Manowa Ch46

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46th Story – Let’s Bring down a Demon

Now then. About the state of this battleground: if we are discussing the person most cornered by unforseen circumstance, it is Blair Deckerman. Let’s put aside whether he is a person or not.

He did just as he had proclaimed: unsettling the King’s mental state while trying to alter the Ruby Griffon completely, and then planning to leave the Tsuwara Kingdom. For this purpose, he had prepared for 5 years and waited 2 more years to attain the trust of the 2nd Prince and his current position. However, when causing an disturbance and in kidnapping Tiara, he had been stingy. The hired robbers were blinded by money, and instead of following the plans to kill her, they decided to sell her off.

Even then, Blair’s misfortune continued further. Tiara ended up rescued out of the hands of the robbers by adventurers. Even so, as Blair the butler of the second prince, he had arranged a search for them, and if discovered, a quick assasination. The adventurers, however, had escaped all detection and arrived indecently in front of Alduin in the royal castle.

With Tiara aware of his involvement in the kidnapping, Blair couldn’t avoid large changes to the plan. So, he killed the King, who was newly freed from his curse, and decided to use the easily manipulated Tiara instead.

But once again, these adventurers discovered him. He didn’t want to acknowledge it, but this time, Blair was losing his temper considerably quickly. He was soon enraged.

Therefore, he unconsciously decided to amuse himself by playing some games. Enscening (mllhild: like making a play) a large fight, thinking of making a grand entrance to vent his anger.


The consequence of that is this situation!?

In front of him was this outrageously strong warrior named Sieg.

Each slash sent his way contained certain death. How many magical barriers had he layered up–but even more still here being destroyed.

Normally, physical attacks have a miniscule effect on Blair–but now, he was relentlessly cornered.


Now, from the other side’s perspective: there was no way Sieg had this much breathing room. The opponent was a type with physical resistances, and for Sieg, it was the most troublesome opponent class. This does not mean that he can’t defeat him if the combat continued on….but Sieg had an activation restriction of 10 minutes. If it continues like this, with his desire to escape, he might actually manage to get away.


For this reason, there is one more method that needs to be used. It is one necessary for victory.

And so, this one move was carried out now.


“[Skill – Killing Leg]!”


Blair raised his voice in surprise at the sudden attack from above.

The greaves made from the horns of the Berserk Ogre responded to the skill of the same race, further drawing out power.



Kazane’s single strike destroyed a part of the castle walls already cracked by Sieg’s attacks.



Blair smacked his lips as the unexpected attack, but Sieg did not overlook this opportunity.


“{Large Winged Sword} – [Released State]!!” (mllhild: the first thing I would learn is chant omission so that I wouldn’t have to say such embarrassing lines) (Iced: lol)


This is the strongest attack that the Large Winged Sword had, which had previously been used by the Stonemasked Sieg in the Coral Temple.

Using the Circlet of Wisdom, he zeroed in on the most fragile crack within Blair’s already destroyed defensive barriers and thrust the 8 extending wings into it.


It passed through the barriers!?

Blair’s face warped in fright. A dreadful amount of magical energy is concentrated in front of those wings.

(mllhild: the sword probably looks like this: a bunch of wings on a round handle like the muzzle of futuristic laser weapons)


“Perish here!!”

Along with this verdict, Sieg burst the energy of the 8 attributes of the 8 wings into the interior of the barrier. Known as “[Zexia Ray]”, the sure-killing technique–the rays vast destructive power disintegrated Blair’s body.




As he writhed in agony, the death screams resounded in the courtyard. The barriers which should have protected Blair overflowed with light as they fought to resist the fearsome destructive power–the courtyard shone bright like noon even though it was the middle of the night.


“What magical energy…” Muttered Zinray with a astonished voice…He spoke for the feelings of all of those around.


And now Blair’s barriers, which couldn’t contain such amount of destructive power

, began to shatter. The magical wind pulsed out continuously, making a small crater. As the dust and smoke danced majestically in the blast area, [Zexia Ray] finally ceased.


“Did we get him?” Asked Kazane.

In that moment, everyone stared at the two. The Ruby Griffon also ceased its movement.


“Ah, shit.”

Wanting to deliver a positive reply, Sieg hesitated.

“Beyond expectations…obstinent.” Sieg said and stared at the shadow.


