Cat Ch37

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Oath of 『Love』
Day 7 Part 10


「Uuh…..Somehow I feel a bit tense….」


「Yeah, Kasumi.」


It’s about time I get washed, and my heartbeat has gotten much faster. To be washed means that I will be touched a lot by Mina, and that is…..the same as being felt by Mina. (Tea: duh?)


I wonder if Mina’s heart is beating fast too. If so, I’m happy. After all, doesn’t that mean she feels the same as me?


The fact that my 『love』 for Mina and Mina’s 『love』 for me are the same is known to me by her words, skin, and lips.


But, whenever I notice these things, my heart goes “kyuun”(heartstruck). The red string connecting our hearts — it makes me understand that they are properly connected. That’s what I think.


「Kasumi….A charm to calm your beating heart, should I do it for you?」


「Un, please…」


Even just being together is enough make my heart beat fast. If she washes me now, my heart might explode.


「Then…Look here.」


Even though I was looking down to hide my reddened face, she made me look her in the eyes. Our faces started approaching each other, and it made me remember the sensation of the many kisses we’ve had. Quickly closing my eyes, our lips touched.


A sound of kissing filled the room. I thought that my heart might stop, it was beating too fast.


「Mouu…..My heart was really about to stop, you know!」


「Did the beating stop?」


「I didn’t mean it like that! If my heart stopped, I would die, right!?」


In a panic, I yelled at her.


「Sorry….but it’s because I love you, Kasumi.」


To those words, I couldn’t say anything back anymore. The 『love』 being given to me filled my heart with something sweet.


「Fine…..Me too, I also love Mina….And I also want to kiss you too.」




Looking at each other made us smile. That charming face, more than anything, made me think “cute”.


「Forever…Let’s be together forever.」




Our lips touched. A kiss of our promise. It’s just like a wedding. Mina and I are at the age of marriage, but we’re still in high school; and moreover, we are both girls. We can’t get married.


But still… heart is being filled with happiness. Having the person you love love you back, the happiness of being with the person you love, the joy of kissing the other person the happiness of being able to spend your whole life with them — These feelings —- they make me feel like my body is melting.


Naturally hugging skin to skin, a 『love』 impossible to describe with words is conveyed to each other.


「Mou….Aren’t you supposed to wash my body?」


Hiding my embarrassment as I said it, Mina separated her body from mine.


「You’re right……Then, wait a minute.」


My body felt a little cold, even though Mina’s warmth was just right. With the body soap in her hand, while making it bubble, Mina said:


「Well then, here I go.」


I’m sure that the time where I drown in my heartbeat is about to begin.

=========================Chapter 37 End========================

Author: The bath arc, looks like it will still drag on.

TL: The reason why girls take long baths, I think I finally understood it.

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