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Note: Seig is Kazane’s first character.

45th Story – Calling for Assistance


Kazane had perceived correctly that Blair Deckerman was, rather than human, from the Astral lineage, a pure, magical creature, a demon. This was not particularly due to high deductive power on her side….rather it was that he had no scent to speak of, and therefore, couldn’t be a being within the laws of nature, and thus only from the Astral lineage. The open status window on the King’s Curse showed the classification {Demonic}, so the conclusion was merely that much.

In any case, the demons from the Astral lineage are midboss class during the endgame. In a fight at this moment, they had no chance of winning against such an enemy. Also, by the nonchalant manner he was of standing in front of them, one could predict that the soldiers were, just as promised, very likely to be routed the moment they attacked.

But, while Kazane did not know Blair’s abilities, she did for the Ruby Griffon behind him. Referred to as an Extermination Monster, it was a wide area combat type Summoning Monster, a being thought to have the potential to slaughter a thousand soldiers.

Even worse, Blair can see all of this side’s war potential. And he says he has an overwhelming advantage. This is the correct conclusion from Blair’s point of view.


However—-that is “Negligence.”


Blair doesn’t know that Kazane holds a card powerful enough to cut him down. It’s known as the Hand that Protects the Spirits, and exaggerated class of trancendal warriors, the games strongest, rule-breaking existences. (Iced: Chuuni much?)

If it’s this, then it can defeat him. It can frolick along playfully while destroying this demon.


And for Kazane, this card……


just at the moment of truth……


that lone man appeared, perfectly destroying it. (mllhild:yep, alduin ruined it)




This idiot–

Kazane clicks her tongue at this excessively foolish action.

The arrangements had been already in place. The court magicians with long distance spell bombardment, in addition to the assault by the knights. The Tsuwara soldiers’ formation was perfectly wasted by the First Prince. Due to Alduin’s accidental shouting, the scared magicians shoot and the Kinghts rushed forth to shield their Prince.

[Aaaah! All ruined!!] Laughing, Blair opposed Alduin.

Nothing left but to do it….

[Get him Sieg!!] Pushing the ring forward, I invoked the existence worthy of the title [Strongest].

And thus, from inside the ring radiated a light, which rushed out like lightning, overtaking Alduin while slashing into Blair.


Aa, yep, useless…

On Kazane’s face, frustration spread. If matched with the Tsuwara troops’ attack, it may have gotten through, but a rushed attack by only one person ended in failure.


[Bastard, what……?]

As expected, on the opposing side, Blair’s face showed turmoil. The magical wall prepared for defense was almost destroyed. By a single attack from the man in front of him.

[What, are you–!?]

Just like trembling little animal, Alduin cowered in the background. With that man (Seig) abruptly appearing and unleashing a dreadful attack, his rage from shortly before dispersed immediately. But this man’s, Sieg’s, anger was flew furiously towards Alduin.


Together with that enraged voice, Seig flcked the Heavenly Mirror greatshield at him.


Alduin flew 3 meters backward and collapsed.


What power–a man of such valor, why….

Why is such one….here now…..lying on the floor seemed to give him the chance to think clearly. As his line of sight turned towards the Tsuwara soldiers fighting to defend him, the surrounding state finally entered his vision. Finally, he noticed his narrowminded self, only focused on killing Blair.

Ah, so our soldiers already had finished the preparations for the attack

Infuriated from hearing Kazane’s carefree conversation, he himself had rushed ahead, alone. Only now did he noticed his foolishness.

I ruined everything. This country, the soldiers I ought to control, were only thrown into this disorder because of me.

While thinking so, and falling into desperation,


Kazane slapped Alduin’s face with her palm.

Alduin was taken aback from being hit, and in a daze, he looked up at Kazane.

[Did you open them—your eyes?] This voice was cold with no trace of emotion.


Of course it is, na……There is no way the girl in front of him does not comprehend his mistakes.

[Ah, sorry…..] (mllhild: seppuku, NOW. Or at least become a meat shield.)

[Then, it’s good.] The apology Alduin risked was interrupted, and Kazane {forgave}. (IcedTea: I have no idea why the brackets there…..)


[The King–he died right, ne?]

[Ah….I saw the corpse.]

[Is that so? Therefore, you must be devastated, right?]

[……Yes, so…]

This is pitiful.

[If that’s the case, then you cannot afford to lose your daughter as well, isn’t that right?]

As this was said, Alduin suddenly became aware of it. If his father was killed and daughter stolen…
therefore, kill? 

Instead of regaining his daughter?


Why could he not think of such a simple thing himself…..realizing this, he recovered his former self.

[Yes. Recovering my daughter, Tiara…..absolutely!]

Different from his previous howl infused with anger, the voice of a man full of conviction was heard instead. Seeing this, Kazane smiled and presented her hand.

[Then stand.]


…….so small, yet so powerful

Harboring exactly the same respect as his daughter did in his heart, Alduin grasped this hand raising up.

[Now, Yumika, Zinray-san, warm up?] Kazane called out to the two people approaching from behind.

[There is no time.] Came from Yumika.

[Now what to do–this is bad.] Seeing the progress of the battle, Zinray raised a concerned voice.


The battle field was now cut in two. The rampaging Ruby Griffon vs. the surrounding Tsuwara troops. And the inhuman battle region of Sieg and Blair.

And yet, Kazane’s expression showed neither impatience nor tension.

