Cat 52

Another Valentines day miracle! enjoy cat.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0052


Flavor of Love

Day 8, Part 11





Author: I’m thinking of going with a lot of flirting this time.



Ever since I became 『Lovers』 with Mina, I feel like many things have been sparkling.

I’m sure that it’s because me and Mina are always together…… Even the littlest bit of time too, it becomes a memory that we both created.


Even during the time we eat together with all of the family members, inside my head, I end up thinking of nothing but Mina.

After all, the secret time only for us, my chest becomes excited for it.

Even though I’m usually the slowest to finish eating and make Mina wait for me, today I finished at about the same time as Mina.

After we returned to our room, Mina teased me.


「Mou, so you were really looking forward to it.」


「I can’t help it, you know? …After all-」


I love Mina. As I was about to say that, my lips were blocked with lips.

Even though it’s just light touching in a tender way, the inside of my chest is throbbing without any opposition.


「Why didn’t you let me say it?」


「Fufu, I know even if you don’t say them, your feelings.」


「Geez, that’s unfair!」


We had a conversation like that of kittens playing together, and we took out the marshmallows from the bag.


「I wonder if they’ll roast properly, since it’s not as hot as school’s.」


「Hmmm… Well, if it comes to that, it’ll be fine without doing it.」


Setting it to the highest, I let the heater heat up. And until it heated up, we prepared to roast the marshmallows.

After splitting the waribashi (splittable chopsticks), I pierced the marshmallows one by one. I passed one to mina, and we roasted the marshmallows together.

Turning it around to check it, it was burnt just a little bit.

Continuing, and waiting a bit, it was nicely roasted just like the one we ate at school.


「It looks like it’s about to be done.」


「Then, let’s eat.」


Itadakimasu (thanks for the food), we said in harmony.

Sitting side by side in the usual place on the bed, we put the marshmallows in our mouth at nearly the same time.


「It’s a bit hot but, it sure is sweet.」


When I put in my mouth, after a slight bitterness, a melting sweetness stimulated my mouth.


「You’re right, it really is sweet.」


For a little while, we appreciated the sweetness, when suddenly, Mina’s face approached me.


「But, this one, is sweeter.」


I hardened up not knowing what it was about while looking at Mina, and after finally noticing, I closed my eyes.


「「…nn……zuriu, churu,……fuu, chupuu」」(sweeter than a marshmallow yuri kissing sfx)


Inside of me, and also, inside of Mina, it’s the sweetest.

That is, a 『Lover’s』 exchange, flavor of a kiss.

Give me more. That flavor that only we know, and that is sweeter than anything.


Because of these melting emotions, my body can’t hold on any longer. This fluffy and light feeling of exaltation, and the unopposable pleasure, it fills my head.

Our lips parting away, I remember it being an instant. That regretful sounding echo, it’s as if it shows how deep the kiss just now was.


「nn… Just like I thought, Kasumi’s was sweeter.」


「Mina too, it was really sweet…」


My body, I entrust it to Mina. I want to do it more, as if I’m too embarrassed to say it in words.

This sweat inducing heat, it’s not the fault of the maxed out heat coming from the heater.

Seeking this ever increasing heartbeat, one more time, I exchange an intense kiss with Mina.

The pleasure of melting inside of Mina’s mouth, the intense sound of wetness, and the breaths that can’t be stopped from becoming voices.

Everything, it was all flavored with the sweetness of our kiss, and it bakes my mind.


「Haa… it really… is sweet……」




Losing strength, we embraced each other as if entrusting ourselves to one another.

So love can be this sweet. That I thought of that, it was thanks to Mina.

I whispered in a low voice, I love you, and then she replied, Me too.


Chapter 52 End


Author: I might have gone overboard with the flirting.


Goddess loves you.

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