Cat Ch10

Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

Bewildered Heart
Day 3 Part 2

It’s time for a bath, and for some reason, Mina looks really happy.


「Mina what’s the matter?」

Mina is bad with baths. Ever since she was cat, always…

She hated it and scratched me whenever I took her to one.  


「When I am with Kasumi, no matter what it is, it will always be fun!」

Geez, stop it. Don’t say any more of that.

My heart throbs, and I won’t be able to say anything in reply.

「What’s the matter?」

I’m sure that I won’t be able to hide my flushed cheeks after such thing.

My heated body can’t be from the blood rushing to my head….after all, I still haven’t even entered the bathtub…


「I-it’s nothing, ok? Let’s enter bath already, ok?」

My voice trembled. It’s not nothing…..even the cat Mina would notice something.

「Mou~, are you really alright?」

It’s probably Mina’s fault. But I can’t say that to her.

The one who made me feel this derailed was the gentle and lovely Mina–she’s the reason I became strange.

As if trying to shake off this hazy feeling, I peeled off my clothes.

After pouring some hot water onto myself, I submerged myself into the bathtub. If there are two people, it gets little bit tight, so you need to squeeze your body in closer, otherwise you won’t fit.

Places that doesn’t usually touch came in contact with Mina.

Places on Mina that I don’t see usually….I ended up seeing them.

Mina’s scent, something I don’t smell often, gets closer. A smell you wouldn’t understand if you were not right up to her… when we kiss or when we sleep together. I’m sure it’s a smell only I understand.  


And everything about it makes the heart inside my chest pound.

10 minutes haven’t even passed yet, and my body flushed as if I’ve been in a sauna.


「Sorry, Mina, I think the blood is rushing to my head….」

「Mou~, are you alright?」

Shown that worrying face, it unnecessary pricked my heart.

Even though it’s my problem that I get this, but my heart really throbs too much.


「Then, I’ll wash your body, okay?」


I know that she is doing it out of kindness, but she had once again unintentionally raised my heartbeat.

Having my hair touched by Mina’s hand, I unintentionally let out a voice. 

「Hyaa~….」(IcedTea: Just your hair? How lewd are you…)


「I’m okay…’s nothing.」

「Mou~, really?」

While saying that, she touched me ever more gently. That in a somewhat contradictory way, made me more nervous. 

Enduring the voices that wanted to leak out, I shivered as Mina gently caressed me, from my back, to the nape of my neck, to my chest….she touched it all. (9: nosebleed)

「Kasumi, it’s done.」

「Yeah, thanks.」

The bath water was reduced so it wouldn’t overflow when you sat in it. My body, that had become hot, started to cool down bit by bit.

Even so–

–Mina sure is pretty.

My bewitched mind could only think about Mina.

That smooth, creamy white skin and that nicely curved body engulfed my imagination.

Her kind heart….

it gently engulfed me as well.

I love you. The unexpected word leaked into my head, making my chest tighten.


I wonder what I should do.

I don’t know if it’s ok, this feeling I have for Mina.

=====================Chapter 10 End======================

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  1. 1. there’s nothing wrong with you. falling in love is common among humans
    2. it’s OK to have such a feeling to something or someone


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