Cat 54

Another Cat for another Valentine’s day miracle!

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)
CAT 0054

Unstoppable Feelings
Day 8, Part 13

My head is dizzy, and I didn’t really understand what mother said but, looking at my watch, it’s already time for our bath.

「So, it’s already time for our bath.」


Mina is seemingly in a good mood. I wonder if it’s because we will enter together. Yeah, I’m sure of it.
We went out of our room bringing only underwear, and with our hands naturally held together.

When we went to the bathroom, mother who was in the living room, kindly lectured us.

「Don’t take too long in the bath, okay? Because you’ll catch a cold, okay?」(9: lol)


Even though she shouldn’t know the reason we took so long yesterday, for some reason, it feels like she saw through us.
My face became red when I remembered it, and I faced downwards to hide my face. Glancing towards Mina’s side with just my eyes, her turned down face, has become red.
The same thing, I wonder if she remembered it. If so, that’s really cute.
As we entered the dressing room together, Mina disappointedly muttered.

「Today, we won’t be able to kiss that much…」

「Yeah, you’re right…」


Like I thought, it’s like that, you end up wanting to do it. Every time I discover something similar to me, from sharing the same feeling of 『Love』, my heart beats faster.

Entering the bath together, I’ve already gotten used to it, but my heart still ends up beating fast.


「Mina, you’re already used to bathing…… Even though you hated it so much when you were still a cat… it’s like that was lie.」


「You’re right, …, maybe it’s because I’m together with you.」


Please don’t say cute things like that. The feeling I’m holding back, it might overflow you know.

The distance I created to purposely keep Mina away from me, became smaller quickly. In a position where it’s like I’m being assaulted, my heart jumped because of it.


「Hey…… let’s kiss?」


「Eh…… wait a bit, Mina?」


Even though we were told to not take too long, if we do that, we will absolutely forget about the time.


「Kasumi, …Can we?」


But, coming from the person I love, being faced with that lonely look, I can’t possibly say no.


「J-just once… okay?」


「That’s great… I love you, Kasumi.」


Embracing each other, I could feel the warmth from her soft bare body.

Our approaching lips, connected as one.

Our tender, but deep and dense kiss, instantly heated up my body.


「ha, chupi… reriyu…… chyuru, nnyuu」(two girls kissing sfx)


Our mutual feelings entwined in wet sound, the sighs we weren’t able to hold back leaked out, they echoed within the small pace, and the ringing in our chests continuously intensified.

Because of this long, long kiss, my breathing and my heart, have reached their limit.

If this goes on any longer, I might go crazy. My hands wrapped around Mina’s back, I tried to forcibly separate from her shoulders but, I couldn’t exert any strength at all.

But, maybe she’d noticed it, Mina’s lips pulled away. For a little while, both Mina and I calmed down our disordered breathing.


「Minaa…… I said just once…」


From the dream like time, I brought myself back to reality in a panic.


「It was only once, you know? Our lips didn’t separate after all.」


「That’s not what I meant …In the end, we’ll end up taking a long bath…」


「Ah, I see… But still, Kasumi, you wanted to do it too, right?」


I can’t say any more than this. Because it’s true after all.


「Jeez, you idiot…」


But I love her, I can’t stop. I intensely embraced her.


「I can’t help it, you know? …Because I love you, Kasumi.」


That’s unfair, don’t say that. Because it will make me want to melt with Mina even more and more.


「After we’re done taking a bath, let’s kiss a lot, okay?」


Towards Mina’s voice, all I could do was nod.


Chapter 54 End


Author: It won’t be like the bath part in day seven where it took 7 chapters, so don’t worry.

Goddess loves you.

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