Cat 51

Here’s another Cat! enjoy!

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0051


Connected Memories

Day 8, Part 10





While holding back my anxiousness, I somehow finished changing.

The time has gone past five and a half. It’s already too late to eat snacks; in the first place, it’s a time closer to dinner.


「Let’s finish studying first, since it’s already too late for snacks.」


「You’re right.」


The marshmallows, they will have to wait until after dinner but, honestly thinking about it, I think that it might still be okay.

Since it makes me want to save the best for last, the most enjoyable time. Besides, when we’re both studying in the room, we sit back to back, and that unexplainable distance is a bit embarrassing and I love it.


「Tests, so they’ll be in two weeks already…… I kinda don’t like it……」


Just like when Mina was still a cat, complaints spilled from my mouth.


「So it’s that troubling…」


「It really is, you know? There’s a lot you need to memorize, and it will also decide your grades.」


「Uwaaa…… Kasumi, when tests were close your face was always gloomy, after all.」


Remembering even stuff like that, it makes me happy.

The time we’ve spent together as humans is still far from a long time but, if we combine it with the time when Mina was still a cat, then it would already be over a year.

But nonetheless, those trivial times, to remember even that… My heart skipped a beat, and once again, the feeling of 『Love』 wraps around my heart.


「It was fun for me, because on test days you would come home early.」


「Jeez, it wasn’t like that at all for me you know…」


But still, the time that we spend together increasing makes me happy. And to be told that by my 『Lover』, there’s no way it wouldn’t make me happy.


「Me too, being able to pet Mina a lot…… was happiness.」


「Me too…… being pet a lot, being spoiled, was happiness.」


Smiling, that voice that seems as if you can’t conceal it, it makes the love inside of me throb. Even before we were able to exchange words like this, even before we knew the way of conveying our 『Love』, the both of us, we loved one another.

I turned my back around, facing Mina. Mina was already facing my way.

Mina too, we were the same. Closer than usual, she approached my face, and I closed my eyes.


……chu (sweet kiss of 2 girls sfx)


The warmth from the instant we connected, it’s really easy to understand the feelings that are conveyed..

Up until now, I have always loved you. That is, the feeling that I also wanted to pass to Mina.

Our gazes met, and we smiled together. The joy of sharing the same thoughts, it might’ve been that.


「Together, let’s do our best!」




Turning towards the desk face to face, we continued with the review for today.

Up until mother called us with 「It’s dinner already!」, it felt like it had happened in the blink of an eye.



Author: Rather than studying for the test, you two can study the proper way lovers love each other (confusion)


Chapter 51 END


Goddess loves you.

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