression near that of people from a noble’s school.” (Tiara)

“Aaa, I see. There are also schools here.”

“By ‘here’, you mean….” (Tiara)

“Although, we are not really nobles. Yumika and I were students too.”

Zinray hasn’t really heard about it, but he didn’t show any his expression expect an “I see”. He had seen signs of education in certain points of their actions.

“Kazane, leave that conversation alone, OK?” (Yumika)

“Aah, yeah. That’s right.”

It was as if Kazane received punishment from Yumika’s words, and so, she sadly nodded. Yesterday, they had cried a lot. Kazane too does not want those feelings to return.

Tiara and Zinray, seeing that, presumed that there were some kind of circumstances involved, and they didn’t further the topic.

“And so, I secured 10 days worth of food. And there are also tools to fight against the cold.”

“However, taking the Princess into the mountains–we can’t really do anything rash.” (Zinray)

“I have plans for that, so don’t worry!” Kazane did a V-sign (victory!).

“I see”…as of now, Zinray doesn’t need to say anymore. Since entering the party, from the first day, he was shown things severely lacking in common sense.

Saying something is already too late. Zinray thought.


Status Window: New Equipment in Bold~~~

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swords‐woman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves , Indestructible Cloak , Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring.

Level : 19

Vitality : 64

Magic Power : 107+300

Strength : 25

Agility : 18

Endurance : 14

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]]


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: “Finally, Yumika and Rinrie met again.”

Yumika: “After all, what I said then kinda felt like I said “I’ll be visiting again in a while.” At last I was able to properly greet her. Ah, that’s right…there is something I’m curious about.”

Kazane: “What is it?”

Yumika: “Isn’t passing over the border a crime?”

Kazane: “Normally it would be. Well, if you are not found, it’s not bad at all since the border is basically treated like a grey zone.”

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter :)

    Zinray’s common sense already broken – Status: Became an ‘I See’ man
    Tiara’s common sense of adventurers in the process of being broken – Status: currently unknown XD

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      1. If Im not mistaken, Kuma and Manowa are written by the same author. So go check it out on Xant’s site. It’s a fantastic novel (my favorite on their site).


  2. Zinray reminisced: “Back in the day when I was traveling around the continent, I had to keep the fire going for the whole night while looking out for monsters…”

    The only thing that saved Zinray from being a complete “old-timer” stereotype was the lack of “…AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!”


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