“Obstinate….you say, this is regrettable now, isn’t it…”

In front of Sieg, there in heart of the crater, stood an uncaring Blair.


“You strength is just beyond abnormal, it seems…”

“This is a lie–it has to be!?”

To the Kazane, who was feeling shaken from Blair being unhurt in the heart of the explosion, Sieg replies.

“Don’t be deceived, the other half of mine. This is just a bluff.”

To Sieg who wears the Circlet of Wisdom, all illusions are rendered useless.


“Fumu. As one would expect, you understand.”

“Managed to get away–Splendid……I would say…give up now.”

To these words, Blair laughed. However, it was a awfully self-mocking laughter.

“Truly, even though I…ah, but well, oddly enough, you know the cause. This is my specialty after all….”

“Now, you have no will to continue this, I assume?”

The main body already escaped from the area–Sieg already knew this.


“Well, this time, as one would expect I’m worn out.”

He may say so, but his eyes are still glaring at Kazane and co.

“From all that, since I have existed in this world in this form, you are the first I have received such humiliation from. Therefore…” His mouth warped with an angry look, and Blair declared, “By the name of this demon “Diablo” swears to murder you all–some day! Most certainly! Most painfully! And most cruelly!!”

This is his true name?

The reason as to why he gave us his name was unknown, but Kazane thought that it certainly held some meaning.


Then Blair continued, “However–” turning towards Tiara.

“Towards you who have repelled me so splendidly, I will show my respect. This time, you can have the reward.”

At the words of Diablo, the Ruby Griffon started roaring.



Alduin yelled at Tiara who was inside the Ruby Beast.

“Bastard, what did you do?”

Diablo laughed at this, returning his words.

“What~ I gave up my control over your daughter.”

“You did what?”

“The girl is already not under my control. She became free.” Diablo continued his words “Still…Tiara-san is still inexperienced in controlling this, so I had lend her a bit of power, isn’t that right~”

Kazane noticed the meaning of those words.

“Hey, then this-“

To Kazane’s surprised face, Diablo laughed sincerely.

“Now then, can the girl alone control this Ruby Griffon, or be consumed, crushed and died. I’m looking forward to this….such a thing…”

Saying this, Diablo vanished in a puff.


“Uh, he is already not here anymore.” To Yumika’s inquiry, Sieg did answer.


“What is this about?”

Alduin rushed over to Kazane, making her answer in a hurry.

“Aa–, to put it simply, I think Tiara’s level wasn’t enough to summon the Ruby Griffon, you know. So he probably added his own power and forcibly summoned it.”

“That means?”


Just at this moment, the Ruby Griffon’s flames flared up, extending quickly towards the sky.


It raised its roar.


At this voice, Kazane’s gaze moved toward the Ruby Beast as Alduin’s face stiffened. Then, from the behind Alduin, Kazane announced:

“A summon that wrenches control from the summoner will begin to rampage. If this continues, Tiara will be in danger.”


And In this voice, there is no trace of her previous composure.


Post Chapter Chat:

Kazane: “That guy…he escaped.”

Yumika: “Won’t this become something troublesome in the future?”

Kazane: “You say troublesome, huh. If Sieg weren’t here, it would be on the level of total annihilation, ne…”


Status Window:

Name: Yuihama Kazane

Occupation: Magic Swordswoman

Title: Ogre Killer Princess, Shamed Girl (Yumika), Leaking Girl (Yumika)

Equipment: Cane [“White Blaze”], Two Handed Sword [“Black Fang”], Leather Jacket, Metal Gauntlet, Plain Clothes, Leather Trouser, Berserk Ogre Greaves, Indestructible Cloak (and Futons), Pouch, Crimson Saint Casket, Legendary Spirit Summoning Ring, Infinite Key.

Level : 20

Vitality : 70

Magic Power : 114+300

Strength : 27

Agility : 22

Endurance : 16

Wisdom : 27

Dexterity : 19

Spell : [Fly] [Torch] [Fire] [Heal]

Skill : [Goblin Language] [Night Vision] [Crushing Blow] [Dog’s Sense of Smell] [Golem Maker] [Rush] [Fire Principle: Second Chapter] [Healing Principle: Second chapter] [Air Jump] [Killing Leg] [Fear Voice] [Invisible] [Tiger Eye]

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