Cat 49

Here we go, a little shout out to the greatest Goddess in the sky. Madoka.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0049


Fluffy Heart/Fuwa Fuwa no Kokoro

Day 8, Part 8






With only one umbrella, it’s a bit narrow when two people are underneath it.

But, this way I got to walk while pressing my body against Mina, and I was so glad that my chest became full with feelings of 『Happiness』. After all, I’m walking together with her, the one who became my 『Lover』, the person that I love the most.


「Ah, it’s this way.」


「I see, I was about to go down the usual road out of habit.」


A slightly different road from always.


「Even though I used to go around here during our walks.」


But right now it’s like a different road, saying that Mina smiled.

…Now that she mentioned it, back then, when Mina was still a cat, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about. The time when we were together was long but, unlike now, she couldn’t tell me with words. Even with her gestures, whatever she was thinking of, I could only understand it vaguely.

I want to know, about the person I love, even more. Thinking like that, I wonder if it’s wrong.


「Walks? Where did you walk around?」


「Nn~… I walked around a lot of places?」


「Then, next time, can I go with you?」


After I asked, she smiled sweetly.


「Of course!」


Infected, I also smiled. And after saying that, the convenience store that we were going to was already before our eyes.


「Then, let’s go in.」




Closing the umbrella, I placed it next to the umbrella stand. With my hand becoming free, our fingers naturally connected, in the lover’s patch way.

My heart was beating so fast that I thought the store’s AC was hot. Even though there were other people, our distance remained as 『Lovers』. Even though we said that it would only be our secret.

But still, me too, I rather love it this way, I’m able to act naturally. It can’t be helped, right? Because, the times when we do this, are the longest, and I love it very much. Well, I wonder just who I was making an explanation to.


While thinking of buying a huge bag of marshmallows, I became a bit anxious about whether we can eat it all. Because I don’t eat many snacks, and also, if we are alone… the things that you can’t do unless you’re 『lovers』, it makes me want to do them.

Choosing a slightly small bag, I brought it to the register. I asked if they could give us waribashi (splittable -wood- chopsticks), the person was having a wondering face while giving it.


After getting out of the store, I asked Mina to put the marshmallows in my backpack. But, this situation where Mina is right behind me, I couldn’t stop my heart from beating fast.

Going under one umbrella once again, we went back to our usual road. I felt a bit relieved. Right now, it’s just Mina and Me.


Just a little bit, I don’t think I can bear it anymore.

Having her this close to me, while being 『lovers』, I have been enduring it, even though we are at a distance where we can touch each other.

Our faces reflexively looked at each other. Her red face, not because of the cold, I’m sure it’s because she is embarrassed.

Stopping our feet, and closing our eyes, I’m sure that we did it at the same time.


Chuu (two cute girls kissing sfx) Leaving that sound, our lips parted from each other. The instant they connected, my mind had turned white, and from there it was filled with something warm and sweet.

Having lost my strength, I entrust my body to Mina, and she gently brushes my head.


Chapter 49 End


Goddess Bless.

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  1. “shout out to the greatest Goddess in the sky. Madoka.”
    I think Madoka is cruel… she asked her friend who was happy just to die with her to change a fixed point in time and after becoming a Goddess she doesn’t even manifest in the world for X amount of years (that number can be anywhere from 3 years to 99999…) until after Homura can’t take it anymore.
    Setting my opinion on Madoka aside Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just a note about your asian novel translations. I have added all of your novel chapter releases at Full Novels: fullnovelsDOTcom

    Can you check if I missed any of the chapters? And can you please add new chapters there whenever you post them? They are one of the biggest community of readers who are definitely interested in your translations!


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