Cat Ch35

Here’s another chapter. Thanks to Kryo and Farmy for this one! I barely did any work on it. There is a Kansu in the works……but it’s so long……

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Sharing Happiness
Day 7, Part 8 

Regrettably separating our embracing bodies, I put some shampoo on my hand. Mina who saw me doing so had already shut her eyes tightly – it was unbearably cute. She didn’t really have to do that…after all, she was someone important me. (Mina didn’t need to close her eyes as Kasumi was going to be careful anyway). She was getting nervous…so cute~

Recently, I can think calmly about something like that; before, just by being with her my heart would start beating really fast. As if patting her, I touched her hair. The feeling of her damp wet hair felt good.

「Nnn..Ahh…….」An erotic voice leaked from Mina. The voice pierced my heart, making it go crazy.

「……What’s the matter?」

「Being touched by Kasumi……Makes me really excited…..」

Me too, I also got excited……More…..I want to do it more. For a long time, I had been aware that I yearned for Mina. I want to kiss her so many times so that we wouldn’t be able to tell the number. Until I am separated from Mina a second time. (9: author don’t do that, please?)

「Fufu….It’s the same for me, you know?」Saying that, Mina opened her eyes and gave me a gaze, as if expecting something. I wonder if she wants a kiss. I leaned in closer to her face, as I thought, she closed her eyes. With her face like that, I can’t bear it. I got even closer to her and continued to do so until our lips touched each other.

Instantly separating, the sound of our lips echoed.

「We got a bit too excited….」


However, I love that excitement. Even if we don’t say so, we can hear the sound of each other’s heart.

「Quickly wash down the rinse please…..I also want to kiss you.」


As I thought, the time we spend together is lovingly sweet. Using the shower, I washed her hair while being careful not to get any lather in her eyes. Even though we do this every day, seeing Mina’s face like this is a first for me. Washing her more properly than usual, no foam was left. (Tea: Does she usually leave some soap in her hair?!)

「Mina, it’s done.」

「Yeah…….Can you close your eyes?」

Right after this, Mina will kiss me, and that’s something that makes me happy. Holding our bodies closer, I could feel her body’s warmth which had been heated from the bath. I entrusted Mina with my body, my heart, and my feelings of 『love』. The moment I was about to close my eyes, I saw Mina smiling.

「Kasumi, I love you.」

Before I could reply with my 『Love』, her lips blocked mine.


My voice, unable to form a word, became stuck, and I was gently wrapped by Mina’s body. From the little gap in my mouth, she inserted her tongue, and before I knew it, I responded to it, tangling with hers.

On that day, the day where I made my mistake, I did the same thing to Mina, and on the next day, Mina did it to me one more time. Touching our lips for a kiss happened many times, but an intense kiss like this only happened those two times.

My body burned up so much – I could feel something being squeezed at the center of my body. It was hard to breathe – inside my chest, it felt painful; however, it felt so good that all previous things couldn’t compare to this feeling. Maybe it was because I’d been standing on my knees, but I couldn’t put strength in my body.


I couldn’t take it anymore, my breath leaked, and with it, a voice that I didn’t recognize popped out. Suddenly my body lost all of its strength and sank on Mina’s stomach.It ended up looking like I buried my face in it. The scent from Mina’s body, more than usual, I could smell it deeply.

「Me too….I love you, Mina……」

My head was being petted, and it seems like she noticed that my hair was still dry.

「Looks like we also need to wash Kasumi’s hair……After all, I’m the only one who got washed.」

If we take too much time in the bath, Mom might get mad.

「Then, I’ll leave it to you Mina.」

I had Mina help me stand up, since I couldn’t muster any strength yet, and sit on the stool which still had the warmth of Mina’s touch. (Tea: ya mean her ass, right?)

====================Chapter 35 End====================
Author: The word count(hiragana, kanji and stuff) has reached 45000, even so, it looks like day 7 might reach 15 parts, and the majority of them will most likely be in the bath.

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