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Cat 53 Valentines day miracle!

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

CAT 0053


Fragment of Happiness

Day 8, Part 12




「Seriously, it’s pretty hot…」


Mina, who is supposed to like warm things, raised her voice as if complaining.


「Wait a sec, I’ll turn off the heater…」


The hot air from the heater, I could feel it more than the warmth that Mina had heated me with.

Even if I’ve turned off the heater, this room that has been heated up so much is not cooling down much at all.


「We still have a lot of marshmallows left, what should we do?」


Even though I said that we bought a pretty small bag, there’s at least twenty of them. If it takes this much to eat them one by one, then we won’t make it in time for our bath.


「Geez, let’s just eat them normally.」




These ordinary sweets, if we eat them together, it becomes a fragment of happiness.

Diverting the impulse that makes me really want to kiss, I continued to think about the taste of the marshmallow in my mouth. It’s fluffy, sweet, and delicious.

……But still, as I thought, Mina’s is even sweeter, and hotter, and I love it.

Having the opposite effect, I came closer to Mina’s face.


「Geez… today, Kasumi sure is a spoiled child.」


「I can’t help it, you know? …Being like this, it makes me want to do it.」


It’s because, I love you. This feeling that seems to overflow, I know that you will accept it.

Even while having a shocked face, I still noticed that Mina is not that different.

Mina’s hand stopped pinching the marshmallow. Our faces turned towards each other, and after that, it was just like a natural reflex how our bodies moved.

The instant our lips touched, my chest tightened up.

Love sure is mysterious. After all, with just your lips touching each other, your heart beats fast, you feel relieved, and you become happy.


「…Are you satisfied?」


「Yeah, thanks… I love you.」


With the word 『Love』, we spontaneously connected once more.

This unreplaceable happiness, it fills my chest.

Even though the air around us is so hot, I can’t help wanting to feel Mina’s warmth. Between these contradicting emotions, the feeling of loving is way, way stronger.


More, I want to be warmed up by Mina more. For these heightened feelings, I came in closer with my body, enough for our shoulders to touch each other. For this sweet emotion, the fluffiness and the sweetness of the marshmallow was just right.


And before we knew it, the marshmallow bag became empty, even I was surprised.


「So, there’s nothing left.」


「Yeah, there really isn’t.」


For some reason it was funny, and we looked at each other and laughed.
Mina’s loose and happy face, me too, I also became a lot happier.

「I ate a lot so, will I get fat…?」

If there was something to worry about, it’s just one thing. Because I normally don’t eat much, if I eat this much, I wonder if my weight will be fine?

「Even that kind of Kasumi, I’d still love you, you know?」

「No way! I absolutely don’t want to get fat!」

But, those words honestly made me happy, I just raised my voice to hide my embarrassment.

「It’ll be okay, I’ll kiss you a lot… if it’s not enough, then, I’ll do a lot more?」

If it gets hot, the fat will also burn, right? Besides… even more, I want to kiss with Mina.

「Then, please…… not yet, it’s not enough at all.」

「Yeah, go ahead.」

Those words, are profound, and they’re the signal for our kiss that’s as if we are melting together. Until we heard mother’s voice calling us, our kiss didn’t end.
Chapter 53 End


Goddess loves you

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