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CAT 0050


Something to Think About

Day 8, Part 9





「「We’re home~」」


「Welcome back, you two.」


Even though we passed through the living room without stopping and went up to the 2nd floor, they won’t be suspicious of us.

Me and Mina, it’s because they think of us as really close sisters but, the truth is――just the word『Close』, it’s not enough at all to express our relationship of 『Lovers』.

If it’s just us two in the room, then we can be 『a pair of lovers』 without hesitation. Wanting to be with Mina for that reason, to me it is more than enough.


After entering the room, Mina immediately turned on the heater. Closing the window that was opened for ventilation, we waited for the warm air to fill the room.

We put down our bags, and put a change of clothes on the bed. Mina’s face suddenly approached me, making my heart beat fast.


Not being able to take the intense heart beating, I sat on the bed. Then, Mina sat in the same place too. It became that we would be facing each other, and her legs made it so that I wouldn’t be able to run away. (9: basically, Mina sat on Kasumi’s lap)

Mina’s face that was usually the same height as mine, right now was half a head taller. Our bodies naturally embraced each other. And even though we’re both wearing thick clothes, we can feel the warmth of our skin.


「Until the room is warm…… Let’s warm each other up?」


What we’ll be doing, even without saying it I understand


「Okay, let’s do that.」


Closing my eyes, and lightly narrowing my lips, I entrusted my body and heart to Mina.

The time when her lips are falling towards mine, it makes me extremely impatient… and at the moment they overlap, the feeling amassed until now called 『love』, it’s conveyed to my body so much it overflows.


「Not yet, it’s still a bit cold…」


Not warm nor cold, Mina’s warmth, I want to feel it more.


「Then, we have to warm each other up more, right?」


Naturally, her lips approached mine, and they gently touched mine the same as always.

But still, today Mina was more aggressive.

Not her lips, something soft touched my lips. And I understood that it was the tip of Mina’s tongue, and then me too, I also licked Mina’s lips.

And like that, we exchanged a deep kiss that you can’t experience unless you’re lovers. And moreover, a sweet sensation begins to fill all of me.


「「…chu, picha, ……jupuu, churu……」」(2 cute girls in love with each other kissing with tongue included sfx)


Sounds leak out from between the gaps of our lips, and the ringing within my chest, it has become so fast that I feel my body might go crazy soon.

My head is dizzy and, and it’s so hot that sweat has appeared from all over my body. My numbed body, it can’t do anything anymore.

More than the times our lips just touch, a loud sound of our wet lips parting resounded, and the eternity-like time comes to an end.


「It’s already, hot, Kasumi…」


「Yeah… 」


My head numbed and heated up so much that I couldn’t think of anything, and I placed it on Mina’s shoulder so I could rest.

And because of that, I noticed we were still wearing our uniforms. The feeling of something similar as being at school grew, and it just made my heart beat faster…… Wait, it’s not the time for that, I was somewhat able to restore my melted head.


「Uniform, we need to change.」


「Yeah, we should have…」


And so, Mina took off her clothes, and I couldn’t look at her properly.

It’s because, after the kiss, something that 『lovers』 do, I imagined the most intimate thing.

While indulging in my fantasies, I slowly undid the buttons, but for some reason around my legs, it feels itchy and impatient.

Even though I should already be satisfied, it felt like I wasn’t. I repeated in my mind that it was just an illusion.

Loving so much, that it seems I would break. These overflowing feelings have completely filled my chest and they can’t stop.


Author: These girls are flirting with each other too much!


Chapter 50 End


Goddess Loves you.

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