Cat Ch12

Tea: If anyone sees Madokami around, please tell him that he is wrong. And if people like, that would be an acceptable comment. Thank you~ (Some minor chat teasing thx)

Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)

About my Noticed Feelings…
Day 4, Part 1

――It’s already morning, but my body felt so conflicted that I can’t remember sleeping. Mina was hugging me from behind–this was all I understood.

For the whole night, she…

The warmth from last night still won’t disappear…and by just imagining Mina’s face, my heart aches even more.

Yet, at the same time, it felt sweet.

「Kasumi, are you awake….?」

As Mina noticed my feeble consciousness, I recalled that just few days ago, Mina was an animal that would prey on others with her own paws.

「Un, Ohayo~」

「Your fever–are you feeling better?」

As her breath tickled my ears, an electric tingle ran down my spine with a *zokuri* (sfx of something running through your spine). This strange feeling… for some reason, my body wants more. (DNE: for the full experience reading this chapter, please turn on your favorite ASMR video here)

It seems my throbbing heart hasn’t stilled at all.

「Yeah, feeling better compared to yesterday.」

Even though I said that, the throbbing has gotten worse… I wonder how I can cure it? I really don’t understand, you know…

「Can you eat breakfast?」

「Hmm, right now…..」

「Okay?….Then, I’ll go down…?」

Just thinking about Mina makes my heart beat so furiously that it hurts.

When we kiss, or when I remember the feeling of her touch as she pets my head, I’m reminded of all these things.

Kissing is so Mina doesn’t disappear.

This trifling skinship–it’s only a bit better compared to the time she was just a  cat. Yet, as I tell myself this, for some reason 「despair」and 「resignation」clouds my thoughts.

Even though it’s an emotion I shouldn’t feel towards Mina―― something like

『love』or 『lust』―― these are emotions meant only for a man and a woman. (9: give up and accept your fate)

…Yet right now, I, as a girl, have these feelings towards Mina.

If I can never act on these feelings, it would be best if they had never sprouted.

As my feelings became clear, they began to burn.

It hurts.

It’s painful.

Help me, Mina.

…Even though realistically, nothing will come of it.

Mina may be kind, but this pain… it’s impossible for it to reach her.


In a few minutes, Mina returned to the room.

「The hiepita is already lukewarm, right? I’ll replace it, okay? 」she said as she helped my feverish body.

I felt a cold sensation on my forehead. And at the same time, I also felt the sensation of

Mina’s fingertips.

Again, her touch heats up my body.


「You’re welcome. So then, I’ll be eating now, okay?」

With Mina gone, I’m all alone right now. (Tea: Obvious is obvious…)

The cushion that was left behind on the bed….because she always rests on it, I felt like Mina’s scent has settled deeply into it.

A mysterious smell: a feeling of relief, a sweetness, and yet so very fever-inducing.

「Nnn, Mi-naaaa………」

A kiss not only on the lips–we cling together and take the next step. (9: sex and stuff) (Tea: No sh*t bro)

Imagining such things… I’m the worst.

My chest hurts. My body is hot. Sweat plasters my clothes to my skin… I feel disgusting.

Would things have turned out fine if I hadn’t met Mina?

Who would have thought that understanding my feelings would only make me feel worse….

=========================Chapter 12 End====================

Author: I wonder what’s with this broken Kasumi-chan flag.


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  1. We get progress! Finally! …Wait she doesn’t want to act on her feelings?! You f*cking kiss already! It’s not like it can hurt your relationship that much!

    …I need a sentence without an exclamation mark, so just ignore this.

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  2.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
        /  l |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s not disgusting Kasumi, on the contrary, Yuri is the officially, scientifically proven, purest form of love. In fact, just reading this is like eating mental candy, with none of the sugar overdose from real candy so i’ll never get enough!

    Never. I need more (╥_╥) Please give me more nao.

    Liked by 2 people

    if she’s confused about why she has the same feelings as thus who fall in love with others in the opposite gender…then she’s def lacking at certain things and yah there’s nothing wrong with you have a feeling towards thus despite being the same gender. admiration, loyalty, friendship, love, and such. don’t deny it just accept it and try figures it out if you’re content with it or not


    if she’s confused bc of her LOVE…than…that’s something that she already knows

    thanks for the translation


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