Cat Ch15

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9: note this is a speed translation, this is not done accurately and may have lots of grammar errors.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Day 4, Part 4

Author: It’s been 2 months since the first chapter. clap clap and i got more bookmarks (summarized by 9)

「Are you awake?」

Hearing Mina’s voice, my mind stirred… and opening my eyes, I suddenly saw Mina’s face in front of mine.

「Uwaaah! Y-yeah…」

My heart beat rapidly from the sudden closeness.

「Mou…..If you shout that loud, I’ll be surprised too, you know…」

「Sorry, I just suddenly heard your voice.

As I said this, I felt her touch and noticed the places where we were connected… This is far too much for me…

「Your face is still red, you know…are you alright?」

I can’t say that it is because she is staring at me so closely.

「Yeah, I’m fine.」

「Mou~, if it hurts, then just tell me, okay?」

Being lightly hugged by Mina’s arms, my body unintentionally jerked. This feeling still hasn’t changed. The inside of my chest became hotter, and I couldn’t think of anything other than Mina since being woken up by just the touch of those hands.

――But still, it unnecessarily fills my head with Mina, and it won’t go away. This feeling called 『love』has charred my body. It’s painful, but I cannot say it. To think I’m hurting like this from loving too much.

「Mou, it’s already noon you know, can you eat? 」


「Un, only a little then…」

That’s a lie. My appetite won’t work up at all. Lying to Mina won’t worry–it makes me mad at myself for doing so. For me, whose emotion and words are slowly being corrupted, I’m starting to hate it already. By falling in love with Mina, I can’t help but feel pain.

「Then let’s go?」


Even though I said that, I don’t have the willpower to stand up. It’s not that I’m sulking, but it’s as if my body refuses to move.

「Mou, we’re going right now, okay?」

Being pulled up by her hand, I sluggishly crawled out of bed. Even the simplest touch makes my heart go wild, doesn’t it… Of course, I can’t say that out loud.

「Un, sorry…」

Snapping out of my reverie with a wave of dizziness, I followed Mina as she combed my hair.

「What’s the matter? Recently, it feels like you have no energy.」

「Hmm… Maybe I caught a slight cold…」

I’ve already known the reason I’m like this for a long time.

I won’t be forgiven by Mina. I’m carrying a love that won’t come true after all.

Still, it’s something I should say — No, it’s something that must be said….I understood that. This heart which could break anytime soon might burst with these feelings.

「I’ll nurse you, so get better quickly, okay?」

As long as I’m nursed by Mina, I’ll absolutely not be cured.

Thoughts of Mina, which I can’t get out of my head, are the reason I became like this after all.  

=====================Chapter 15 End====================


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