Cat Ch31

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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Embracing Hand to Hand
Day 7 Part 4

When we saw our house, Mina’s fingers loosened its grip on mine suddenly.

However, her hands didn’t separate from mine, and Mina, too, is not letting go.

While holding hands, we opened the door.


「Ara~, welcome home. Wait for dinner, okay?」


We said [we’re back] to her words and went up to the second floor where our room is. Mom thinks that we are just really good friends or something like that, which is fine with her.

Being treated like that…I am grateful afterall — I can get alone time with Mina.

Not being just『family』 or 『siblings』, my time with Mina being 『lovers』 is a happiness that is not replaceable after all.


「Kasumi, gyuu~」


The moment the door closed, I was suddenly hugged. I felt a layer of warm air surround me.


「Wh-wh-what is it….?」


「Didn’t I say?……When we get home, I will hug you~」


That promise….she remembered it.


「Thanks….but for now, let’s take off our uniforms.」


「You’re right, ehehe. I just felt like it.」


When Mina’s arms let go of me, I felt strength leave my body.

Mina’s face is still close… body went towards Mina.

Going with the flow, our lips had touched. My body that was hugged again felt hotter, even compared to the moment before.


「Nnn…what’s the matter, Kasumi?」


「Sorry…when you hugged me, strength left my body….」


「Ah…..again, I hugged you again…」


Wrapped in warmth, even though my heart is throbbing, my consciousness just flew away.


「…….Then, you want me to change your clothes?」


Just imagining that — my body is getting weird, and my heart is throbbing way too much.


「Uhh I–I can do it on my own…」


If she did that for me, I wonder what will happen to me.

I ended up being curious about it inside.


「Just kidding~」


I felt relieved after hearing that, but for some reason,  I was also slightly disappointed.


Well, since there was no strength in my legs, I sat on my bed and took off my uniform.

I forgot to get clothes from the closet….and also forgot to light the heater.


「Kasumi? Are these clothes fine for today?」


Hearing that voice, I looked towards Mina. Right there was Mina, done changing clothes, and with her are the clothes I planned to wear today.


「Y-yeah, thanks…」


I didn’t look at her face because I am currently only in my underwear, and Mina is staring at me. Even though we have seen each other naked in the bath…..right now, there is a weird sweat on my back that feels embarrasing….it’s really strange…

Somehow, I finished changing, and the heater was fired up by Mina before I knew it. A warm wind breezed through the room, heating me up.

And in a instant, I found myself thinking of Mina when she was still a cat. It was just one week ago, and so it’s surprising that I have always looked at Mina like that before she became human.

After all, when she became a human, many things have happened…like having a bath together, going together to school, hugging each other while sleeping, kissing one another, and becoming 『lovers』.

It’s because there were too many memories to count that this form of Mina has given me.

So let’s get warmed up too. I sat beside Mina.

The traces of Mina when she was still a cat — we sat right before the heater.

The cozy wind warmed Mina and my bodies.

But more than that, as always…..

our lips naturally connected, warming each other’s body.

==========================Chapter 31 End============================

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