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Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)


Day 8, Part 14
Hot Body

「We should take the shower now.」

Towards Mina’s voice, I wasn’t able to do anything. As if I were dizzy, my mind was spacing out, and I wasn’t able to move my body properly.

「Jeez, what’s wrong?」

「Sorry, I feel a little dizzy.」

After that hot, melting kiss, I don’t understand how Mina can act normal.

「Me too, I feel hot……, because, we kissed a lot.」

Indulging in Mina’s kindness as she held me, I entrusted my body to her.
Even if I get out of the bathtub, feeling Mina’s body, it’s so hot that it would warm me up.
I love you, Mina. This feeling, I hold myself back before I’m able to convey it with my lips.

「Today, let’s just wash each other’s back.」

Even though we’ve finally entered the bath as 『fellow lovers』, it’s a bit sad that we can’t have any skinship, however, if we did wash each other’s bodies like we did yesterday, then we’d end up taking a long bath again.

「You got a point……」

Having Mina behind my back, I’m still not used to it.
When we’re taking a bath, and when we’re kissing too, we have our gazes on each other, and when we’re at school or in lessons, we’re besides each other.
Even though we are always together, being in this position is rare. That’s why, I can’t seem to stop my heart from beating.

「Then, I’m doing it, okay?」

Stopping the shower, my body that was gradually cooling down, Mina’s fingers easily heated it back up.
Being touched a lot by the person I love, my heightened feelings, I can’t stop them anymore.
Even though it’s tender, the sensation of being touched by her fingers without hesitation, I feel like it’s stirring up my heart.
The time up until the bubbles were washed off, it felt like an eternity and also just an instant.

「I’m done, Kasumi.」

「Thanks… Then, I’ll do it?」

「Yeah, please do so.」

This time, Mina, she exposed her defenseless back to me.
The fragrance of Mina’s skin, I could feel it more strongly than usual. Something that only I know, the sweet fragrance of love; before I knew it, I was spacing out.

「What’s the matter? Kasumi…」

「Uwah, s-sorry.」

Putting body soap on my hand, I washed Mina’s back as if brushing it gently.
As always, Mina’s skin is white and pretty. The parts that aren’t burnt by the sun, they seem like they’re transparent.
As if enduring something, Mina’s voice leaked out. Just like I was, maybe Mina too, maybe her heart was beating fast as well?
If so, I’m really happy. Mina and Me, it’s because the same feelings that we share, they increased once again.

「Well then, I’m going to wash it off, okay?」

Saying that, I let the shower wash it off, it felt a little lonely. After all, for just a little longer, I wanted to touch Mina’s smooth skin.

「It’s done now.」

「Heh… Thanks a lot, Kasumi.」

「No, me too, thanks.」

After exchanging words in that manner, we washed our own bodies.
While watching the way Mina washed her own body, so sexy, I thought.

That figure of hers, I can’t take my eyes off of her. Before Mina could notice, I turned my gaze away in a panic.

I purposefully made sure to not look towards Mina, and somehow finished washing my body.

「Well, let’s get out?」

It looks like Mina finished first, and after seeing me turn the shower off, she took my hand.
Her hurrying to get out of the bath, I can only think of one reason for it.
That one reason, it would be great if it’s the same with Mina.
From my reverie, my body had become so hot that I couldn’t feel the cold air in the dressing room.

Chapter 55 End
Author: That’s rare, they didn’t kiss.
I wonder why?



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