Cat 43

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cat chapter 43
Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)
CAT 0043

Warming Heart
Day 8, Part 2
With 4 family members, we ate breakfast together.


「Since it’s raining it will take some time, so hurry up and eat」




While I was saying that, what I was thinking was, not that at all.

I want to kiss Mina more. I want more time with just the 2 of us together.


Even though, from the beginning, we are living in the same house and the same room where we sleep together.

Even though ever since I met with Mina as a human, and kissed a lot.

Thinking like this, I wonder if I’m spoiled.


But, this feeling, I can’t stop it at all. after all, I already, 『Love』 Mina.

My eyes taking a peek on its own towards Mina beside me. even though I know that I should stop, but when I relaxed I felt like I’d end up doing it.


Our eyes met each other, we giggled a bit. That gesture is cute…..just, seriously, the contents of my head, it feels like its getting stolen away.

Finishing breakfast, looking at the watch, it was faster than usual.

I suddenly remember some sayings when Mina was washing her face.


「When a cat washes its face, it will rain they say……. It’s a good thing that it was clear up until now」


Saying that Mina suddenly turned my way.


「Mou, I’m not a cat anymore!」


「Sorry, it was just a joke…」


「I know, so please don’t apologize like that…」


Even this trivial quarrel too, inside my chest it feels sweet.

This appearing feeling of『love』, and before you know it, we had already made up. ――I’m sure, it’s the same for Mina too.


「Mina, hurry up and change and go to school」


「Nnn, you’re right」


I also washed my face and brushed my teeth.

Even though she had been a human for quite a while, just a little bit of cat-like gestures she does, and I am the only who knows, gives me the feeling of superiority.

When we walked together, our hands just naturally grasp each other.  even though at the beginning my heart was beating fast, but right now, if we don’t hold hands, I won’t be able to calm down.

The warmth of the person you love, I want to feel it more. I believe thinking like that is natural.


「I forgot to turn on the heater….」


When we were back to the room, I noticed that the air felt cold. Up until now, I can somewhat bear with it but, today is cold that I don’t feel like taking off my pyjamas.

Even though I should have turned on the heater first thing in the morning,  and then the temperature should have started to warm up by the time we change clothes.

but All I could think of is Mina, that I forgot to do it. In my mind, Mina is gradually filling it all up.


「It sure is cold… should we heat up each other?」


I said the words from when I was dozing off. and to that, a reply quickly returned.


「Nn……you’re right」


My face is already getting hot. My embraced body, even though it’s through the clothes, I could properly feel Mina’s warmth.

Warm. Sweet. It makes my heart beat fast.

… But, I love Mina this much.


Reflexively I put my arm around her back, and from my arm, a tender heat melts my body.

To the face I was approaching, I naturally close my eyes. I’m sure as that we did it at the same time.


―― Chuu (sweet yuri kiss sfx)


I wonder if she felt it, it was only for a second but, I felt her whole body heated up.

It was only for connecting Mina to life, but ever since Mina and I had become 『Lovers』, it has become something the connects us together.


「We sure got warmed up a lot… that it’s hot」


「Yeah… me too I felt that hot too」


Mina’s palm gently brushes my cheek.  Even though I felt the touching sensation, I couldn’t feel too much heat from it. that much, I also feel that hot.


「We need to change up quickly, or else we might be late」


「You’re right!」


In panic took the uniform and shirt,  and change clothes. It’s been already been more than a year since I’ve worn this uniform, that I could relatively wear fast now.

Seeing that Mina had finished, I panicked a bit.


「Let’s hurry up」




I carried my bag. I checked if my smartphone and wallet is inside, and went downstairs.


「「We’re going now」」 (note: they didn’t say ittekimasu)


「Take care, did you forgot anything?」


「We’re fine」


Replying to those everyday routine words, we went outside where the rain is not stopping.

chapter 43 end


Goddess loves you.

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  1. Found this in NU and marathoned all chapters only to feel emptiness when I reached this part and could no longer click “Next Chapter”. T___T

    Really great job guys! Thank you for your efforts for what looks like 2 years worth of posts for the series.

    I’ll be lurking on your site for more while I wait for the next Cat. <3



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