Cat Ch36

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Melting Heart
Day 7 Part 9

「Okay, here I go.」Mina went behind me.

While she was moving, my heart started to go crazy. After all, even though I can’t see her, I can feel our bodies touching — I could hear her voice.

「Mina…..can you be in front of me, please?」

「Can’t be helped….」

I could see Mina’s white skin right in front of me. Looking up, despite her figure shadowing mine, I could still see how pretty her face is.

「As I thought, so cute…… heart is beating faster from Kasumi’s face…」

「P-please don’t say something like that…..」

「Really?……I won’t say something like that to you as a joke, you know?」

Of course I know that. Everything that Mina says about me is her true feelings.

And exactly because of that, my heart is leaping out of my chest. Again and again, I end up loving Mina more.

「Mina…..let’s kiss….?」

「Fufu, Kasumi today sure is spoiled~」

「……Is it a no?」

「That’s not it… makes me really happy.」

Mina’s lips are slowly coming towards me. Looking up, I presented my lips and caught hers. After separating, we gazed at each other naturally, and a smile leaked out.

「Well then, can you close your eyes?」

Even though I know that it’s so the shampoo won’t get into my eyes, I am secretly hoping for something else.

「After we are done bathing, I’ll kiss you more, okay?」

I felt like she was able to sense what I was feeling from those words whispered near my ear.


Lightly nodding, I could only sense Mina’s movements through sound. Mina made the shampoo foam while washing my hair in the shower.


Mina’s fingers touching me, the sensation from my hair being stirred up….I was waiting for this. My heart was going wild again.

From the moment she touched me, something in the center of my chest seems so close to melting that I feel like I am losing consciousness. I let a loving voice leak out.

「Kasumi, you really are so cute…….I will always love you.」


I can feel that those words were said with sincerity. And so, the inside of my head is being filled with Mina.

Coming from the person I『love』, being told that she「loves」me…..sealing it with our touching lips and making our hearts throb…

Being together like this, I can only feel happy.

「Me too…..I will always love you too, you know.」

When I partially opened my eyes, Mina was closing the distance towards me.

Even though my head is telling me to bear with it, the feeling of expectation is increasing more quickly than I can handle.

「…I can’t bear with it anymore.」

Changing from expectation to conviction, I closed my eyes. Again, I presented her with my lips, and hers piled up on mine.

「It’s just like a kiss of vow」- I suddenly remembered those words once said as a joke.

「Mina….was that just now a kiss of vow?」

「Of course it was, Kasumi.」

And as if to ensure that, we kissed once more.

As I thought, I am soft towards Mina, as if bound by my love.

「Let’s quickly finish bathing, or else we might catch a cold, you know?」

「You’re right. If we catch a cold, we might not be able to kiss.」

I love Mina for being able to easily say those words.

It’s as if I want her to steal everything from me.

Mina was slowly combing my hair. I feel my heart is about to melt.

「I will be rinsing it now, okay?」

After taking our shower, she waited until it had warmed up before starting. From that trivial consideration, my heart melted sweetly

And rinsing one more time, my body heated up so much that I felt like my consciousness was fading.

Even though we haven’t washed our bodies yet… any more than this, and I might die from too much happiness.

==============Chapter 36 End==============

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