[Iya~, if the Ruby Griffon produced its true power, their chances of winning would be none, but look. Frankly, just weakening it would be good enough for us, but doesn’t it look like it’s feeling exhausted, right? Half of it is black, so its level should also be around half-ish.]

To these….words….Zinray did a slight spittake (*pfft*). Well, because it looked like Tsuwara’s soldiers were literally being kicked around like trash.


[If it were at its original power, the courtyard would have easily been blown away. Also the reason, why [Blaze] (high-level fire magic) isn’t coming out–Yumika should know.]

Yumika shortly thought it over and answered: [Probably because the summoner’s level is too low….right? If the summoner’s ability is too low, the monster’s normal attacks can’t be used.]

To this answer, Kazane nods. The Ruby Griffon’s true terror isn’t its large build, but rather the expanding, highly powered flames of [Blaze]. If it can’t make use of it, then the difficulty of the fight Kazane imagined plummeted greatly.

[The summoner’s level is low? Then this–impossible!?]


Then, Alduin suddenly realized a possibility.

[Un, it is. Tiara summoned this. However, it looks like it was forcibly summoned and that she is being used as the core, ne.]


Normally, the summoned monster can use its moves separately from the summoner, but Tiara’s own level was insufficient to call on the Ruby Griffon. As Kazane sees it, it was a forced summoning by with Blair Deckerman using Tiara as an intermediary.

[This Ruby Griffon isn’t like some normal griffon somewhere. Thisdark-natured man made me feel really nervous, I say….]

This Kazane said, but it was towards Blair’s unintentional talk, it seems. By all rights, even with the Ruby Griffon’s power being low, as long as Blair himself was there, it would suffice. If the being Sieg did not exist, everything should have developed according to his assumptions.



[Now, now, is this really to the degree that you leaked, right?] (0_o <wat>)

[Ha-? How do you know–]

The thing pointed out by Yumika made the trembling Kazane shout in embarrasement. While Kazane was denying that such a thing happened, Yumika pointed to Kazane’s lower part.

[Err- you know, a stain is showing…]

To these words, Kazane retorted with an [Eh?] while glancing towards her own abdomen.

Upon closer inspection, Kazane’s attire consisted on her pajamas and the indestructible mantle only. A thin layer clothes covered her underwear, but in short, the part between her legs was undoubtedly wet.

[Oo, REALLY~~~]

[BAKA all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] Alduin’s words make Kazane’s eyes tear up. Had there been a mirror, she would’ve known that her face was flushed completely red from shame.

[Unpleasant, Kazane fought on even in her fear… thinking that, I feel like I may have recovered my courage. Don’t mind~] (Alduin I think.)

In summary, a man whose courage rises from seeing a girl pee. Beyond any doubt, a pervert. (lol, why isn’t this the title….)

[Uuu~~~, anyway, I will go defeat Blair in just a moment, so Yumika, Zinray-san and Alduin-san, lead the soldiers to be the Ruby Griffon’s opponents, please. It’s enough to just slow it down.]

Saying this Kazane looked over at Sieg and Blair’s battle. [Because the Ruby Griffon should stop once this guy is defeated.]


(Wait. She was facing off an astral being in pajamas?! And is now about to fight in pajamas and having peed her pants……..wat.

Also ,“In summary, a man whose courage rises from seeing a girl pee. Beyond any doubt, a pervert,” …………best line 10/10.)

Post Chapter Chat:

Yumika: [Ta ta ta taaa~~~~! Kazane obtained the titles of [Shamed Girl] and [Leaking Girl]!!!]

Kazane: [Do you plan to further my life-long disgrace——–?!?!?!?!?!]

Status Window: NEW IN BOLD

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess, Shamed Girl, Leaking Girl………

Equipment: Cane [[White Blaze]], Two Handed Sword [[Black Fang]], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.

Level : 20

Vitality : 70

Magic Power : 114+300

Strength : 27

Agility : 22

Endurance : 16

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [[Fly]] [[Torch]] [[Fire]] [[Heal]]

Skill : [[Goblin Language]] [[Night Vision]] [[Crushing Blow]] [[Dog’s Sense of Smell]] [[Golem Maker]] [[Rush]] [[Fire Principle: Second Chapter]] [[Healing Principle: Second chapter]] [[Air Jump]] [[Killing Leg]] [[Fear Voice]] [[Invisible]] [[Tiger Eye]]

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    1. Hahaha, good, lets go with this. Sadly Kazane won’t learn water magic since having 2 magic series of opposite elements causes a debuff to both.

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  1. Raaah no title from saving all her friends ass, the host, the princess, the king, protecting everyone against a demon, discovering the truth behind the demon’s sheme…
    But those titles…
    Poor Kazane, she should just let them all die :(

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  2. Thanks for the Chapter :)
    Getting titles when someone mentions it reminds me of Konjiki no Wordmaster … Like the Maou getting the “Maou(LOL)” title due to Hiiro mentioning it XD

    Another Post Script after Status Window:

    Name: Yuihama Kazane
    Occupation: Magic Swordswoman
    Title: Ogre Killer Princess, Shamed Girl, Leaking Girl………

    *closes status window*
    Kazane: [So i really did get those titles … words are fearsome ne?]
    Yumika: [Ignorance is bliss~ fufufu…]

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  3. “Thisdark-natured man made me feel really nervous, I say…”
    Thewalls are closing in, Ineed more spaces!!!

    Honestly, it is kind of cool that she was completely terrified here. Although that was a bit more banter than I would expect from a battlefield…

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