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Same feelings

Day 8, Part 5




The second period’s lesson had begun in just a few moments.

While I absentmindedly listened to the teacher’s voice, in my head, I was thinking of something totally different.

I wonder if I’m spoiled.

Even though I’m the closest to her, the most important person to her, and even though we’re connected by the feeling of 『love』 even now, I ended up thinking that I want to be connected to her more.

The level of heat inside me, it won’t stay in place at all. Moreover, ever since it has become the deepest relationship, as 『Lovers』, I feel like it’s gradually firing up more and more.

What should I do? Inside my body, it’s getting hotter.

I want to be embraced. I want to be touched. I want to be kissed so much I would melt.

The cold air coming from the windows, it might have made my body to begin seeking for warmth. My head that was desiring Mina’s warmth, it just languished on its own.

Suddenly, I felt warmth on my right hand. What came to my mind was just 1 person.

Following that hand, just as I had thought, it was Mina’s.

Meeting each other’s gazes, Mina smiled. From that face… the whirling feelings inside my head had softened a bit.

The warm touch that I was seeking, the moment it reached my body, my heart was filled.

Just like I thought, it’s so warm. The love that only the 2 of us know, it is certainly here.

I also need to stay firm. This fickle feeling, I returned it back to the classroom.

Mina has properly conveyed her love towards me.

That’s why, I also want to be the me who Mina loves.

Concentrating, the time passed in the blink of an eye.

「Nnn…… that was tiring…」

Stretching my hunched back, I said those words.

「It’s still only half of the morning you know? Mou…」

Saying that, Mina suddenly stood up from her seat. And then, from behind me, Mina put her arms around me.

「Kasumi’s body sure is warm… compared to the heater, much more.」

From above my head, her voice came down. Looking up, the smile I always see… Maybe because I’m looking at it from a different direction, it was really weird.

Without thinking, I laughed and I heard a bit angry 「What’s so funny?」.

「Because, usually, I don’t see this kind of Mina.」


「Hehe… I see.」


Mina’s voice became kind. The arms embracing me got a little bit tighter.

「Me too… Mina hugging me sure is warmer.」

「We really are the same.」

With Mina, I want to be connected to her, heart and body.

After all, she is the person closest to me, and she is the person I love the most.

She pulled away her embracing arms, and beside me, Mina stood on her knees.

Our eyes met one another, and her face drew closer. It’s as if it’s just before a kiss.

Mina’s lips were expecting mine to touch. She says the words in a faint voice, I’m sure that only the two of us can hear.

「I can’t hold on anymore…… can I?」

Hearing whatever it may be from her 『can I?』, with just that, I could understand what it is. And that is also what I am expecting.

「Mina, we’re in class…」

Even though this is supposed to be a secret between just the two of us, ―I and Mina, the relationship where we kiss.


「…We can’t?」

But, I can’t refuse. Seeing Mina’s lonely face…

And moreover, my body too, it has already been waiting to be loved.

My throat is getting parched, I can’t make it into words. In exchange, I put my arms around Mina.

And from the edge of my sight, I could see her hold the curtains.

Just an instant before I closed my eyes, I saw Mina’s smiling face.

「So, Kasumi is also the same…… So cute~」

My heart having this fast of a heartbeat from the sensation of her lips touching mine, this is probably the same feeling as when the 2 of us first kissed.

My heartbeat was that fast. After all, this is a school, it’s not a place for just the two of us.

With just a light tender kiss, even though it touched just a bit, my breathing is already rough.

「Nnn… my body, so warm, already…」

「Me too…」


She was holding the curtain. I’m sure that it was to hide us earlier.

Wanting it to be 『a secret between the two of us』 and wanting to kiss; so she was the same as me.

Having the same feelings, she holds the same 『love』 as me.

No matter how many times it is conveyed through words, or body, every time it’s ascertained my heart tightens.


「It looks like, the lesson is starting again… let’s go back.」




chapter 46 end

Author: A certain anime in 2014, it shouldn’t just be me who has thought about it.

9: you guys should know about it




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